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Today is October 8 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – September’s jobs report badly misses expectations
CNBC reports: The U.S. economy created jobs at a much slower than expected pace in September, a pessimistic sign about the state of the economy though the total was held back substantially by a sharp drop in government employment.

Nonfarm payrolls rose by just 194,000 in the month, compared to the Dow Jones estimate of 500,000, the Labor Department reported Friday. The unemployment rate fell to 4.8%, better than the expectation for 5.1% and the lowest since February 2020.

The headline number was hurt by a 123,000 decline in government payrolls, while private payrolls increased by 317,000. The drop in the jobless rate came as labor force participation edged lower. A more encompassing number that includes discouraged workers and those holding part-time jobs for economic reasons fell to 8.5%, also a pandemic-era low.

DML: Wait for it… next, Biden will release a statement saying this proves his plan is working.

2 – Global Food Prices Increased in September, Reached Decade High
Breitbart reports: Global food prices have reached a decade high and increased for the second month in a row in September, according to a Thursday report from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The FAO Food Price Index (FFPI), which measures the monthly change in international prices of a basket of food commodities, averaged 130.0 points in September 2021 — that rate is 32.1 points higher than the same month last year and up 1.5 points from August. The FFPI has not reached these levels since 2011 when it hit 131.9.

The increase was largely spurred by “tightening supply conditions and robust demand for staples such as wheat and palm oil,” the FAO reported.

DML: What happened to Biden’s “build back better?”

3 – 84 percent of Trump voters are worried about discrimination against whites: poll
The Hill reports: A large majority of people who voted for former President Trump say they are concerned about anti-white discrimination in the United States, according to a Project Home Fire and University of Virginia poll released on Friday.

Eighty-four percent of Trump voters who responded to the survey say they either strongly or somewhat agree that discrimination against whites will increase in the U.S. in the next few years. Of respondents who voted for President Biden, 38 percent said they felt the same way.

On discrimination against minorities, the respondents were flipped, with 87 percent of Biden voters saying they believe white people have advantages over people of color while 38 percent of Trump voters said the same. Ninety-one percent of Biden voters believe that systematic racism is an issue in America and 45 percent of Trump voters said they agree.

The poll also showed that Trump voters are concerned about Christianity in the U.S., with 84 percent saying they strongly or somewhat agree that the faith is “under attack.”

DML: The left is dividing America.

4 – Fentanyl overtakes car crashes as top cause of death among teenagers in Arizona border county
The Washington Examiner reports: MCALLEN, Texas — More teenagers in one Arizona border county are dying from overdosing on fentanyl than from car crashes, suicide, or the coronavirus, according to the governor.

The surge in fentanyl-caused deaths in people under age 20 in Pima County, Arizona, is an indicator of how widely available fentanyl has become in the county, which includes the city of Tucson and runs along 100 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border.

“This is our reality. Fentanyl overdoses have replaced car accidents as the leading cause of death for people 19 and younger in Pima County,” Gov. Doug Ducey, a Republican, said while speaking to reporters in Mission, Texas, on Wednesday. “Pima County deputy sheriffs are responding to a call involving fentanyl every 40 hours.”

Anthony Gimino, spokesman for the Pima County Health Department, confirmed to the Washington Examiner that fentanyl is the leading cause of death in people 19 years old and younger, adding that 18 people have died in 2021.

In total this year, 140 Pima County residents have died as a result of a fentanyl overdose, according to county data . That number has spiked every year from 16 deaths in 2016.

DML: Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

5 – U.S. Universities Control Students with Online Reporting Systems, from Protecting ‘Identities’ to Doxing Unvaccinated
Breitbart reports: Students who log on to their college or university’s website will discover more than admission forms and curriculum choices. On many campuses online portals allow school officials to keep track of student’s behavior, including responding to threats to safe spaces and students who are have not received the coronavirus vaccine.

Michigan State University’s Culturally Inclusive College Sharing System allows the university to “track and respond to behaviors and situations that work to support or detract from [its] goals of a safe and supportive environment.”

Penn State University suspended 117 students last month for not complying with a COVID-19 testing requirement. Students are not allowed to attend classes in-person or online.

Over the same week, Purdue University also suspended eight students, put 18 individuals on a diversion program, and forced on student to leave the university for missing surveillance testing required for unvaccinated students.

DML: This is insanity!

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  1. It should be 100% of whites because it’s a fact and if the minions continue to abandon their own race good luck. And continue your pandering and patronizing and protesting with blm it’s working!

  2. All I can say is the US is insane. Why doesn’t anyone care about what happened in the 2020 elections, the control we are witnessing, etc? I live in MN and can’t believe all of the crime and deaths of innocent people in our two cities. I am waiting for us conservatives to stand up and stop what is going on.

    • Don’t hold your breath! I’m disgusted with our republican representatives. Most of them are turncoat rinos and the rest are
      A bunch of pansies! Trump was the only one fighting for conservatives ! Maybe we have a few governors who care but it’s not enough!

  3. With all the people not wanting to get vaccinated and loose their jobs will they be able to apply for unemployment and get government aid like illegal immigrants? Or will they be forced to get the vaccine if they try to apply for assistance?

    • From what I have read, they will not be eligible for unemployment. Our dictator wants people to starve if they don’t get his jab.

      • Not only are they not going to be eligible for unemployment, but they are also NOT ALLOWED to moonlight or work anywhere else and get paid under the table. They can be reported if they do. THIS IS FULL BLOWN COMMUNISM FOLKS! The Biden administration and the Democrats could care less about the American citizens, they care more for the illegals who don’t need to wear a mask, get the vaccine, and are going to be given free housing, healthcare and education while the hard working American citizens are the ones who will be paying for their upkeep. All the Democrats want are their VOTES and after they get those votes, those illegals will also be abandoned, ignored and forgotten about, at least until the next election.

  4. The root of conflicted attitudes is not to create solutions that cause more division! Those who live their lives and are minding their own business should not be punished for something that leaders have never addressed to solve for decades!

  5. Regarding the “surveys” and the very different perspectives of Republicans and Democrats:

    It’s easy to understand these surveys divergent opinions and it’s not just the fact that most Democrats are truly out of touch with reality and brainwashed by their evil Democrat leaders and a corrupt liberal media!

    Everyone is reporting their opinions based on their experiences from where they live! Most Democrats live in the cities that have been led by Democrats for ever! These cities are corrupt, dysfunctional, lawless and broken because of the very policies that they continue to vote for. And Democrats are threatened by lies from their evil leaders a corrupt media. Proven lies that they get away with over and over!

    Most conservatives live in suburban or rural areas and have a very different experience – more aligned with “Traditional American Values and persuit of the American Dream”! And they see the lawlessness of the Democrats as a threat to their lives not just livelihoods:

    *The Border Crisis – and it is when you have millions of people that you know nothing about!

    *BLM & Antifa Terrorists – and they are when their violence kills dozens, injures hundreds, threatens millions and costs billions! But grandma and grandpa at the Capitol on January 6th are the terrorists?

    *Voter Fraud – you would have to be really stupid to not recognize that the 2020 elections were a disgraceful attack on Representative Government and destroyed any trust in the cornerstone of our republic. If this had happened in another country that we were “rebuilding”, we would have pulled the plug on it and arrested hundreds if not thousands and started over! But nothing to see here? Really?

    *Spending, Inflation, and Job Killing Policies: and it is plainly there to see! Were things much better under Trump policies? Provably YES!

    *Government Overreach and Outright Attacks on our civil rights / freedoms: where the hell do these totalitarian assholes think they get the authority to put people out of business, force prolonged attacks on freedoms and most of all force people to receive injections or wear masks! It is plainly Unconstitutional! Period! There are no clauses in the constitution that say “because we are scared, we get to force people to do things they don’t want to do”! Period! More people are dieing from drug overdoses than covid and the average mortality age of covid victims is above our national average age of mortality! It’s real but, we will learn someday that the cure was worse than the illness!

    Critical Race Theory – is being forced upon unwilling victims throughout our broken and damaged institutions, our corporations, our entire education system! IT IS RACIST! IT IS MARXIST! IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! IT IS ANTI AMERICAN! IT IS DIVIDING THE COUNTRY! AND IT IS WRONG! We already fought one civil war to end this crap! This will bring a second!!!

    Defund the police? – This is part of a larger plan! Along with empting the jails, no bail releases, Soros funded prosecutors that are extremely weak on crime, flooding the border, supporting BLM, supporting Antifa while cracking down hard on January 6th protesters and moms & dads at school board meetings! Why? They want chaos! They want anarchy! They want you afraid to stand up! Then it is all done! Federalize the National Guard and declare martial law! They’re even purging conservatives from the Guard now! Fact!

    Cancel Culture – Liberals are canceling people that they disagree with and that is very dangerous! They are irresponsible children throwing temper tantrums and using a Corrupt Social Media, a Corrupt Media, The Corrupt DOJ, The Broken and Politicized FBI, and now even our own Woke Military to silence or intimidate conservatives!

    Speaking of canceled – if you watch any of the corrupt media, you can quickly see the social engineering plain as day! If blacks are so persecuted and repressed by whites then explain this to me. Blacks are 13% of the population and whites are 48% of the population. Can you even find white people in commercials? Maybe the occasional white woman with black husband and kids but, white men have been canceled! Canceled by corrupt corporations, corrupt media, corrupt marketing agencies that understand how to push a narrative! Understand that blacks are angry and that whites will just take it and go away quietly. Understand that Democrats are angry and Conservatives will just take it and go away quietly! But, will they? I think they have gone too far this time!

    These Hateful, Evil, Corrupt Democrats are destroying America! A country they could never build! A country that has had some missteps but today, remains the freest, the least racist, the most generous, the most desirable, the greatest country on earth! But, just barely!


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