DML Morning Briefing Jan 3rd

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Today is January 3. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1. McCarthy reaches moment of truth in Speakership election
The Hill– No more posturing, and no more wishful thinking: The House will vote for a Speaker on Tuesday afternoon, revealing whether House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) has the confidence of his conference to lead a new House GOP majority.

It is far from clear how the vote will play out. McCarthy faces vocal opposition from a handful of hardline Republicans threatening to derail his bid despite his bending to their requests, while his allies maintain they will vote for no one other than McCarthy.

If no candidate wins a majority of votes on the first ballot, it will be the first time in a century that the House has gone to multiple votes for Speaker. With 222 Republicans to 212 Democrats, McCarthy can afford to lose just four votes, assuming every member votes for a candidate.

Ryan Lynch: McCarthy is not the most trustworthy option for Speaker of the House. However, we need to come together as a party, and any concerns about McCarthy must be expressed publicly so he can be held accountable.

2. ’60 Minutes’ uses failed doomsday biologist to predict ‘mass extinction’ of humanity
FoxNews–Journalist Scott Pelley spoke with Ehrlich on the subject of sustainability as Ehrlich repeated his claims that humanity is no longer sustainable as a species due to our increasingly high population.

“The rate of extinction is extraordinarily high now and getting higher all the time,” Ehrlich said.

He explained, “Humanity is not sustainable. To maintain our lifestyle (yours and mine, basically) for the entire planet, you’d need five more Earths. Not clear where they’re gonna come from.”

Ryan Lynch: The notion of too many people on earth is a fear-mongering tactic. It’s meant to discourage family values. People like Ehrlich are the ones who preach we shouldn’t have kids and that abortions should be available in any circumstance. We need to stop platforming these people.

3. ‘It’s a piece of cake really – that’s why you have so many out here’: Portland homeless woman boasts about how she is fed three meals a day by woke city and can stay in her tent all day and do drugs
DailyMail–A homeless woman on the streets of Portland bragged about the perks of living on the streets, including the free meals and ability to be high all day.

Wendy dove into the homeless crisis in the city by explaining how the nearly open-air drug policies are bringing more tents onto the streets.

Portland currently has more than 700 homeless encampments across the city within less than 150 square miles, and the ordeal has also led to the skyrocketing use of cocaine, heroine, LCD and meth which officials decriminalized in 2020.

Ryan Lynch: Portland is encouraging this behavior instead of trying to solve the problem.

4. Gold surges to 6-month high, and analysts expect new records in 2023
CNBC–The price of gold notched a six-month high early on Tuesday, and analysts believe the rally has further to go in 2023.

Spot gold peaked just below $1,850 per troy ounce in the early hours, before easing off to trade around $1,834 per ounce by late-morning in Europe. U.S. gold futures were up 0.72% at $1,839.40 by 6 a.m. ET.

Gold prices have been on a general incline since the beginning of November as market turbulence, rising recession expectations, and more gold purchases from central banks underpinned demand.

Ryan Lynch: With inflation battering people’s 401k and retirement accounts, gold can be a good hedge against Biden’s Inflation.

5.Damar Hamlin’s charity receives millions in donations after he collapses on field
FoxNews–The outpouring of prayers and support for Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin led to a surge in donations for his toy drive after a scary incident during his game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hamlin, who was a standout at Pittsburgh before he was drafted by the Bills, created The Chasing M’s Foundation and launched a toy drive in 2020 months before he turned pro. His GoFundMe was still up throughout the holiday season and through the Monday night game before tragedy struck.

Hamlin was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed on the field following a tackle on Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. Medical personnel needed to use CPR and an AED before transporting him to the facility. The NFL said he was in critical condition.

Ryan Lynch: The reaction from sports fans and Americans is what this country is all about. It’s nice to see us coming together for Hamlin during a time our country has never been more apart. I’m praying for Hamlin’s recovery and his family.

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