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Today is June 11. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1.Gun control rally set for DC and 300 locations
WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of protestors are expected to rally in Washington, D.C., Saturday and in separate demonstrations around the country as part of a renewed push for nationwide gun control. Motivated by a fresh surge in mass shootings, from Uvalde, Texas, to Buffalo, New York, protestors say lawmakers must take note of shifting public opinion and finally enact sweeping reforms.

Organizers expect the second March for Our Lives rally to draw around 50,000 demonstrators to the Washington Monument. That’s far less than the original 2018 march, which filled downtown Washington with more than 200,000 people. This time, organizers are focusing on holding smaller marches at an estimated 300 locations.

DML: I covered the first March For Our Lives after the Parkland shooting. Today’s march, much like the first march, will result in nothing productive. Instead of focusing on hardening schools and offering better services for the mentally ill, the objective of these liberal marches is to take away our guns. It will never work, liberal policies always fail.

2.Gas prices hit $5 nationwide for first time in over 2 decades

Fox News – The national average retail price for regular gasoline hit $5 per gallon on Saturday for the first time in over two decades, according to data from AAA.

It’s the highest the group has seen gas prices rise since it started tracking the data in 2000, and it’s likely to get worse as oil demand continues to outpace global oil supply, driving barrel prices even higher, AAA spokesperson Devin Gladden said.

As of Saturday, prices at the pump are 63 cents higher than they were a month ago and nearly $2 more than a year ago, according to AAA data.

DML: Democrats will do anything to play champions for climate change.  I think this is all part of the plan to force people to go green. The longer prices stay high, the longer the talk about alternatives to gas.  The result of all the Left’s voodoo pushing policies will be a massive meltdown. The economy isn’t going to slide into recession, it’s going to fall off the cliff all at once (jobs, housing, Wall St, Main St). The crash is inevitable with Biden at the wheel, and I think it’s coming real soon.

3.Heat wave threatens 40M people

USA TODAY -About 40 million people from California to Texas are sweltering amid a dangerous heat wave that threatens to match or eclipse daily high-temperature records through the weekend.

Phoenix and Las Vegas reported record daily highs on Friday, according to the National Weather Service. Arizona’s capital city reached 113 degrees, surpassing its previous record of 111 set in 1978. Las Vegas hit 109, breaking the previous record, set in 1996, by 1 degree.

And, in New Mexico, Albuquerque reached 100 degrees for the first time this year.

“It’s really the first big heat wave of the season,” NWS forecaster Bryan Jackson told USA TODAY on Friday. “It catches people off-guard.”

DML: It’s called summer, and it’s here a week early. I can hear Al Gore dusting off his cameras to make his next climate change film.

4.CLAIM: Trump’s Truth Social Is Banning Users Who Post About Jan. 6 Hearings, According to Reports

Variety – Truth Social, Donald Trump’s Twitter copycat claiming it is “free from political discrimination,” has reportedly banned users who posted information from Thursday’s congressional hearing on the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol — in which the former president is a key focus.

That’s according to several posts on Twitter by users who claimed Truth Social was censoring them. Reps for Trump Media & Technology Group, which owns and operates Truth Social, did not respond to a request for comment.

Travis Allen, whose Twitter bio describes him as an information security analyst, on Thursday evening posted a screenshot from the Truth Social app that said “Account suspended,” and he wrote: “My Truth Social account was just permanently suspended for talking about the January 6th Committee hearings.”

DML: I hope this turns out to be false, I hope there’s no banning over on Truth Social. If it is true, then I am seriously pissed at Trump and company for doing the same sort of censoring that Twitter and Facebook does to us.

5.Florida COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations rising
News 4 –The CDC is warning residents that COVID-19 cases are on the rise again.

Doctors said COVID-19 is not going away and recent numbers are proof. Florida cases have steadily been rising over the past three months.

As of Friday, 87 patients were currently hospitalized with covid in Jacksonville alone.

Currently, Florida is averaging more than 10,000 new cases daily. With the rapidly growing amount of cases, people are encouraged to be cautious around others.

DML: It’s not Florida only, I am hearing of cases from all over the country.  And people are reportedly getting it really bad.

MY PARTING WORDS: My buddy texted me last night (see screenshot below).  His wife came down with covid.  He didn’t.  He takes DML CBD Premier 1600mg, his wife does not.  It does not shock me, I hear this sort of thing all the time.  Plus, it falls in line with a recent study out of Chicago which appears on the NIH website.  The study shows that researchers from the University of Chicago found evidence that CBD can inhibit infection by SARS-CoV-2 in human cells.

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  1. Reports covid is increasing. This could possibly be like before. People come in sick with something else and test positive. It’s not the WuHu flu that put them in the hospital.
    The new strains are much weaker then the original. No one reports the recovery rates.
    I am not buying the hype.

  2. It’s the libtard push to get another lock down or some other crap because November is coming fast and need to capital on their cheating

    • Exactly and absolutely going to cheat. Democrats know they are in trouble in November. Not much time for them to change course so the cheat is in.

  3. Yes, they will eventually to take guns! These People are marching, showing strength. These People have people like George Soros and other big donors backing them, being used by the Elites, the Cabal. While the Law Abiding Gun Owners just sit back and type on Social Media. Watching from the sidelines. It’s time that Conservatives start showing up in large numbers, demand Mentally Ill be dealt with, Criminals be dealt with. Demand that these Soro’s DAs along with Soros, be Prosecuted for Aiding and abetting Criminals. A War is on in America and the Liberals with the help of the likes of George Soros, Obama and others are winning!

  4. It is sad to see so many fools blaming guns for the increased violence. I have been alive over 60 years and have served as a Law Enforcement Officer from local Police and up the ranks as a Federal Agent. I have NEVER seen a gun floating around killing people!. I have seen idiots get a hold of a gun and used them to hurt others though. I can compare guns to tools and to cars easily enough. How many of you have seen a car or truck go down the street on their own and commit atrocities? NONE! Just like guns, cars are machines. At takes an idiot at the helm to use the car or the gun irresponsibly to commit a crime. Don’t blame the machines. Put the blame on the people using and controlling the machine, NOT the machine itself. Mechanical devices are not sentient. People are the problem, NOT the tool!

  5. Total BS! Ain’t falling for it! Will people get it? Yeah! Just like they get the flu! Get used to it and take care of your immune system! It will be another one next year!

  6. Jon Rappoport posted his latest podcast in the past week at his Substack which discusses his deep investigation into mass killings and the MKUltra program. I have yet to listen but it’s gotta be a blockbuster. A donation is required to hear it but I’m sure is worth it, he’s an amazing investigative reporter on all things, “virus”, fake pandemics or health crises like covid, and topics related to government manipulation of populations to accomplish control agendas.

  7. I went to Florida in early May and ended up getting sick after returning home. I refuse to get tested but I felt lousy for a couple days. I just took over the counter medications and eventually got better. It may have been a Covid variant or something else, doesn’t matter to me. I think the numbers go up because so many people run out and get tested when it could just be managed at home.

    • Him and Soros and Gates. All three need to go. Life would be so much different if it weren’t for these fools. And you know they are manipulating the weather. We didn’t have HAARP just for fun. Why is it our military always starts things that end up dangerous or harmful?

  8. How many covid patients had the jab? They leave that out on purpose. Other countries with 100% vaccination are having horrible cases of covid hospitalizations. The jab has suppressed their immunity. And all these unexplained deaths in younger people has to be because of the jab. We will never get the truth, not if the CDC and the powers-that-be get their way.


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