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Today is July 22 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1.White House weighs pushing masks as COVID cases increase
Fox News – The Biden administration is reportedly weighing whether to formally urge vaccinated Americans to once again mask up as the country experiences an increase in the number of COVID-19 delta variant cases.

White House aides are in talks with officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about proposed messaging to the public, the Washington Post reported.

People familiar with the discussions told the Post that the White House is hesitant to implement policies that would explicitly mandate people show proof of their vaccination status. One idea reportedly thrown around was to ask Americans to wear masks when vaccinated and unvaccinated people not to congregate in crowded places.

DML: I should really play lotto because I can predict the future.  With that said, I will use a mask to wipe my ass if no other option is available.  But that’s where it ends.  As for social distancing, I don’t see that happening either.  People are tired of the boogey man routine.  I say hug and be hugged, let the germs share as they will.  It’s called the immune system, it’s called the circle of life.

2.Pelosi bars Trump allies from Jan. 6 probe; GOP vows boycott
WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two Republicans tapped by House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy to sit on a committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, a decision the Republican denounced as “an egregious abuse of power.”

McCarthy said the GOP won’t participate in the investigation if Democrats won’t accept the members he appointed.

Pelosi cited the “integrity” of the probe in refusing Wednesday to accept the appointments of Indiana Rep. Jim Banks, picked by McCarthy to be the top Republican on the panel, or Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. The two men are outspoken allies of former President Donald Trump, whose supporters laid siege to the Capitol that day and interrupted the certification of President Joe Biden’s win. Both of them voted to overturn the election results in the hours after the siege.

Democrats have said the investigation will go on whether the Republicans participate or not, as Pelosi has already appointed eight of the 13 members — including Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, a Trump critic — and that gives them a bipartisan quorum to proceed, according to committee rules.

DML – The midterm elections cannot get here fast enough.  Every American right of center must vote to get Nancy and her ilk out of office.

3.Navy warns it’s running out of capabilities to cut, budget moves threaten readiness

Washington Times – The Navy warned Congress Wednesday that it is quickly reaching the end of the line on divestments before cutting into capabilities needed for deterrence and war fighting.

Lawmakers from the Senate Appropriations Defense subcommittee questioned both the Navy and the Air Force on their divestment decisions at a hearing as Congress continues to parse the proposed budget for 2022.

“The challenge that we’re facing now is that the good ideas, the things that we don’t think we need to bring to the future fight, we’re starting to run out of that,” said Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Integration of Capabilities and Resources Vice Adm. Randy Crites.

The Navy continues to strain under tight budgetary constraints over the past decade and has continued to make cuts elsewhere while laboring to rebuild the fleet, said Vice Adm. Crites.

DML: Meanwhile, over in China things continue to grow. According to an article appearing on CNN’s website in March 2021, China is expected to field 400 ships by 2025, the goal of the current US Navy shipbuilding plan, a goal with no fixed date, is for a fleet of 355 — a substantial numerical disadvantage.

4.Biden slammed over answer given to small business owner during CNN town hall.
President Biden late Wednesday was criticized by Republicans after he told a restaurant owner to pay his employees higher wages or risk having them leave for better jobs.

John Lanni, an owner and co-founder of a restaurant group, said his business is struggling to find workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

He asked the president during a CNN town hall if the government would incentivize returning to work for people who are choosing to collect lucrative unemployment benefits instead of securing employment. Watch the two clips below.

DML: If 83 million people really voted for Biden then I don’t think we’ve got a chance to remain the world’s super power. People are just stupid for voting for this man.  Almost as stupid as Joe sounded on CNN last night.  In one video his LIES by saying people who are vaccinated won’t get COVID.  No fact checkers to be found anywhere! Watch these videos:

5.Jobless claims unexpectedly rise

Jobless claims unexpectedly rose to 419,000 last week, higher than the 350,000 Dow Jones estimate and more than the upwardly revised 368,000 from the previous period, the Labor Department reported Thursday.

DML: Joey’s economy is a house of cards, and those cards are purchased by free money that can’t be recycled.  That BOOM you will soon hear isn’t a good thing, it’s the economy hitting the basement.

MY PARTING WORDS:  It’s painful to watch Joe Biden, so painful that your back, neck, and entire body may start to experience uncontrollable pain.  I suggest you try Miracle Me Body Oil.  We have a huge savings promo going on right now.  It’s for the 16oz bottle.  We announced this yesterday and we don’t have much left in stock.  Do not miss out. Click here

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  1. 83 million people really did not vote for Joe Biden. This country doesn’t have a chance to be a superpower because massive election fraud was allowed to occur and not because Biden received enough votes; we the people did not choose our president. I’m disappointed in you, Dennis.

  2. Biden Says “I Don’t Care If You Think I’m Satan Reincarnated” “Biden’s Town Hall hosted by CNN was a complete train wreck.
    Half of Biden’s answers to questions were just a bunch of word salads and weird statements.
    The most bizarre statement he made during the night was when he said ” I don’t care if you think I’m Satan reincarnated”.”

  3. Of course covid is spreading in the united states. The Biden administration is letting in 180, 000 illegal immigrants that are not being screened for any diseases. This is what they want so they can close America down again. And the worst thing is is that they’re sending them it appears to Republican states. How evil and corrupt the Democrats are


  4. There will be no progress in America till we get the mad pretender out of the Peoples House. No country can survive fed on the hate inspired by the Sociomarxist baggage he brings with him.

  5. What a moron.
    #1 he was a ass to the restaurant owner & no one wanted to hear his rant about he could have owned restaurants. Look at the guys face as he rambles on. Keep giving people free money to stay home democrats. He’s or anyone else believe that paying people more to stay home are idiots
    # 2 YOU DIDNT LET RESTAURANTS STAY OPEN. We would still be on lockdown if governors hadn’t decided their state had enough of this. Cusps to governors stopping the additional unemployment.

    #2. YOU LIED when you said you can’t get covid if you’re vaccinated. Look at the democrats fleeing from their jobs. Even your press secretary said the White House had cases they didn’t tell about . So someone is lying either the vaccine isn’t working or the democrats are trying to let the special session run out and are lying. Hopefully Abbot arrest them when they do come back. If you legislature doesn’t know he can can keep calling special sessions & lock the doors to keep them from leaving. Personally I’d like to see democrats heads explode if he arrested them. Pelosi & schumer & the other democrats would have a fit but many people would be happy. All these headlines are because of dummies

  6. 1)Here we go again…a vicious cycle and it will continue year after year! Mask up, get vaccinated…this is a deliberate take down of America and its happening day by day.
    Dennis, one of my fav photos of you and statement!
    3) Defund the military, defund the police, open borders, release prisoners; all to become weak and vulnerable…I feel so safe and protected under this administration, I say facetiously!


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