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Today is March 25. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Biden administration may allow Russia to buy Iran’s excess enriched uranium under new nuclear deal
Fox News reports: The Biden administration is considering allowing Russia to buy Iran’s excess enriched uranium under the terms of a new nuclear deal, U.S. officials said this week.

Under the original Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPO) in 2015, Russia agreed to buy Iran’s excess uranium so that the regime could not build a nuclear weapon, a role that may be revived in the new deal.

“Would it be a practical role for Russia to play the same role that it did in the JCPOA prior to the decision to withdraw from it, essentially to accept and to pay for the highly enriched uranium to get it out of Iran’s hands so that Iran cannot obtain a nuclear weapon? I think that’s a role we’d be willing to entertain. Yes,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price said Wednesday.

White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan also said this week that Russia’s role in purchasing Iran’s excess uranium was a “key part of how we ensured that Iran’s nuclear program was in a box.”

Terms of the new nuclear deal were near completion earlier this month before Russia threw a wrench in the negotiations, demanding that Russia’s trade with Iran is unaffected by Western sanctions over the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine.

DML: Read on… it gets worse:

2 – Iran Deal Includes ‘Quid Pro Quo’ To Enrich Russia, House Republican Says
The Free Beacon reports: The Biden administration’s new nuclear deal with Iran includes a “quid pro quo” with Russia that will enable it to make billions of dollars performing otherwise sanctioned work on Tehran’s nuclear sites, according to Rep. Darrell Issa (R., Calif.), a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Issa and other Republican foreign policy voices are galvanizing in opposition to the soon-to-be-announced deal following a classified briefing for HFAC members held late last week. Lawmakers who attended the closed-door session were provided with a readout on the current state of negotiations by U.S. special envoy for Iran Robert Malley and Brett McGurk, White House coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa.

Issa, who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon following the classified brief, would not discuss its contents but said it is clear the Biden administration will waive sanctions that have stopped Russia from building out portions of Iran’s contested nuclear infrastructure, describing this carveout as a “quid pro quo” with Moscow.

“Biden is managing to pull off an incredible feat: Help Iran go nuclear and help Russia get rich helping them do it,” Issa told the Free Beacon. “No question about it. This is a quid pro quo the administration has negotiated with the Iranians and Russians that Biden intends to deliver by executive fiat.”

The Free Beacon first reported last week that Iran has a $10 billion contract with Russia’s state-controlled energy firm, Rosatom, that will see Moscow construct new portions of Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant. Trump administration sanctions stopped this work, but as part of the new nuclear agreement, these sanctions will be lifted so the work can go ahead. Already, the Biden administration has waived certain sanctions that blocked Russia, China, and others from engaging in nuclear work with Iran.

DML: 80 million people really voted for THIS?

While you’re at it, watch this video.  It should be played over and over and over…

Breitbart reports: President Joe Biden’s border chief has released draft rules that will allow low-level officials to quickly and quietly award the huge prize of asylum and citizenship to myriad economic migrants, without oversight from judges or Congress.

“What they’re doing is giving low-level bureaucrats authority equivalent to Congress as a whole to decide how many foreigners should move to the United States and become American citizens,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies.

Officials “say it’s streamlining the process, which it is truly not,” Krikorian said. “The goal of the regulation is to dramatically increase the number of people successfully getting asylum and to speed that process up as much as possible.”

In 2021, Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, allowed more than 1 million economic migrants across the southern border, alongside the legal inflow of myriad visa workers and roughly 1 million legal immigrants. The inflow adds about two million people to the nation every year, as approximately 4 million Americans begin searching for jobs.

He is a Cuban-born, pro-migration zealot. The regulation is the centerpiece of his bureaucratic campaign to build a network of new migration pathways that operate outside the numerical limits set by Congress, and alongside the labor-trafficking networks run by the drug cartels.

The 512-page March 24 regulation converts the preliminary “Credible Fear Interview” process for new arrivals into a fast-track, full-scale asylum hearing, where migrants can get political asylum in a face-to-face interview with a low-level agency official.

DML: Welcome to the fundamental transformation of America.

4 – School District Claims White Students Can’t Be Discriminated Against
The Daily Caller reports: A Wisconsin school district claimed state and federal non-discrimination laws do not apply to white students because they are not part of a protected class, according to the response a student’s parents received after they filed a complaint alleging their child was racially discriminated against.

Assistant Superintendent Tanya Fredrich of Elmbrook Schools investigated the complaint and asserted “that the student is not a member of any class that is legally protected from discrimination by state or federal law” in a Nov. 17 statement obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) condemned the “outrageous statement” issued by Fredrich that took the “official position … that race discrimination laws do not apply to white students,” in a letter from President & General Counsel Richard M. Esenberg and Deputy Counsel Daniel P. Lennington, addressed to Elmbrook Schools and its superintendent of Schools, Mark Hansen.

“Not only is this both legally and factually wrong, but it is frankly shocking that a public educational institution could hold such a view,” WILL added in its letter. “There is no such thing as a ‘protected class’ in the sense that some races are protected while others are not,” the WILL letter stated. “Black and brown students do not have different rights; they have identical rights to white students and must be treated identically to white students.”

WILL Letter by Kendall Tietz

DML: Sometimes, the insanity is so wild, there are just no words.

5 – Judge rules 12 Virginia families with immunocompromised kids can ask schools to require masks
The Hill reports: A federal judge in Virginia ruled on Wednesday that a dozen families of children who are immunocompromised can ask the schools their children attend to require face masks be worn.

The ruling comes after the families in February filed a lawsuit against Virginia and state officials after an executive order and bill passed by the state legislature made mask-wearing optional in schools. The lawsuit argued the laws violated the rights of the families’ children, who it said would face substantial health risks if they contracted COVID-19 due to their disabilities.

U.S. District Judge Norman Moon issued a preliminary injunction granting the 12 families the right to request that the schools mandate masking. Moon made clear he was not mandating that the schools require face masks, and he was not overriding the masks-optional executive order issued by Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) on his first day in office or the law passed by the state legislature.

The parents have children in schools across the state, including in Loudoun and Fairfax counties, according to the complaint. The parents of children with disabilities said their children struggle with cancer, cystic fibrosis, moderate to severe asthma, Down syndrome, lung conditions and weakened immune systems. In the lawsuit, they argued that the state laws violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act.

DML: How about let’s all just be responsible for our own health, and make our own personal decisions accordingly?

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  1. The Dems and the liberal elite had every reason in the world to cheat on the last presidential election. The destruction of our economy, middle class, and freedoms and prescribed by the liberal elite would not have been possible with Trump in office.

    Knowing there would never be any accountability, the Democrats knew they had to cheat to win and it was well worth the risk because the liberal elite needed the Great Reset.

    It all makes perfect sense.

  2. Kids with immunocompromised conditions are the only ones who should be wearing masks or stay home and home school. Why punish a whole school for one paranoid family’s child? These people are tyrants and selfish. The world does not revolve around their kid. And what were these kids doing before the phony pandemic? Were the concerned that other students were breathing near their child with other possible infections or diseases? I doubt it. The insanity in this world has gone overboard.

    • I totally agree. Whatever happened to majority rules
      . When your kid is sickly you can’t expect the rest to take there precautions because of one person. Stay at home or go to a different school for god’s sake!

  3. All children can be discriminated against no matter their race Look up the word discrimination it just means treating One race better than another yes we are included in that one race. Biden and Majorca and everyone that works for the idiot are making a joke of America now we are going to sell enriched uranium to Russia… how stupid is this administration. Yes we know he intends to starve us, make energy and gas unaffordable..We know he has every illegal collecting welfare yet American citizens get no help.

  4. Big deal, Russia will buy Irans surplus Uranium which by the way is NOT NUCLEAR grade…Don’t fall for the propaganda….DML is just being used to spread false information here about the potential problems that aren’t problems….

    DML needs to come back to the USA and stick to Illegal immigration IN the USA…There’s plenty of it…See, interview me and I’ll fill you in from top to bottom what has happened to my City of Framingham and the Cabal of Brazilians here…You want corruption, its here..


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