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Today is June 29 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1. CHOP group ready to ditch encampment and take over abandoned police station: report
Fox News reports: Organizers of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) are attempting to refocus their efforts toward a street outside the East Precinct and away from the tent encampment at Cal Anderson Park, according to a report on Sunday.

The switch in focus comes after some believe the park encampment is becoming difficult to manage and is potentially impacting the group’s efforts in convincing the city to make changes in police reform. The area near the precinct also houses most of the protest’s leadership.

“Basically, it’s to bring the attention and the focus back onto why we’re here, occupy protesters, which is to get our demands met,” organizer Angelica C told the Seattle Times. “And the only way we can do that is to occupy this precinct right here.”

DML: I love this idea.  Allow them to take over the police station for about 60-seconds.  Then have the cops enter the building from all entry points, and arrest every single last one of them.  Charge them with every crime the books offer including domestic terrorism.  Lock them in the cells and this nightmare is over.  Law and order!

2. Michelle Obama pays tribute to Beyoncé, presenting BET Humanitarian Award to ‘The Queen’
USA Today reports: Former first lady Michelle Obama presented Beyoncé with the 2020 Humanitarian of Year Award at the BET Awards Sunday night.

“I am here to talk about The Queen, you know the one,” Obama said in a video presentation, which began the accolades to the singer and activist. “Ever since she was a little girl in Houston, Beyoncé Knowles Carter has been lighting up the stages and gracing the world with her talent, with her generosity of spirit and with her love for her community.”

“You can see it in everything she does. From her music that gives voice to Black joy and Black pain, to her activism that demands justice for Black Lives,” said Obama. “And no matter how big the stages get, I know my girl isn’t satisfied unless she’s sharing all that shine she has with the next generation.”

DML: Why am I not shocked?  Beyonce’ is more anti-police than Black Lives Matters.  And we know how much the Obama’s love a good anti-cop riot.  Never forget Beyonce’s song and video called FORMATION.

3. NYPD Cops Responding to Shots Fired Call Attacked With Glass Bottles
NBC New York reports: Police responding to reports of shots fired in Harlem overnight were met by a large crowd of nearly 500 people. When officers attempted to disperse the crowd they were met with glass bottles, police officials said Sunday.

NYPD officers arrived at 7th Avenue and 133rd Street around 3:45 a.m. Sunday and found half a dozen .45 caliber shell casings and two fired bullets.

Police say one glass bottle broke a police vehicle’s windshield and another broke a passenger side window after attempts were made to break up the large group.

DML: The shootings in New York have gone haywire.  Is this really what the liberals and anti-cop groups want?  Wild streets, shootings, no cops?  Ok, well, it looks like the liberal lawmakers will give it to them.  Letting them shoot themselves in the streets is a good thing?  Sounds crazy to me but either way if this is what they want then have at it, but don’t put cops in harms way.

4. Father of teen murdered by illegal immigrant says BLM ignored his case: ‘I’m black, where’s our help?’
Fox News reports: The father of a black teen murdered by an illegal immigrant in 2008 told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday that because his son’s case was not a matter of police brutality, he received no support from the Black Lives Matter Movement and was forced to mourn on the “sidelines” by African-American leaders.

“It seems like Black Lives Matter only focuses on black people who were murdered by the police,” Jamiel Shaw said. “You know, my son was murdered in 2008, and I reached out to anybody that would listen, especially black people, because I thought for sure I would have a lot of support in the black community. But, because of the illegal aliens and the way they get all the support in California, no one would jump on board because they didn’t want to have to, you know, justify the illegal-alien part. So, they just let me go by myself.”

Jamiel Shaw Jr., 17, was shot in March 2008 by illegal alien and gang member Pedro Espinoza, who mistook the high school football player as a member of a rival gang. A jury later convicted Espinoza and sentenced him to death.

DML:  In my opinion, this so-called “movement” has absolutely nothing to do with black lives mattering.  If the BLM groups really cared about “black lives” then this movement would be unfolding in the inner cities like South Chicago instead of outside the White House in Washington DC.   I think this is about getting free money, free press, and a free summer where the rules don’t apply and the thugs can roam wild.   Amazing how the protests / riots have not resulted in more COVID cases.  I am sorry for my fellow Americans, black and white, for having to endure these leaderless times.  I should have stuck in there and run for president in 2016.  You wouldn’t have been dealing with this mess today.

5. Covid-19 Drug Remdesivir to Cost $3,120 for Typical Patient on Private Insurance
The Wall Street Journal reports: Gilead Sciences Inc. detailed its pricing plans for Covid-19 drug remdesivir, saying it will charge U.S. hospitals $3,120 for a typical patient with commercial insurance.

The drugmaker on Monday disclosed its pricing plans as it prepares to begin charging for the drug in July. The U.S. has been distributing remdesivir donated by Gilead since the drug was authorized for emergency use in May.

Under the company’s plans, Gilead will charge a higher price for patients with private insurance in the U.S., and a lower price for U.S. government health programs like Medicare and all other developed countries that insure their patients directly.

DML: Could the title be better written as: “The scamdemic continues”?  I’d prefer to focus my energy this morning in another direction, lets talk about an event that is amazingly great. is one year old as of July 1, and to celebrate this event I am giving away my DML CBD at price that hover around our costs.  This is a one-time event called WOW!  It lasts two days and the pricing is awesome.  If you miss this event, especially in these troubling times, you may regret it because these prices are incredible.

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  1. Where are you. Have not seen you on facebook. Don’t give up. We need to hear from you on your live feeds. God Bless This Country. Trump 2020.

  2. This is why you, DML, should NOT be our president’s spokeman. I like you but you need to get over yourself. President Trump has out smarted you again. You see, if he would of taken over the States’ authority, that could be considered “take over” of our constitution and State Authority. There is a time and place for everything.

    Right now there is a growing number of citizen Democrats and Republicans, as well, that are seeing in “real time” the outcome. Once shown what the results are with “Democrat Rule” with utter awareness by mainstream citzens, then it is time for our president to end the debacle. If he would push his force at this moment there would be more civic unrest, but the unrest would include the larger population.

  3. June 29, 2020 Thanks for your comments and insight DML! And thanks for the CBD also, good medicine for the body’s recovery!

    At this point I am so very disappointed in the Republican and democrat entities of American Government, I thought they were supposed to work in peace and solutions for all of America, NOT cause war among us as citizens of this once diverse Nation of peace lovers of our Freedom! We know the DEMONCRATS have an evil agenda, scams unheard of in the past, who would of thought that some great cities across America would fall into the HELL they are going through right now? I still count my blessings and I am grateful for the LEADERSHIP of my LORD God in the teaching of Jesus, Jesus never taught anyone to pillage and burn and kill as those so-called PROTESTERS are doing right now! Life has never been easy, certainly will never be perfect, the Bible is full of all the same stories of ruin, time and time again, I guess humanity is doomed to repeat itself in the failings of rejecting the goodness of God and all His blessings that I see everyday! Demons are all about themselves obviously, there is nothing of peace within them, I pray for their rotten filthy souls! God knows! God already said that those who reject His only Son’s offer to salvage humans souls from their sin has already chosen HELL, I see it, I know anyone who strives to follow Jesus sees the truth of the inherent evil of mens souls and actions in the events in the news today! Prayers unceasing for protection of the innocent and a turning of the tide of evil toward the greatness of God’s Love and Peace, for there is no other way to accomplish good, without a relationship with God’s Son, His name is Christ, Jesus! Amen. Satan is the great deceiver, don’t get caught in the devil’s traps, we all should have more intelligence than to continue in that dark path!


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