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Today is April 4. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – BREAKING: GOP-led states fire back with lawsuit after Biden admin announces big change to immigration
Fox News reports: Three Republican states on Monday announced they have filed a lawsuit to stop the Biden administration’s lifting of the Title 42 public health order that has been used to expel a majority of migrants at the southern border — arguing that it was done unlawfully and will have a devastating impact on states.

The attorneys general of Arizona, Louisiana and Missouri are suing over the move to end Title 42, which was implemented by the Trump administration in March 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants at the border, on May 23.

“This suit challenges an imminent, man-made, self-inflicted calamity: the abrupt elimination of the only safety valve preventing this administration’s disastrous border policies from devolving into an unmitigated catastrophe,” the complaint read.

The Biden administration announced on Friday that it will be terminating the order, despite fears of a massive migrant wave in the coming months. In February, 55% of the more than 164,000 migrants encountered at the border were expelled under the order.

4.4 Title 42 Complaint by Fox News


2 – Chris Christie Calls Out The New York Times And Washington Post Over Misreporting Hunter Biden’s Laptop
The Daily Caller reports: Former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called out the New York Times and the Washington Post on Sunday for previously misreporting Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The former governor called out the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Steele dossier, which led to an investigation into former President Donald Trump’s campaign colluding with Russia during the 2016 presidential election. He then criticized the media for brushing off the Hunter Biden laptop allegations as “Russian disinformation.”

“Twitter took the New York Post Twitter account down because they reported on the Hunter Biden laptop, which now turns out to be completely true,” Christie said. “So let’s just call it what it is … The New York Post had it right, and the Washington Post and the New York Times had it wrong. Now, you can decide — everyone can decide — what the motivation for that was. Whether it was a simple error, whether it was not sufficient reporting, whether it was bias, everyone’s gonna have their opinions on that. But the facts that we know now are [that] the New York Post had it right during the campaign last year, and the other media outlets had it wrong.”

DML: Liberal media all have egg on their faces!  But will anything change?

3 – Illegal Alien Pleads Guilty to Helping Murder Legal Immigrant Who Exposed $3.5M Illegal Hiring Scheme
Breitbart reports: An illegal alien has pleaded guilty to operating a massive $3.5 million illegal hiring scheme in Savannah, Georgia, and helping orchestrate the murder of a legal immigrant who blew the whistle on the scheme.

Last week, 53-year-old illegal alien Pablo Rangel-Rubio of Mexico pleaded guilty to working with two other illegal aliens in employing at least 100 illegal aliens for a tree service company and helping murder Eliud Montoya, a naturalized American citizen, after he reported the scheme to the federal government.

As Breitbart News reported in 2018, Rangel-Rubio and his illegal alien brother Juan Rangel-Rubio, 45-years-old, along with 52-year-old illegal alien Higinio Perez-Bravo were charged with running the illegal hiring scheme where they employed at least 100 illegal aliens for the tree service company.

As part of the scheme, Rangel-Rubio hired the illegal aliens and secured them with stolen Social Security Numbers (SSNs) of American citizens to fraudulently bypass U.S. labor laws. Rangel-Rubio would also conceal the illegal alien hires by taking their paychecks, cashing them, and paying the hires in cash while skimming money from their checks for himself.

DML: EXACTLY why illegal immigration must be stopped!

4 – Farmers turn to soybeans over corn as fertilizer prices spike
The Washington Examiner reports: For just the third time in recorded history, farmers will be planting more soybeans than corn as they grapple with the rising cost of fertilizer — a cost that will almost certainly be passed on to consumers.

Russia previously accounted for 15% of U.S. fertilizer imports.

“We have heard that some farmers have balked at buying at the high prices and have not filled their needs, hoping prices will go down,” Nebraska farmer John Dittrich, who grows both corn and soybeans, told MarketWatch.

Prices for some types of fertilizer cost a record $1,520 per ton, an increase of 127% this year. Corn is up 4%, at nearly $7.67 per bushel. As a result, 4 million fewer acres of corn will be planted, while soybean crops will increase by the same amount, MarketWatch reported.

Soybeans put nitrogen back into the ground rather than extract it, so they only need a small amount of fertilizer when compared to corn. Previously, the average farmer used 255 pounds of fertilizer for corn, compared to 65 pounds for soybeans, Bloomberg reported.

DML: Inflation is hitting farmers hard too, it’s a domino effect.  81 million people really voted for this?

5 – Lia Thomas debate could oust Democrat senator, former Olympian says
Fox News reports: Colorado statewide races have trended Democratic since 2006, with the lone exception of Cory Gardner’s U.S. Senate victory in 2014, but a Republican running for Senate this year told Fox News Digital that the transgender sports issue – best typified by NCAA swimming champion Lia Thomas – may prove vital in turning this mostly blue state red in the 2022 midterm election.

Eli Bremer, a former Olympian who joined the effort to reform the U.S. Olympic Committee in the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal, said the transgender sports issue can flip the tables on Democrats’ “war on women” rhetoric. He faulted Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., for not getting involved in the effort to pass the reform bill S. 2330, even though Bennet serves as the co-chair of the Congressional Olympic and Paralympic Caucus. A spokesperson for Bennet’s U.S. Senate office contested the claim that Bennet insufficiently fought for women after the Nassar scandal, noting that Bennet voted (in a voice vote) for S. 2330 and pointing to a separate bill the senator cosponsored at the time.

“This is a lethal issue for Michael Bennett because historically Democrats have said that Republicans are the ones who don’t stand up for women, but the tables are completely turned now,” Bremer told Fox News Digital. “I am a Republican who helped lead the efforts to end sexual abuse in the Olympics, and now I’m leading on this issue.”

“Michael Bennett refuses to stand with women,” the Republican added. “This could be a defining issue in the November election.”

Bennet supports H.R. 5, The Equality Act, which expands federal civil rights protections to people who identify as transgender, including in the arena of sports. He commemorated the Transgender Day of Visibility last week.

DML: Good luck, Eli Bremer. Take that Senate seat in Colorado!

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  1. Fertilizer shouldn’t have went up with over abundance the Senate and House produce.
    All kidding aside, it has went up substantially, like every thing else.
    A 20 pound bag went up over 8 bucks over last spring.
    What has really went up are solar lithium batteries. On Amazon it’s like watching a balloon ride as the prices increase. Over 40 bucks in a month .
    Let’s go Brandon FJB FKH and FNP

  2. Re: open borders… good for Arizona, Missouri and Louisiana. Where’s Gov Abbotts lawsuit? Texas is being hitting hard and we only hear crickets from the Abbott administration. Yet, he will most likely be re-elected for another term.

  3. Now that there’s been an explosion of transgender people they should just give them their own group to compete with. We have mens sports and womens sports just have trans sports! Male against male, but we know that won’t happen because the confused men don’t want to be losers again. The men that compete with women have almost always been losers in their sport competing against other real men. Thomas was ranked 400 something and suddenly decided he was really a she when he showed he wasn’t good enough. Now he’ll take a real woman’s place on the Olympic team because of this fraud! How many more girls that have worked their asses off for years are going to lose every opportunity they aimed for all because some man didn’t want to be a loser and ignored by the college scouts or the ability to try for a place on an Olympic team!

  4. Hunter Biden. What a dirty violation! Let’s pick up the steam. Journalists need to grab this & run with it. Trace the tracks & speak the truth. As for the states suing, it’s tax payer money they use so it’s really a no win situation. These migrants & their invasion cost taxpayers plenty. This administration needs a reality check that hits their own bank accounts. These people do not speak English that come waltzing in so that alone is an issue. For schools, businesses, banks, communication in general it was Grossly mishandled & for what. This is the question Biden needs to answer. Why is he destroying our lives & our country with people we don’t know anything about & we must support. This administration is costing us plenty.

  5. All states should be suing over Title 42!
    Biden has completely lost his mind.
    We, the citizens of the United States, are being left behind! Our rights are being taken away. Illegals come first!


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