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Today is July 16 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1. National Association of Police Organizations endorses Trump after backing Obama-Biden twice
Fox News reports: The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) endorsed President Trump’s reelection Wednesday, praising his “steadfast and very public support” for law enforcement.

NAPO did not endorse a candidate in the 2016 election but endorsed former President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

The police association, which represents more than 1,000 police associations and 241,000 officers, met with Trump on Monday.

DML: This was probably the easiest thing cops have had to do in the past 8 months.

2. American Airlines Plans to Furlough Up to 25,000 Workers This Fall
The Wall Street Journal reports: American Airlines Group Inc. told 25,000 workers that their jobs are at risk after federal aid expires Oct. 1, as air-travel demand falls again amid climbing coronavirus case numbers.

The pandemic has caused a rout for air travel deeper and more persistent than almost anyone anticipated. Executives expect it could take years for travel demand to return to its 2019 highs. Meanwhile, airlines are grappling with how deeply to make cuts to hold on to enough cash to survive. United Airlines Group Inc. said last week it would send such notices to 36,000 employees—close to half its U.S. staff.

American said in a letter to employees Wednesday that it expects to have 20,000 more employees than it needs this fall. The Fort Worth, Texas-based carrier sent notices for potential furlough to 25,000 of its employees as stipulated by federal labor laws. The figure includes airport and technical operations workers who could be shifted to other locations, the airline said.

DML: There is no pandemic.  There is a virus that much like the flu gets people sick, leaving very few (on a percentage basis) to die.  Mostly older people with underlying issues are at risk.  There is no need for masks, shutdowns, or quarantines, nor is there any science to suggest stopping an economy solves the issue.  In fact, after months of a shutdown, wearing masks in public, and social distancing mandates we have seen no tangible proof that any of it works.  What works is boosting the immune system, in my experience anyhow. I would prefer American Airlines explain to its 25,000 employees how their jobs are not being lost due to an illness, but rather a corrupt media and radically left government that wants a slowdown. They want everything good to turn bad so they can take control of the White House, Senate and House.

3. North Carolina city approves reparations for Black residents
USA Today reports: ASHEVILLE, N.C. – In an extraordinary move, the Asheville City Council has apologized for the North Carolina city’s historic role in slavery, discrimination and denial of basic liberties to Black residents and voted to provide reparations to them and their descendants.

The unanimously passed resolution does not mandate direct payments. Instead, it will make investments in areas where Black residents face disparities.

“The resulting budgetary and programmatic priorities may include but not be limited to increasing minority home ownership and access to other affordable housing, increasing minority business ownership and career opportunities, strategies to grow equity and generational wealth, closing the gaps in health care, education, employment and pay, neighborhood safety and fairness within criminal justice,” the resolution reads.

DML: That sound you hear are the FOR SALE signs being dug.

4. Protester attacks NYPD officers, including chief of department, as they made arrest
Fox News reports: A protester assaulted a group of New York Police Department (NYPD) cops, including the highest-ranking uniformed member of the department, on Wednesday during a demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge, according to police and footage of the attack.

The NYPD announced in a tweet around 12:30 p.m. that at least three officers were hurt by someone swinging a long object at the officers while they were placing someone under arrest on the opposite side of one of the bridge’s fences.

A police department spokesperson said the Chief of Department, Terence Monahan, is the other white-shirt member of the department seen in the video with the group at the time of the attack and suffered a non-life-threatening hand injury.

DML:  It’s uncomfortable for some to do, but it’s sort of disturbing that people ignore the facts.  Under Trump’s recent leadership style which appears to be more Manhattan liberal than mainstream conservative, we’ve had an economic shutdown like never seen in our recent history, police stations being burned to the ground without punishment, cops getting their asses kicked by civilians, cities taken over by thugs, homelessness skyrocket, drug use skyrocket, city streets painted with racist remarks like BLACK LIVES MATTER, unbelievable levels of illegal immigration, and rules for wearing masks and staying indoors.  You may want to start holding your president accountable instead of telling us all how much you love him.

5. Georgia gov. explicitly voids mask orders in 15 localities
The Associated Press reports: Georgia’s Gov. Brian Kemp is explicitly banning Georgia’s cities and counties from ordering people to wear masks in public places. He voided orders on Wednesday that at least 15 local governments across the state had adopted even though Kemp had earlier said cities and counties had no power to order masks.

An increasing number of other states order residents to wear masks in public, including Alabama, which announced such a ban Wednesday.

The Republican governor has instead been trying to encourage voluntary mask wearing, including telling fans that reduced infections from mask-wearing would make college football season possible.

DML: This man will have a great chance of winning 2014 as he is acting like a real conservative.  Lets not forget how Trump tossed this governor under the bus for opening his economy early.  In the same paragraph Trump slammed Kemp, he praised radicals Cuomo and Newsome.  How ugly is that!   Trump changed his campaign manager last night, but what he really needs is to change his own ways of late and get back to the guy who sounded like a warrior instead of pansy.

DML PARTING WORDS: The next surge is underway.  Or so they tell us.  A national mask mandate is being considered.  Even though people who wore masks and social distanced themselves ended up in the hospital, the so-called experts continue to lead the citizens of this country down a rat hole.  Think about the fact that gyms — a place for people to exercise and stay healthy — remain closed as nonessential, but liquor stores are open.  This is the doing of the experts.   As for me, I’m feeling like a million bucks and it’s because I boost my immune system and get my sleep regularly because of DML CBD.  You should consider the steps you’re taking to keep up your best defense.  We have the best products and the best prices, or so I am told.  Check out these testimonials before heading over to

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