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Today is July 12 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Cuban president urges country’s ‘revolutionary’ citizens to counter protesters
Fox News reports: Thousands of Cubans took to the streets in Havana to lash out at the worsening conditions in the country under the communist regime—the biggest protest in decades—prompting the country’s president to call on “revolutionary” citizens to counter the protesters.

President Miguel Diaz-Canel, who also heads the Communist Party, addressed the country and blamed the U.S. for stoking the anger, according to the Washington Post.

“The order to fight has been given – into the street, revolutionaries!” he said in an address, according to the BBC.

Sen. Marco Rubio, whose family immigrated from Cuba, confirmed the report, tweeting, “The figurehead “President” of #Cuba tries to prove his toughness to Raul Castro by openly called for bloodshed. He says demands for #Libertad are a “provocation” & calls on Communists to violently confront protestors.”

“Protests in #Cuba aren’t simply about “shortages.” Socialism promises guaranteed food,medicine & income if you give up your freedom. When, as always, it fails to deliver you don’t get your freedom back. That’s why the protestors are chanting “Libertad”,” Rubio tweeted.

Sen. Ted Cruz, also the son of a Cuban immigrant, tweeted, “The Communist Cuban regime will be consigned to the dustbin of history. It has brutalized & denied freedom to generations of Cubans, and forced my family & so many others to flee. The American people stand squarely with the men & women of Cuba and their noble fight for liberty.”

DML: People who think they want socialism and communism in the USA better pay a visit to Cuba first.

2 – Fox News airs disclaimer during Trump CPAC speech about 2020 election
The Hill reports: Fox News on Sunday aired a disclaimer adding context to comments made by former President Trump referencing electoral fraud during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

“And now, it’s also because I got more votes, 75 million, than anybody in the history of the presidency, and far more than Clinton, far more than Obama, and a record 12 million more than 2016,” Trump said of what he has continued to describe as an effort to “rig” the election against him. “Think of it, in the history usually they go down a little bit second term and they win, but they go down a little bit.”

“Voting system companies have denied the various allegations made by President Trump and his counsel regarding the 2020 election,” the disclaimer read.

DML: Well, now you know where Fox News stands.

3 – Colorado police arrest four people and seize multiple guns in apparent ‘Las Vegas-style shooting’ plot
The Washington Examiner reports: Authorities in Denver arrested four people and seized over a dozen firearms from hotel rooms near the location of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game over the weekend.

On Friday, law enforcement responded to a “suspicious occurrence” at the Maven Hotel, located less than a mile from Coors Field. After executing two search warrants, Richard Platt, 42, Gabriel Rodriguez, 48, Ricardo Rodriguez, 44, and Kanoelehua Serikawa, 43, were placed into custody, police wrote on Saturday. A total of 16 long guns, body armor, and more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition were recovered from the rooms, and officials speculated that a “Las Vegas-style shooting” plot was averted, multiple sources told the Denver Post.

One of the suspects, who was not identified by name, reportedly wrote on Facebook that he was going to “go out in a big way” following a recent divorce.

DML: Horrifying!

4 – Rainbow Monkey Dildo Story Hour at London Library ‘Reading Challenge’ for Kids
Breitbart reports: A London library sparked intense backlash after it hired a self-described anti-racist carnival troupe with a performer dressed up as a monkey with a large dildo hanging between his legs for a children’s reading event.

On Saturday, the Redbridge Central Library hosted a performance from the Mandinga Arts carnival group. Video footage shared on social media showed a rainbow coloured money running out of the library, with the mock genitalia flopping at motorists.

The event was part of a “Summer Reading Challenge” in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for a “very special nature-themed Challenge that will inspire you to stand up for the planet.”

Following widespread condemnation for hosting such lewd content at a children’s event, Redbridge Libraries said in a statement: “During an event put on at the library today there was a performance by a Carnival Arts Company. Unfortunately one of the animal costumes was inappropriate which we were not aware of at the time of booking.

“We deeply apologise for the offence caused. This is being investigated and a further statement will be made.”

DML: This is sick beyond words.

5 – Medical Journal: ‘Parents Should Lose Veto Power’ over Children Going Trans
Breitbart reports: Governments should exclude parents who oppose the hormonal and surgical transformation of their children, according to an article published in the establishment Journal of Medical Ethics.

When parents reject their childrens’ claim to be transgender, “parents should lose veto power over most transition-related pediatric care,” wrote author Maura Priest, a candidate professor at Arizona State University.

Trained medical scientists should defer to the childrens’ wishes once they decide that the children are “informed and competent” to make a lifetime decision over their medical health, sexual relations, and reproductive choices, Priest argues in the June 8 article:

If the medical community is to take LGBT testimony seriously (as they should) then it is no longer the job of physicians to do their own weighing of the costs and benefits of transition-related care. Assuming the patient is informed and competent, then only the [child] patient can make this assessment, because only the patient has access to the true weight of transition-related benefits.

“Taking LGBT patient testimony seriously also means that parents should lose veto power over most transition-related pediatric care,” Priest argues.

DML: Parents better WAKE UP!

DML’s PARTING WORDS: Don’t forget to use your DML CBD Face Serum if you want to be the youngest-looking person in the room!

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  1. The people in Cuba have been suppressed and oppressed for way too long and they are sick of it!
    And these are the destitute living conditions the Democrats and the cabal want to put the US in….pure evil!

  2. Almost on a weekly basis the US Coast Guard interdicts Cubans on makeshift boats off the coast of Florida trying to make it to the USA, (many are lost) yet they are promptly “repatriated”. If anybody deserves asylum here it is the Cuban people yet no one is addressing this issue. My son is in the USCG although not assigned to that area but I get all the official uscg newsletter emails about it with photos. Wish you would report on this DML

  3. If there are any liberals reading this, who knows we may be on the watch dog list which wouldn’t surprise me at all so maybe someone is reading what DML puts up , you better see what is happening in Cuba because if the democrats have it their way this will happen here. If you can’t listen to the people living there and who fled Cuba then I don’t know what to say to you. Just remember when everything turns south and it will ( it might take a few years ) remember when your family is settling hungry, no medicine or dr ( & if you do get to see one God above only knows how long you will wait) that you supported & helped this happen. What’s wrong with you people. My Lord at least read articles & watch interviews with people from there.
    The rainbow dildo butt monkey is horrible and if the library actually didn’t know then the moment they came out in the costume they should have been kicked out or at least sent to another room where children shouldn’t see it.
    Fox isn’t worth watching anymore, they are liberal owned. People better be pray like they haven’t before because Satan truly has a tight hold on people.

  4. Every time I read an article about pushing for youth transgendering I have to wonder how long it will be before some parent will want breast enhancements for her 5 year old daughter.

  5. So many things to blow our mind. The Journal of Medical Ethics has no ethics. Since when is it beneficial for parents to cater to the whims of our children? These kids have the opportunity to ruin their own lives when they reach the ripe age of 18. We adults have the ability to look back on our lives and see the errors of our childish thoughts. Condoning serious life altering changes for kids who may be confused at the time is simply playing with fire.

  6. “He says demands for #Libertad are a “provocation” & calls on Communists to violently confront protestors.”
    Isn’t this the same kind of call put out after the Jan.6th peaceful protest on the Capitol?


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