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Today is March 12. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1.Ukraine says Russia attacked Mariupol mosque while dozens hid inside
Fox News – Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday accused Russian troops of shelling a mosque in Mariupol where it said more than 80 adults and children where sheltering from attacks.

No casualties were immediately reported.

DML: The only way to stop this war, and to stop WWIII, is by demanding China put a stop to it all. If you have not listened to my podcast with retired General Bob Dees, you may want to space out an hour today and listen. There is no better person to listen to than Dees as he spent 31 years in the military, served numerous years in the Pentagon, and 20 years working with NATO. America is in a bad spot right now, you should know the details. Click here.

2.Black middle school students are charged with a hate crime for ‘beating up white students in revenge for slavery
DailyMail – Five middle school students, aged between 12 and 15, have been arrested and charged with a hate crime after launching a racially motivated attack on their white classmates, police say.

The group, made up of three black and two white students, reportedly yelled ‘It’s opposite day, Brown Power!’ as they whipped, kicked and hit the four white kids.

One of the alleged victims, who has not been identified because he is a minor, said he no longer feels safe attending Lyons Creek Middle School, in Broward County, Florida.

He told NBC Miami that the five boys assaulting him and his friends told them it was ‘revenge for what they did in the 1700s, slavery.’

The boy described being ‘jumped’ and then covering his face to protect it from the attack. Another victim claimed that the group used a black USB phone charger and began whipping him with it.

The attack, which lasted for only a few seconds, happened just steps away from the police.

DML: Another example of how the Black Lives Matter BS spreads hate. I’d love to know how many of the punks are from a fatherless home.  With that said, the schools are just as guilty.  Our schools are a total embarrassment.  Look at the video below where a teacher is tossing chairs at his students, and vice versa.

3. School board shuts down parent for reading sexually explicit passage from a book available to students
A parent read from the books ‘Gender Queer’ and ‘Lawn Boy’ at a board meeting and was shut down by a board member who says “that’s obscene.”

These books are obscene for adults yet they continue to be available for children in Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, KY. 

WARNING:  In the video below, the mother reads from the book.  The passage is very descriptive and profanity is used to describe male body parts and oral sex.

DML: I repeat what I wrote above in story #2, our schools are a disaster.  The liberals run our school systems, they teach our kids garbage, and this is why the country is a mess.

4. Texans driving to Mexico for cheaper gas
NY POST -Gas prices are soaring so high in the US that drivers in El Paso, Texas, are taking the desperate step of crossing the border to fill up in Mexico, where prices are more than a dollar cheaper, according to reports.

“We’re close to El Paso and, yes, we’ve seen more traffic, more people with Texas license plates,” Jonathan Rivas, a manager at a Juárez, Mexico, gas station, told the El Paso Times.

Drivers in El Paso are paying an average of $4.19 a gallon north of the border, according to AAA. But just across the border in Juarez, Mexico, the price is just $3 a gallon, reports KTSM.

DML: It’s all Putin’s fault (kidding).  With prices of everything going insanely high because of Biden’s poor leadership and horrible policies, you’d think Kamala Harris would have a good answer for how long the inflation and gas crisis will last.  Even if she gave a number we didn’t like, we’d still get an answer.  Below is a video in which she is asked to comment on when Americans will get some relief.  If you can decipher the answer, please email me.   She is as clueless as clueless gets.

5.China Dismisses 2 Mayors and Shanghai Closes Schools as Case Numbers Rise
NY TIMES – BEIJING — Two mayors have been dismissed in northeastern China, and Shanghai has closed its school system and shifted to online instruction, as a coronavirus outbreak in mainland China gathers speed.

China’s National Health Commission announced on Saturday that another 1,524 locally transmitted coronavirus cases had been detected in provinces across mainland China. That was up from 1,100 cases reported a day earlier, and a couple hundred cases per day a week ago.

DML:  Maybe I should sell the Chinese some of my DML CBD to help boost the immune system.  Although, I would make them pay triple the normal listing price seeing they started the entire COVID nightmare. On a side note, I am so sick and tired of China and if I was the president I’d cut them off as quick as you could order sticky rice and chicken from your local Chinese food eatery.  Let’s get our acts together as a country and start making our own products.

MY PARTING WORDS:  I announced on my podcast this week that DML CBD is launching an entire new product line.  Replacing the DML PURE CBD brand will be a new label we call MIRACLE ME CBD.  Every product we have will be new and improved, and will now be called MIRACLE ME CBD.  This is an effort to expand our products, customers, and enrich the offering with even better formulas to help people improve their lives. Be it through helping you boost the immune system, improve sleep, diminish pain, or lower the anxiety that cripples the ability to live happy, our new MIRACLE ME CBD lineup is out of this world spectacular.  With this in mind, we’ve started to roll out the new MIRACLE ME CBD products on, and all of the products will be available by late spring.  The last item to be available will be MIRACLE ME CBD Gummy Chews.  These will be available in late May, and the MIRACLE ME CBD Gummy Chews will offer 5 flavors instead of four.  Meanwhile, our existing DML PURE CBD Gummy Chews are insanely popular and work wonders for people.  To make room for our new MIRACLE ME lineup, I have lowered the prices for DML PURE CBD Gummy Chews to levels that are unprecedented.  The pricing for DML PURE CBD Gummy Chews is currently better than buy one get one free.  Our remaining DML PURE CBD Gummy Chews will be the last ones offered on until the new MIRACLE ME CBD GUMMY CHEWS arrive in late spring.  Therefore, I highly suggest you go to and load up on the inventory that remains.  Do not wait, we have very little inventory remaining.  Go to

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  1. What is she talking about? Answer didn’t even remotely come close to answering the question but we didn’t hear the rest of it either.

  2. I deleted my Twitter account when they banned Trump. But the links are always to watch these clips on Twitter. It would be nice to have another option for watching.

  3. She appeared to ignore the question and give a canned (prepared) response to an expected question concerning her supposed reason for being there. You could tell by her pregnant pause that she was caught completely off guard and decided to try to tap dance with her usual BS rhetoric instead of admitting she is clueless. This is as good as this administration gets folks. Who voted for this?

  4. If the government would just get the hell out of the way we could make our own things here and they would be affordable for people to buy American. Our government is the biggest hindrance to our economy and our ability to build here and compete around the world!

  5. Well it won’t be long before we’re told a new variant is on its way and we’ll have to have vax #150, wear 4 masks and bubble wrap, bath in Purell and stay 50 feet away from every single person on the planet!

  6. DML the government and China are leading us around by the nose! The American People are going to have to ban and rise up against the Communistic push. How we will achieve this is not clear to me, but patriotism is being shot full of holes. They may as well be water boarding us and our children in the schools. Where are the days of standing up for our rights and freedom of speech???? This is a Soros and company bulldozer and the drivers are brain washed. Bring us to our knees financially, spiritually, and take us down. I am ashamed of the Biden/Harris freak show.

  7. Maybe all this gas prices and inflation will cause all the illegals to flee back across the border. Things aren’t as good here as they thought it would be

  8. Yes. China was cause of coronavirus. But we do the same here. Been developing bio weapons for who knows. Sometimes our “stuff” gets out too. They do it. We do it. In fact, n news other day america went in and got rid of our labs we got there. Guess we didn’t want to look bad. We used chemical warfare against Vietnam back in 60-s. So that’s why. Duhhhhh. You don’t look at the other side
    That’s why you’re limited in how ya think. I still like you but you’re not honest about both sides. We as humans are just fucked up. Nothing to do with dems, repubs. Just us.

  9. Just curious if you check your news regarding Ukraine. It looks like you are reposting lies. Can you start fact check the news? You are becoming the same fake news as everyone else. Wake up DML! I appreciate that you telling your opinion but your opinion is based on fake news. You should spend some time and study history and what actually was going on between Russia, Europe, and USA. Your opinion is based on one-sided perspective. That kind of perspective puts us in trouble.


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