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Today is October 23 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Biden announces he will ‘transition’ from the oil industry
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pledged to transition away from fossil fuels Thursday night while defending a climate plan that does not ban fracking.

Biden has faced repeated attacks on fracking from President Trump as focus increasingly shifts to Pennsylvania, a crucial battleground state where the drilling method is used.

“I do rule out banning fracking because we need other industries to transition to only net-zero emissions,” Biden said. “What I will do with fracking over time is make sure we can capture the emissions from fracking, capture the emissions from gas.”

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden said later.

DML: That alone should end this election.  If Biden wins you’ll pay $10/gallon.

2 – Joe Biden Promises A Pathway To Citizenship For 11 Million Illegal Immigrants
Democratic nominee Joe Biden said that he would grant a pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States during the presidential debate Thursday evening.

“Within 100 days, I’m going to send the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people,” Biden said in response to debate moderator Kristen Welker.

“All of those so-called dreamers, those DACA kids,” — referring to the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals policy — “they’re going to be immediately certified again to stay in this country and put on a path to citizenship,” Biden said.

DML: Oh really?  What’s he doing with the other 30 million here too?  There is no fool who believes there to be 11,000,000 people here illegally, there are 30million or more!

3 – Landlord threatens tenants with rent hike if Biden wins
A group of mobile home park tenants in Colorado received a letter from their landlord telling them rents would “most likely” double if Joe Biden beats President Trump on Election Day, according to local reports.

“Please understand if Joe Biden is elected as our next president, everything you do and have to pay for will change completely,” an image of the letter, dated Oct. 19 and published by 9News Wednesday reads.

It was reportedly sent to the tenants of Pagel’s Trailer Park in Fort Morgan, Colo. The writer predicted spikes in the costs of taxes, utilities, gasoline, permits and even groceries.

The Colorado Secretary of State tweeted that the letter was “voter intimidation.” She wrote, “Reminder: voter intimidation is illegal everywhere in Colorado. It is against the law to impede, prevent, or interfere with a person’s right to vote. This includes efforts to intimidate, threaten or coerce in a way that interferes with a person’s ability to vote.”

DML: Here is my letter to friends, family, employees, neighbors, and all Americans.
Dear Whoever,
If Biden wins, we are F*CKED.

4 – The Chinese military yesterday teased the country’s most-advanced hypersonic missiles yet amid speculation the weapons had been redeployed for an imminent invasion of Taiwan.

In a social media post on Chinese app WeChat, the army’s official account shared images of China’s Dongfeng-17 hypersonic missiles, which debuted at last year’s October 1 military parade in Beijing.

The post had almost no accompanying text, but Chinese media outlets said readers “understood” the reference, which appeared to be hinting at Sunday’s South China Morning Post report about new DF-17 deployments in southeastern China, closer to Taiwan.

The Hong Kong newspaper cited an anonymous military source as saying the People’s Liberation Army had upgraded its missile bases near the Taiwan Strait and equipped troops with the latest DF-17s, which are said to have a maximum range of over 1,550 miles, while being harder to intercept and having more accuracy.

DML: Joe China Biden has no problem with this, there is probably a few bucks to be made for him and Hunter somehow.

5 – 40 Percent of Americans Favor Socialism – Study finds young Americans leading leftward shift
Forty percent of Americans now hold a favorable view of socialism, a Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation report, released Wednesday, found.

The foundation’s annual report shows that younger Americans have led the United States’ leftward push, responding with higher rates of support for socialism and communism than older generations.

Thirty-eight percent of Gen Z respondents said they hope Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “pursues socialist policies” if elected in November. Thirty percent of the same age group view Marxism favorably.

While support for socialism continues to grow, patriotism among young adults has fallen. A June Gallup poll found that only 20 percent of adults between ages 18 and 29 were “extremely proud to be an American,” the lowest percentage among any age demographic.

DML: Blame this on the media and school system.

6 – FDA approves first COVID-19 drug, remdesivir
U.S. regulators on Thursday approved the first drug to treat COVID-19: remdesivir, an antiviral medicine given through an IV for patients needing hospitalization.

The drug, which California-based Gilead Sciences Inc. is calling Veklury, cut the time to recovery by five days — from 15 days to 10 on average — in a large study led by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

It had been authorized for use on an emergency basis since spring, and now becomes the first drug to win full Food and Drug Administration approval for treating COVID-19. President Donald Trump received it when he was sickened earlier this month.

DML:  I’ll stick with my DML CBD.

7 – Woman arrested for criminal trespass, not for refusing to wear mask
BOTHELL, Wash. – Bothell Police say a woman was arrested for refusing to leave a grocery store after being asked several times by police and store management.

According to police a group of around 60 to 70 people gathered in front of a grocery store in the 22600 block of Bothell Everett Highway Southeast on Oct. 17. Police say the group was allegedly harassing customers as they entered the store.

Members of the group were also seen entering the store without facial covering and refusing to leave when asked by management.

When officers arrived they found the group holding signs that said “The Pandemic is a Fraud and “Honk if you Question the Mask Mandate”.

DML: This mask thing is fools gold.  Not to mention it is unconstitutional.

8 – Trump releases entire ’60 Minutes’ interview, CBS’s Lesley Stahl Tells Pence That He And Trump ‘Have Insulted’ Her And ’60 Minutes’ Following Interview
CBS News journalist Lesley Stahl told Vice President Mike Pence that he and President Donald Trump “insulted” both “60 Minutes’” and her following their Tuesday interview.

Trump posted Thursday roughly 38 minutes of his “60 Minutes” interview with journalist Lesley Stahl and 14 minutes of the Pence interview – days before its intended Sunday release by the network. Stahl addressed both interviews to Pence afterwards, condemning the duo and saying they “insulted” her and the show, according to the video released by Trump.

“This was supposed to be an interview, and the same with the president. I feel that you both have insulted ’60 Minutes’ and me by not answering any of our questions and by giving set campaign speeches that we have heard both of you give at rallies without answering our questions,” Stahl is heard saying off-camera in the video.

DML: Sometimes you just gotta love Trump

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  1. omy gosh , she just wont quit. asking the same ? and Trump is not being negative like she want him too. she just won’t quit. read the f888ing plans, get educated. your disuging.

  2. DML, Are you convinced that 1 of every 10 people in this country are here illegally? Yes, there are a lot of illegals, but 1 in 10?

  3. DML, I love all of your responses, especially your “letter” to friends, family, etc. about what happens if Biden wins! You are so right. We are F*CKED. I have no doubt whatsoever that Trump can win FAIRLY but we all know the Democrats are planning to cheat in every way possible. I’m not emotionally (or in any way) prepared for the chaos that’s coming.

  4. Dennis , Biden is going to blow Obama’s 2008 vote out of the water . 330,000 absentee ballots processed in Cuyahoga County. Ohio is going to be very close


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