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Today is August 1. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1.Nancy Pelosi arrives in Singapore as she begins tour of Asia
Fox News -House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, landed in Singapore early Monday morning to kick off her visit to the Indo-Pacific region. Her office said she plans to visit at least four Asian countries during her trip, but there was no mention of a stop in Taiwan amid threats from China.

Pelosi arrived with her Congressional delegation before dawn. She will visit Singapore President Halimah Yacob and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and meet with several Cabinet Ministers, according to a spokesperson for Singapore’s foreign ministry.

The Speaker is also expected to attend a cocktail reception with the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

DML: CNN is reporting this morning that Nancy will stop in Taiwan despite the threats made by China. I have so much to say about this, it’s too much to write, so I will speak about this at length today on The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast.  You can listen to it on this website (see podcast tab), you can also find it on The DML NEWS APP for free, and you can subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts by clicking here.

2.Tickets for Trump’s Saudi-backed LIV golf tournament selling for as little as $1 as event draws thin crowds, report says
Yahoo News – Tickets for the Saudi-backed LIV golf tournament at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, were selling for as little as $1, as the controversial event failed to draw large crowds, a report says.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Saturday tickets were sold for as little as $1 on the ticket website StubHub, and “light crowds were spread across much of the vast grounds.”

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman oversees Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, which is bankrolling the event.

Former President Donald Trump has faced criticism for hosting the event at one of his golf courses in light of allegations of human rights abuses against the Arab kingdom, such as the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The 9/11 Justice group, composed of family members of 9/11 victims, has criticized Trump for hosting the tournament despite what they describe as “clear” evidence linking Saudi Arabia to the terrorist attack.

BEDMINSTER, NEW JERSEY – JULY 28: Former U.S. President Donald Trump reacts to a putt on the 15th green during the pro-am prior to the LIV Golf Invitational – Bedminster at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster on July 28, 2022 in Bedminster, New Jersey. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

DML: Although speaking about Nancy’s trip will be on the tip of my tongue today, this story will be at the heart of my podcast later today. Until then, food for thought, imagine what you’d be saying if Obama did the deal with LIV instead of Trump.  On a side note: Mr. Trump ain’t looking too good.  I can’t stand Biden, but the former president may want to call Joey for a few nutritional tips.  Trump looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

3.1st ship carrying Ukrainian grain leaves the port of Odesa

Ukraine (AP) — The first ship carrying Ukrainian grain set out from the port of Odesa on Monday under a deal brokered by the United Nations and Turkey that is expected to release large stores of Ukrainian crops to foreign markets and ease a growing food crisis.

The Sierra Leone-flagged cargo ship Razoni left Odesa carrying over 26,000 tons of corn destined for Lebanon.

“The first grain ship since Russian aggression has left port,” said Ukraine’s Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov on Twitter, posting a video of the long vessel sounding its horn as its slowly headed out to sea.

In Moscow, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov hailed the ship’s departure as “very positive,” saying it would help test the “efficiency of the mechanisms that were agreed during the talks in Istanbul.”

DML: I think we paid $40 billion for that grain, but we won’t see an ounce of it. The ship is destined for Lebanon, a Middle East nation in the grips of what the World Bank has described as one of the world’s worst financial crises in more than 150 years.

4.Home prices cooled at a record pace in June
CNBC -Rising mortgage rates and inflation in the wider economy caused housing demand to drop sharply in June, forcing home prices to cool down.

Home prices are still higher than they were a year ago, but the gains slowed at the fastest pace on record in June, according to Black Knight, a mortgage software, data and analytics firm that began tracking this metric in the early 1970s. The annual rate of price appreciation fell two percentage points from 19.3% to 17.3%.

DML: Biden and his team won’t use the word “recession” because they think they can avoid the inevitable crash of the economy, housing, stocks, and jobs market.  But they cannot.  This is unlike anything you’ve seen in the past, this is an asteroid about to hit.  I will explain more today on my podcast.

5. The next wave of Covid
(Reuters) – As the third winter of the coronavirus pandemic looms in the northern hemisphere, scientists are warning weary governments and populations alike to brace for more waves of COVID-19.

In the United States alone, there could be up to a million infections a day this winter, Chris Murray, head of the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), an independent modeling group at the University of Washington that has been tracking the pandemic, told Reuters. That would be around double the current daily tally.

DML: The Democrats are just sitting on a stockpile of masks and mail-in ballots to hand out, that’s my guess.  I think it should be called the Midterm Variant.

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  1. Sometimes DML says some whoppers! Trump needs advice from Biden on staying fit. Biden who works 1 hour a day and is laziest “president” ever? Trump was doing 5 rallies a day and gives 2 hour rallies, never stopping or tiring for an instant! What a joke to say that. Trump is out golfing in the heat at his age of course he would look winded but President Trump needs no advice from the moron on vitality of work ethic, it would definitely be the other way around!

    • I concur 100%.
      It seems like DML and many other SUPPOSED, Trump supporters are attempting to force the coronation of Ron DeSantis onto the MAGA crowd.
      They think they are smarter than us and see DeSantis as the more easily electable candidate, so now they are starting to nitpick EVERYTHING about DJT, in their attempt to foist DeSantis onto us.
      I love Ron DeSantis and I will definitely vote for him in 2028. But Trump is our man in 2024 and the quicker everyone accepts this as a fact and coalesces around his candidacy, it will avoid a lot of bickering and fighting within our movement.
      I love DML, but he needs to stay on the Trump train and keep providing his intelligent, reasonable and measured leadership to our movement!!!

    • I’m sorry, but I think Trump has been out of the White House for 18+ months now. Working every day? No. He is golfing most days, as he should be.

      • ….and you know this? Also Biden fist 🤛 is all good but what Trump does is not? what happen to you? I love Desantis also but why don’t we see what the man wants to do before anybody pushes him on the platform…just maybe he won’t be able to handle what the demonRats have done to Trump.

  2. DML – can you stop dissing trump every chance you get. We need him back in the white house. the only other person is Disantis but he is not running. You have other suggestions?!?! we know Trump and what he could do once back in office. At this point and time he is our ONLY CHOICE

    • Liberals are flooding Florida by the million. We need Desantis in Florida for another four years to stem the tide and he’s young enough to hit the presidency in four years. Trump fpr four years in the Oval to straighten out Bidens God awful mess. No one else has the smarts to do it and then Desantis in the Oval for the next eight years. The Liberals,Marxists are playing a long game and it’s not local, it’s Global and Soros and his billions , along with international elites are footing the bill. If they win the sales of CBD will be the least of your problems. Florida and Texas have become the shining beacons on the hill of liberty. Save them and save the world. It’s a start.

  3. Yahoo news on the crowd at the LIV tournament is disinformation. Yahoo News is another left leaning media. I saw a Twitter tweet video with a large crowd and chanting Let’s Go Brandon.

    • When you get a chance, go get a version of Hooked on Phonics for yourself. Reading is a key component to success, I think they can help you to read. Yahoo News republished a report from The Wall St Journal, it says it RIGHT IN THE ARTICLE above.

  4. President Trump is under a incredible amount of stress one of the last the mother of his children passing, being accused of burying her so he could skip paying taxes. He still does more than Dingleberry has for the past year. Everyone knew or at least conservatives did there would be another wave of C or now MP. If you trolls & libs out there are so worried then why are you concerned about all the people coming across the border being who knows what with them? Could you for once use the brain God gave you & think things through. If all the “powers that supposedly are in charge” push the V and mask only on Americans? Think people for once in your life why aren’t you questioning your democrat senators and reps about it.? Or has that concept completely skipped the past.2 generations?

  5. Stress? Was it the stress of picking which bank account the Saudi Prince would deposit the money into, or was it the stress of using a 9-iron or 8-iron when 140 yards from the pin?

  6. Crooked Nancy sure knows how to take the heat off insider trading scandal she and Paul have been privilege to for years. Plan a trip where she knows the outcome. Refrain stop at Tiwan because, poor baby, she is in danger. Her fans will be up in arms and insist she not go and the Insider crimes will be lost in back news. . Any idea what this scam trip is costing us. Not to worry about Nancy. Nothing will happen to her. Only the good die young. She never intended to stop in Tiwan in the first place.

  7. The RNP has threatened Trump that if he announces a 2024 run they will stop all their funding to him. Evidently, they are helping pay his legal expenses for all these liberal lawsuits. I don’t expect him to announce until the last minute but he is fundraising constantly. I have mixed feelings about Trump. He still takes credit for the killer shots and did nothing to stop the Dominion and ES&S fraud in 2020. He had plenty of time to stop the Dem Machine coup and didn’t. I heard and still hear that he and his family are being threatened by the Deep State constantly. I do not see DeSantis as VP on a Trump ticket so start looking for someone else. Trump has refused to speak out against Pence! So many mistakes Trump makes with his endorsements. The Saudi golf thing? WTH? Trump is still a businessman first. But, it is a slap to the Patriots supporting him.

    • I totally understand about the Saudis. But everytime we fill our tanks we are enriching them. If Trump is making a buck off of them and that is bad, what is filling our tanks doing? I have yet to see or hear of anyone voicing outrage at the Trump golf deal, deciding to park their car.

  8. I think we need to look at the bigger picture. Trump is a US president. The Saudis are a US ally. If Trump runs and wins again, a good relationship with them would be very beneficial. Not if, but when we have more issues with Iran, having the Saudis with us would be a big plus. Saudi airbases and logistics.
    Do I care about 9/11, of course. But for years we have bought Saudi oil. No one but Trump ended it. Now we are back buying because of Brandon. If Trump can get some money off of the Saudis and keep them on good terms, more power to him.

  9. Wow! Lots of disagreement in the comments above. I have supported Trump throughout his presidency and beyond, but IMHO he is NOT going to be president again. And if he runs and wins it will be 45 part two, and not in a good way. I agree with DML that he will focus on revenge against the machine that destroyed his chances for a second (consecutive) term. I supported him in spite of his ego because his policies were good overall. I do not want another four years of tweets, impeachments, and fighting with the media. And I don’t know anyone who does. At some point people need to get their heads out of the sand – or sand traps – and move on.


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