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Today is July 5. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1. More information on Highland shooter surfaces
DailyMail – The man suspected of killing six people and wounding more than a dozen others during a July 4 parade in Highland Park, Ill., is a Donald Trump-supporting rapper with a seemingly successful music career.

Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo III, 22, who goes by ‘Awake the Rapper,’ has more than 16,000 listeners per month on Spotify.

Music videos posted by Crimo online last fall include a drawing of himself shooting people online, and a disturbing clip of himself throwing bullets on the floor of a classroom while wearing armor in what appears to be a joke about school shootings.

Crimo also had a Discord server where he would chat with friends and fans, and his most recent post was a picture of Budd Dwyer, the Pennsylvania state treasurer who killed himself on live TV in the 1980s, which he captioned: ‘I wish politicians still gave speeches like this.’

He also made references to suicide and frequently posted on a message board discussing graphic depictions of murder and death, including a recent video he shared of a beheading.

Crimo was ‘known to law enforcement’ but it is not yet known if this was due to the disturbing content he shared online, or if he committed other crimes.

DML: Another sick person with an online history of making threats kills innocent people, and somehow the FBI missed him again. I do understand how, resources are being used to track down moms and dads at school board meetings due to concerns over CRT, sex education for 6-year-olds, and transgender lessons.

2.Highland Park attack: Second victim identified
The second victim of Monday’s mass shooting at a July Fourth parade in Highland Park, Illinois, near Chicago has been identified.

Jacki Sundheim, a devout Jewish synagogue attendee, was identified by the North Shore Congregation Israel where she attended.

The first victim identified is Nicholas Toledo, a Mexican native in his 70s.

Law enforcement officers arrested Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, 22, as a person of interest in the shooting. He was captured around 6:30 p.m. Monday by the North Chicago Police Department after officers spotted his Honda Fit with a license plate matching the suspect vehicle.

DML: What am I supposed to write here? Gets sort of tired to repeat, “We pray for the victims.”

3.Stocks set to fall another 1% Tuesday
Stock futures were lower early on Tuesday morning after the major averages finished another losing week.

Stock futures tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 332 points, or about 1%. S&P 500 futures dipped 1.1%, and Nasdaq 100 futures shed about 1.4%.

Concerns about economic growth are hanging over investors as the U.S. market looks to recover after a rough first half to the year.

DML: Joe Biden’s America.  You can say thank you to your voter friend or family member who cast a ballot for Biden, they’ve killed your portfolio.

4.Thousands flee from Welcome America Festival in Philadelphia after two cops were shot
Thousands of people were filmed fleeing in terror after gunfire rang out at a July 4 celebration and injured two cops, hours after a massacre in Chicago.

Dramatic video footage showed panicking people running away from the Welcome America Festival event close to the Philadelphia Museum of Art after the shooting, which left two officers with minor injuries.

Video shown by local news media showed people running for their lives upon hearing the gunshots. Hundreds ran screaming along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, looking for cover.

The gunfire broke near the Philadelphia Museum of Art on the final day of a festival with a large number of people watching a fireworks show after a concert.

The crowd was spooked and made a mad dash away from the area where the shots rang out late into the evening.

DML: Thank goodness for all those guns laws in liberal cities. (NOT).

5.Ukraine announces $750 Billion rebuilding plan

Ukraine on Monday announced a $750 billion plan to rebuild the war-torn nation and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged the international community to join “the greatest contribution to the maintenance of global peace.”

Zelenskyy argued that Ukraine’s recovery was vital for not only Ukrainians but for the preservation of democracies worldwide.

But even as Ukraine looks to repair devastated areas abandoned by Russian forces, Moscow continues its deadly campaign in eastern Ukraine.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal presented a $750 billion recovery plan that would address the immediate needs of the country, with additional plans to follow based on longer-term requirements.

Shmyhal said a major source of the plan’s funding should come from “the confiscated assets of Russia and Russian oligarchs.”

DML: My ass!  The money will come out from you, the American taxpayer.

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  1. I don’t believe for one minute that creepy looking lunatic is a Trump supporter! That’s the fake news media at work! That ugly skanky looking POS is a mentally deranged, wacko liberal. ( Anyone who is into Rap music is deranged! That’s not talent and it’s NOT music. ) Probably pretends to support Trump to cause mayhem and violence! Lock him up indefinitely and keep him in a straight jacket

  2. The DemonRATS like to just mention that he is a Trump supporter so that maybe hoping you will believe it, deep down they know that their failed policies are working on destroying the country, which is their mission.

  3. I read another article and they said the suspected shooter is not a Trump supporter, but for the Second Amendment. That doesn’t look good however for the Second Amendment. He abused the Second Amentdment.

  4. Just because he attended a Trump Rally does not make him a Trump supporter. He was dressed in black when he was arrested. Appears that he may be part of the antifa movement.

  5. NOW ASKING FOR MONEY TO REBUILD UKRAINE??? This guy is nuts & I wouldnt trust him. Things will get worst with Russia & he will run with billions of dollars.

  6. Even IF the guy was a Trump supporter, which I don’t believe, what does it have to do with this news report??? So tired of all the crap being linked back to Trump and I certainly don’t need to read it here!!!

  7. If Joe Biden sends more of the American Tax Payers Dollars to Ukraine, the American Citizens needs to March on Washington by the Thousands if not the Millions! Enough is Enough! Time for Joe to GO!

  8. No way on God’s green earth is that nutcase a Trump supporter! I would bet the majority of these shooters are liberals.

    The jacka$$ in The People’s House had better not give another dime to Ukraine! Biden has given away more of our hard earned money and had destroyed our country by giving all the support he has already given to this very suspect “innocent” leader of Ukraine. In my opinion, Biden has done all this to protect ALL OF THE SWAMP in DC and his family.

  9. Where the hell does it say that this POS is a Trump supporter. I doubt that very muck. He looks like an antifah a-hole. I’m surprised at DML for saying that on first day after shooting.

  10. Potheads are poisoning their brains and here is a prime example. This killer used pot and so did many of our other shooters. The THC levels are extremely high in the hybrid marijuana combinations. The pot in the hippie days was nothing compared to this stuff. Violence and psychosis are running rampant from pot use. Someone needs to start confronting the marijuana crowd for legalizing a drug that is destroying peoples’ minds.

  11. I dont have a twitter account but that video is haunting and telling….with 2.3k “Loves” or likes or whatever….I posted a pic on FB with myself and friends of 40 yrs….I had my arm around a friend but said it looked like I was “strangling her”, and I got a message right away saying that it against their policy to allow that word, strangle…..WTH. Once again, in hindsight everyone will say there were signs….Hes a little twerp and I hope Illinois laws are stronger and more severe then New York.

  12. This idiot is no Trump supporter. Lefties don’t like 4th of July celebrations, and leftists don’t like this country! This moron is a poser progressive.
    If he was a conservative he wouldn’t attack other country loving people. He a lunatic unhinged commie! I not buying anything otherwise. DML Dig further into his movements!🤯


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