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Today is July 31 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1.CDC study shows 74% of people infected in Massachusetts Covid outbreak were fully vaccinated
CNBC -About three-fourths of people infected in a Massachusetts Covid-19 outbreak were fully vaccinated against the coronavirus with four of them ending up in the hospital, according to new data published Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The new data, published in the U.S. agency’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, also found that fully vaccinated people who get infected carry as much of the virus in their nose as unvaccinated people, and could spread it to other individuals.

“This finding is concerning and was a pivotal discovery leading to CDC’s updated mask recommendation,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a statement. “The masking recommendation was updated to ensure the vaccinated public would not unknowingly transmit virus to others, including their unvaccinated or immunocompromised loved ones.”

DML: Appears as if you and everyone in the US was lied to for nearly a year.  The media, the “experts”, Biden, and so on, they sell you a bag of BS.  Everyone told you to take the vaccine.  Everyone but me. I never lied to you one time.  I’ve been your go-to for common sense.  Why take a vaccine for something with a tiny death rate?  Why aren’t we forced into taking flu vaccines?  When you get the answer, call me.

2.CDC Director backtracks on claim that a federal vaccine mandate is being considered

DailyMail – The U.S. government’s COVID messaging was in disarray on Friday night, as the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that federal vaccination mandates were being considered – and then tweeted that they were not.

Earlier on Friday, Dr Rochelle Walensky, the director of the CDC, said that a federal vaccine mandate was being considered.

‘That’s something that I think the administration is looking into. It’s something that I think we are looking to see approval of, from the vaccine,’ she said.

‘Overall, I think in general, I am all for more vaccination.

‘But, I have nothing further to say on that except that we are looking into those policies.’

Walensky added that any vaccine mandates currently in place are strictly on the local or corporate level.

Several hours later, she tweeted: ‘To clarify: There will be no nationwide mandate. I was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the federal government. There will be no federal mandate.’

Her backtracking came amid concern at the way both the CDC and the White House is communicating the COVID strategy to the public.

DML: Imagine if these so-called “experts” spent less time on TV or more time in the lab figuring out how to stop China!  Oh, wait, I forgot, the US science team is in bed with the Chinese.  Lets be honest, these people aren’t experts… they are bullsh*t artists with white lab coats that love seeing themselves on TV.

2.Walmart tells corporate staff, managers they must have Covid vaccine by October

CNBC – Walmart Chief Executive Doug McMillon said Friday the retailer’s corporate staff as well as its management-level employees must be vaccinated against Covid-19 by Oct. 4, according to a memo obtained by CNBC.

The mandate applies to all home office associates, in addition to market, regional and divisional employees who work in multiple facilities, the nation’s largest private employer said.

Walmart said it will continue to monitor the situation of the health crisis to determine if it needs to change its return to work plans. As of now, the company expects staffing to be near pre-pandemic levels shortly after Labor Day.

DML – Bring on the lawsuits!

3.Florida Gov. DeSantis signs executive order making masks optional in schools
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed an executive order making mask-wearing optional in the state’s public schools.

The announcement came after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday issued new guidance for K-12 schools recommending universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff and students, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.

“The federal government has no right to tell parents that in order for their kids to attend school in person, they must be forced to wear a mask all day, every day,” DeSantis said in a Friday statement. “Many Florida schoolchildren have suffered under forced masking policies, and it is prudent to protect the ability of parents to make decisions regarding the wearing of masks by their children.”

The governor’s office said in a press release that the order reinforces parents’ right to choose what is best for their children.

DML: The future president of these United States is Mr Ron DeSantis!  Thank God I live in Florida.

4.AG Garland: ‘Unlawful’ for Texas to Stop Bussing of Illegal Aliens into U.S.
Breitbart -Attorney General Merrick Garland says it is “dangerous and unlawful” for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) to stop the federal government’s bussing of border crossers and illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.

This week, Abbott issued an executive order that bans local, state, and federal law enforcement officers from providing ground transportation for border crossers and illegal aliens who have been detained by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or who have been ordered removed under the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Title 42 authority.

The order also allows Texas state troopers to “stop any vehicle upon reasonable suspicion” of transporting border crossers and illegal aliens and “to reroute such a vehicle back to its point of origin or a port of entry if a violation is confirmed” as well as allowing state troopers to impound vehicles that are caught violating the order.

In response, Garland wrote a letter to Abbott in which he claims Texas does not have a right to interfere with President Joe Biden’s expansive Catch and Release operation and threatening a lawsuit if the order is not rescinded:

I urge you to immediately rescind Executive Order GA 3 7, entitled Relating to the transportation of migrants during the COVID-19 disaster. The Order purports to mandate that “[n]o person, other than a federal, state, or local law-enforcement official, shall provide ground transportation to a group of migrants who have been detained by [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] for crossing the border illegally or who would have been subject to expulsion under the Title 42 order.” As explained below, the Order is both dangerous and unlawful.

Moreover, Texas has no authority to interfere with the United States’ “broad, un- doubted power over the subject of immigration” by impairing the United States’ release of individuals and the ability of those individuals to comply with federal immigration law. To the extent the Order interferes with immigration enforcement, the Order is unconstitutional.

In short, the Order is contrary to federal law and cannot be enforced. Accordingly, consistent with its authorities under federal law, the United States will continue its noncitizen transportation operations unabated. I urge you to immediately rescind the Order. If you do not do so, I am providing notice consistent with Section 1-10 .100 of the Justice Department’s Justice Manual that the United States intends to pursue all appropriate legal remedies to ensure that Texas does not interfere with the functions of the federal government. 

DML: Don’t give in Mr Abbott.  Stay the course, continue the fight.

5.Evictions loom after Biden and Congress fail to extend ban
WASHINGTON (AP) — A nationwide eviction moratorium is set to expire Saturday night after President Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress worked furiously but ultimately failed to align on a long-shot strategy to prevent millions of Americans from being forced from their homes during a COVID-19 surge.

More than 3.6 million Americans are at risk of eviction, some in a matter of days, as nearly $47 billion in federal housing aid to the states during the pandemic has been slow to make it into the hands of renters and landlords owed payments. The moratorium expires at midnight.

Tensions mounted late Friday as it became clear there was no resolution in sight. Hours before the ban was set to expire, Biden called on local governments to “take all possible steps” to immediately disburse the funds. Evictions could begin as soon as Monday.

DML: Bottom line, the free ride is over.

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  1. Don’t cave in Abbott!! What the governments are doing is to add more DUMOCRAPS in Texas and hope turn it to blue state. Stay strong Patriots!!!!

  2. 1. Governor Abbott is on the right side of the law. Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL you liberal idiots. Abbott is the one following the law, OBIDEN is the one breaking it.
    2. It’s time for the eviction moratorium to end. If those people would have used their very large stimulus checks to pay rent or saved their money, they’d have plenty to pay rent. Go get a job if you’re able bodied. There’s plenty out there right now.

  3. If a plane load of people come here on vacation do they have to show a passport or other accepted identification? I believe that is so. When I went abroad I had to show my passport whatever country I went into and also had to go through customs. I believe that is what people flying in from other countries have to do as well.

    What Joe Biden is doing is against our laws and it should be an impechable offense.

  4. Gov. Abbott is spot on. It is the Frderal Gov’t, Biden’s administration and their SS Gestapo strong arm agencies that are breaking out Constitutional Congressional Laws. Every one involved from the President down should be prosecuted for Aiding and Abetting Criminals.

  5. DML,

    We are seeing the same infection trend down here in Texas. Our COVID screeners are seeing about 75% of the positive tests in the vaccinated folks. I’m sure the liars in the White House will do whatever possible to hide this but this is the truth.

    If this was the case in Massachusetts, on that cruise ship in the Bahamas, and down here in the south I’m guessing that is the trend in many other places around the country and the government is trying to cover it up.

    THE VACCINE DOES NOT WORK. It may actually make the situation worse.

    We cannot trust a single word coming from our communist government. Even the NYT and WAPO can read the writing on the wall.

  6. The Federal Government can’t have it both ways…why are Sanctuary Cities allowed to go unpunished when that is contrary to laws already on the books? Same with Abbott standing up to the BS coming from AG Garland. If the Feds won’t enforce the law, I’m all in favor of Texas stepping up to stop this invasion!!
    Another issue is that the CDC & latest “evidence” is all BS…coming out of India to create the panic & fear-monger the US citizens…the study being touted did not pass a peer-review & India also uses a different ‘vaccine” than the US…that’s like comparing apples to oranges. They think We the People are stupid…you know they are on their way to lockdowns again…(it worked so well last time = NOT!) No evidence, data, science to support wearing masks on ANYONE…ask them all to show us this evidence!! They can’t produce it. Only a distraction from the election audits going on…

  7. Reports throughout the week made references to this rental Moritorium…. in the cares act through Biden there’s cpl billion $ set asidefor those needing and qualifying FOR rental assistance…. states or whomever is in charge of this program, never got started on it until recently if at all
    SUCH PROFICIENCY 🤦‍♀️guess they were hoping that would’ve been forgotten about and put that money to different use

  8. I thought you were supposed to be the “smartest person in the room” buying Pfizer Stock seems very self centered being you won’t take the shot yourself.
    $ for Life!


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