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Today is September 3 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Jobs report disappoints — only 235,000 positions added vs. expectations of 720,000
CNBC reports: ob creation for August was a huge disappointment, with the economy adding just 235,000 positions, the Labor Department reported Friday. Economists surveyed by Dow Jones had been looking for 720,000 new hires. The unemployment rate dropped to 5.2% from 5.4%, in line with estimates.

August’s total was the worst since January and comes with heightened fears of the pandemic and the impact that rising Covid cases could have on what has been so far a mostly robust recovery. The weak report could cloud policy for the Federal Reserve, which is weighing whether to pull back on some of the massive stimulus it has been adding since the outbreak in early 2020.

Leisure and hospitality jobs, which had been the primary driver of overall gains at 350,000 per month for the past six months, stalled in August as the unemployment rate in the industry ticked higher to 9.1%.

Instead, professional and business services led gains with 74,000 new positions. Other gainers included transportation and warehousing (53,000), private education (40,000) and manufacturing and other services, which each posted gains of 37,000.

The month saw an increase of about 400,000 in those who said they couldn’t work for pandemic-related reasons, pushing the total up to 5.6 million.

DML: Biden will spin this, and claim it’s good news. Just watch.

2 – Swing vote Joe Manchin delivers bad news to Dems eager to jam through massive spending
Fox Business reports: Sen. Joe Manchin told his fellow Democrats to pause the controversial and massive $3.5 trillion spending bill currently being debated in Congress.

“Hit the pause button,” Manchin said Wednesday at an event hosted by the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce. “Let’s sit back. Let’s see what happens. We have so much on our plate. We really have an awful lot. I think that would be the prudent, wise thing to do.”

“I want to be able to take care of our military that can defend us anywhere in the world if it’s called upon. I want to make sure our economy is still robust,” Manchin added. “I want to make sure we’re bringing manufacturing back in opportunities. I don’t want to have debt over our head to where we basically can’t service the debt that we have.”

Manchin, considered a moderate Democrat, then published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal Thursday afternoon, suggesting Congress should hit the pause button on the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending package that would set many parts of Joe Biden’s radical agenda in motion.

“Instead of rushing to spend trillions on new government programs and additional stimulus funding, Congress should hit a strategic pause on the budget-reconciliation legislation,” Manchin declared.

“The nation faces an unprecedented array of challenges and will inevitably encounter additional crises in the future. Yet some in Congress have a strange belief there is an infinite supply of money to deal with any current or future crisis, and that spending trillions upon trillions will have no negative consequence for the future. I disagree,” he wrote.

DML: This has sent the Progressives into a tailspin!

3 – Afghans Arriving at U.S. Military Bases to Get $1,250 Payments
Breitbart reports: Afghans arriving in the United States and being temporarily resettled at U.S. military bases will receive one-time payments from the State Department, funded by American taxpayers.

As Breitbart News reported, President Joe Biden’s administration is looking to turn various military bases in Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Virginia, New Mexico, and Indiana into refugee camps that can accommodate about 50,000 Afghans.

Most of all Afghans headed to military bases for temporary resettlement are arriving on “humanitarian parole,” which does not expire for at least two years. These Afghans are not eligible for Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs), P-2 visas, or refugee status.

According to the Washington Post, Afghans arriving at military bases will secure a $1,250 one-time payment provided to them through the State Department and funded by American taxpayers.

DML: Homeless American citizens would love to have this.

4 – New Zealand police kill ‘terrorist’ after he stabs 6 people
The New York Post reports: New Zealand authorities were so worried about an Islamic extremist they were following him around-the-clock and were able to shoot and kill him within 60 seconds of him unleashing a frenzied knife attack that wounded six people Friday at an Auckland supermarket.

Three of the shoppers were taken to Auckland hospitals in critical condition, police said. Another was in serious condition, while two more were in moderate condition.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the incident was a terror attack. She said the man was a Sri Lankan national who was inspired by the Islamic State group and was well known to the nation’s security agencies.

The NY Post reports that since the man hadn’t committed any crime, officials had nothing to arrest him for. He first came to New Zealand in 2011, and had been monitored by police since 2016. A police surveillance team and a specialist tactics group had followed him from his home to the supermarket. He appeared to just be grocery shopping as he had done in the past.

“He entered the store, as he had done before. He obtained a knife from within the store,” Coster said. “Surveillance teams were as close as they possibly could be to monitor his activity.”

Coster said that when the commotion started, two police from the special tactics group rushed over. He said the man charged at the officers with the knife and so they shot and killed him.

DML: Get ready for this to be a common occurrence in the U.S. as well.

5 – ‘Ambush-style’ attacks on law enforcement more than double compared to same time frame in 2020
Fox News reports: There have been far more than double the number of ambush-style attacks on law enforcement so far this year compared to the same time in 2020, national police union records show.

As of Tuesday, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) recorded 67 “ambush-style attacks” on officers year to date, with 83 officers wounded — 20 of them did not survive.

“What we’re witnessing should alarm all Americans: 2021 is on pace to have record levels of officers SHOT and KILLED by gunfire,” the union said in a Wednesday tweet.

DML: Thanks to Obama, Biden, and every Dem who has called for defunding the police.

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  1. Biden’s America is just like Obama’s. It’s full of deceptions, deceit, lies, division, secrecy, cover-ups, false narratives, terrorist attacks, cop killings, illegal invasions, and America last policies.

    • They will cleave together and build their own ghetto from which will come the knife carriers and rape gangs that thrive so well in the European Union or the human slaughter in Africa. If you don’t know whats has been allowed to thrive in the EU because of weak leadership, be prepared. Germany has been successful at hiding the dirty laundry in the closet but with a little research on the EU and Britain, you can see our future. Perhaps lazy Americans don’t want to see into the future.

  2. Handing out money like it’s trick or treat and we the people are the ones tricked. Wake the f up trolls because the current rate of spend cannot continue and they will come after everything you own in order to continue “the agenda”.

  3. Sen. Joe Manchin talks out both sides of his mouth.
    He is inconsistent with words and deeds.
    He read the crowd and said what the crowd wanted to hear.
    Come to think of it, most of the Senators do the same thing!
    Term Limits……

  4. Regarding the Jobs situations..There is more here than meets the eyes,which a lot of people are not aware of…
    I invite those curious to just log into org and look into county,state & Gov jobs & qualifications..If you look at decent paying jobs(with enough hourly pay to cost just the cost of living,
    Beside the now required Covid vax get a job..Even if you qualify with past years of experience…
    To qualify a person has be able to pass a the horrendous BackGround check…
    Meaning you if your credit is bad:you have any heavy debt like student loans,back child support,,bankruptcy,fines,driving record, etc.(you are considered a financial risk.
    If you have don’t have a Bachelor’s, or higher AND 2 yrs experience they wont consider you.Even if you have worked in the field for years,
    Criminal records are now including all misdemeanors regardless how far back they go and the length of clean record between. even a not pristine driving record can disqualify you from being even considered for the position..
    It CRAZY..but its like they have 1000’s of good paying job, they really don’t want people working at.

  5. Covid my ass ! Biden is wrecking the economy and I’m ready to puke hearing about this fake hoax flu ! It’s been 18 months! It’s OVER

  6. 220 Police Officers Shot and 40 Police Officers Dead YTD! The corrupt liberal Democrat media doesn’t cover this at all because it doesn’t fit their narrative!

    If a life long black criminal in the commission of a crime and resisting arrest gets shot by a cop? 24/7 coverage, Democrat Elected Officials calling for violence and defunding the police and the evil media go into action – it sells – it makes money – to hell with America)

    Democrats are sick, evil people! Ignorant fools that vote Democrat are just as guilty!

    Border Crisis (Drugs, Rape, Death, Sex Trafficking, Serious Diseases, Crime, Dependency, Illegal and they defend their actions)

    Destroy Energy Independence (Job Loss by the hundreds of thousands and higher energy prices and they defend their actions)

    Destruction of Public Education (Once the greatest in the world and now a joke while the child abusers push Hate, Division, Critical Race BS, and Marxist Ideology and graduates can’t compete in the job markets – some can’t even read, write or do basic math)

    Weakness on the World Stage (This will embolden our real enemies and we have lost the respect of our allies – a concept that Democrats just don’t understand)

    Civil Unrest and Racial Divisiveness (The primary tactic of Democrats – create division, create anger, create hostility, create hate and blame white people – a dishonest, tired, old, ignorant tactic that still works somehow – don’t believe what you see, feel, know – believe the lies we tell you!)

    Tax and Spend into oblivion!

    Covid Lockdown until there is nothing left!

    Destroy the Economy and the Dollar!

    Destroy Election Integrity! It is statistically impossible that Biden won the election while hiding in his basement! Every statistic and historical trend suddenly ended? BS!

    The party of science? And yet you can just declare a change of sex, men can have babies, deny everything we have known for decades on how to deal with a virus, and not a single argument on any policy that will stand up to debate with logic or reason! Every liberal policy has always failed and caused more harm! “Racist! Xenophobe! Homophobe! Russia, Russia, Russia!” And fools still believe the BS!

    Democrats are evil and they will do anything for power! We are in a state of Civil War now! Democrats declared war on Americans years ago and they are winning because they are organized and most of us have not yet realized that we are in a state of war and being destroyed, canceled, killed!

  7. Agree with the comments. The refugees/evacuees (they are calling them) are of major concern. I have serious doubts that they will be keeping them on the military bases. What’s next? Build them communities or put them in our communities? This is scary to me since one of those bases is only a 10-15 minute drive from where I live.
    As we’ve seen already, the Muslims don’t assimilate well in a Judeo-Christian society. And just think, us taxpayers will be paying for this colossal effed up mess Obiden created! SMHj

  8. We have not yet had a taste of the challenges we are about to face. TO the Democratic Left Party, who helped contribute to the downfall of a great nation, many of us hope you hate yourself & your life for what you did to many of us hard working Americans. You’re a disgrace to Old Glory!


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