DML Morning Briefing March 25

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Today is March 25. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1.Tornadoes tear through Mississippi killing at least 23 and leaving 100-mile destruction path
Fox News – A severe weather outbreak across several southern states Friday evening and Saturday morning produced at least one deadly tornado in Mississippi.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency tweeted early Saturday that at least 23 people were confirmed to be dead and dozens more were injured after the storm tore across the state Friday evening, damaging buildings and knocking out power for tens of thousands of residents.

“We can confirm 23 dead, dozens injured, four missing due to last night’s tornadoes,” it said. “We have numerous local and state search and rescue teams that continue to work this morning. A number of assets are on the ground to assist those that have been impacted.”

DML: We pray for all of those impacted.

2.Conflict in Syria Escalates Following Attack That Killed a U.S. Contractor
NY TIMES – WASHINGTON — The conflict in northeast Syria escalated on Friday as Iran-backed militias launched a volley of rocket and drone attacks against coalition bases after American reprisals for a drone attack that killed a U.S. contractor and injured six other Americans.

President Biden, speaking at a news conference in Canada, sought to tamp down fears that tit-for-tat strikes between the United States and militant groups could spiral out of control, while at the same time warning Tehran to rein in its proxies.

“Make no mistake, the United States does not, does not, I emphasize, seek conflict with Iran,” Mr. Biden said in Ottawa, where he was making a state visit. “But be prepared for us to act forcefully to protect our people. That’s exactly what happened last night.”

DML: This is what happens when you are no longer feared or respected, and Biden has put the USA in that position. We as a nation are a laughing stock.

3. Houston teen, 17, charged with vicious ‘jugging attack’ that left woman paralyzed reportedly is criticizing victim for GoFundMe account

Daily Mail – A teen suspect charged in the violent robbery of a 44-year-old Vietnamese mom who was left paralyzed has made sick phone calls from jail slamming her for setting up a GoFundMe.

Joseph Harrell was allegedly caught on camera as he body-slammed Nhung Truong on to the concrete as tried to steal cash from her, leaving her with serious bodily injuries from which she may never recover.

Truong had just taken $4,300 from a cash machine to help pay for what was going to be an upcoming trip back to her native Vietnam.

It is now alleged how Harrell has since made a series of phone calls from jail where he angrily decried how Truong had managed to raise more than $320,000 to help with the extensive medical costs of her recovery and rehabilitation.

DML: The piece of sh*t __________ (you fill in the blank), should have his balls cut off and spend the rest of his life in jail where he deserves.

4.Trump holds first election rally in Waco
(Reuters) – Donald Trump will hold an election rally in Texas on Saturday at a site that critics say will play to his supporters as he seeks to boost a presidential campaign dogged by the threat of criminal indictments.

In what the former president has billed as his first major rally of the 2024 presidential race, Trump has called on supporters to assemble at an airport in Waco, Texas, and cheer on his bid for the Republican Party nomination.

DML: I’m sure he will draw a sizable crowd.

5.New study shows CBD could possibly be a tool to help with anxiety

(US News) — Anxiety disorder can make it hard to navigate life, but lately CBD has been touted as a natural treatment for the nerve-wracking condition.

Staci Gruber, a researcher at Harvard’s McLean Hospital in Boston, recently co-authored a small study of 14 patients with moderate to severe anxiety that showed CBD’s promise: Following four weeks of treatment with full-spectrum CBD, the “patients reported reduced anxiety as well as improvements in mood, sleep, quality of life and measures reflecting their self-control and ability to think flexibly.” Even better, they experienced no serious adverse effects.

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PARTING WORDS: Have a great weekend, and if you are 99cent club on Facebook, look for me today going LIVE.