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Today is May 3 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Republican win in Texas special election raises questions about Biden’s popularity
Fox News reports: The special election in Texas’ Sixth Congressional District on Saturday was seen as the first competitive race since Joe Biden was elected president and a bellwether on how a district that was seen to be purpling reacted to the new administration’s first 100 days.

The results were seen as a blow to Democrats because two Republicans earned enough votes to advance to a runoff. Susan Wright, the wife of the late Republican Rep. Ron Wright, was followed in votes by Jake Ellzey who eked out a win over Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez. (Sanchez conceded in a social media post. She lost by about 400 votes.)

John Fund, a national affairs columnist for the National Review, took to Twitter on Sunday to consider the outcome of the race and the general popularity of a president who just released his vision for the future of the country.

“If Biden Is So Popular, Why This?” Fund asked, linking to a story with the election result.

Tammy Bruce, a Fox News contributor, tweeted out the results and posted, “Dems should prepare for a SHELLACKING in 2022.”

DML: The fact that we even have to worry about Texas turning blue is a HUGE concern.

2 – DNC raises $15.4 million online in Biden’s first 100 days
The Hill reports: The Democratic National Committee (DNC) raised $15.4 million in online donations during President Biden’s first 100 days, a sign that the party’s fundraising effort is not losing steam in the post-Trump era.

The DNC raised more money in Biden’s first 100 days than it did during comparable periods in former President Obama’s and Trump’s terms, a committee spokesperson told The Hill. The committee raked in $427,000 in the first 100 days of Obama’s first term, and $4.7 million in the same time frame in 2016.

The DNC also saw a 60 percent increase in the number of donors who contributed in the first 100 days of the Biden administration compared to four years ago, which a senior spokesperson said is “further demonstrating strong enthusiasm for President Biden.”

Last month, the Republican National Committee announced that it raised nearly $17.8 million in March, bringing its first-quarter fundraising haul to $44.4 million.

Axios reported that the RNC raised nearly $22 million from contributions of under $200 from January to the end of March, according to its FEC filings.

DML: Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

3 – Migrants Crossing The Rio Grande Valley All Say The Same Things
The Daily Caller reports: U.S. Border Patrol agents in Rio Grande Valley, Texas spend day and night apprehending hundreds of Central American migrants crossing into the U.S. illegally in record numbers.

The Rio Grande Valley sector is a “hotspot” for migrant crossings, and data shows that in 2021 the region has already seen a 25% increase in illegal crossings compared to the same time last year. In the month of March, U.S. Border Patrol apprehensions almost reached 170,000, with nearly 19,000 unaccompanied minors reaching the southern border, both record numbers.

The massive influx of migrants crossing into the U.S. illegally has created a housing crisis, with the Biden administration currently spending $60 million per week to shelter unaccompanied minors.

The Daily Caller spent several nights with U.S. Border Patrol agents in La Joya, Texas documenting and interviewing migrants crossing into the U.S. illegally who were apprehended and processed by agents.

One woman said they’re coming “because of the new law of the president [Biden] that allows us to cross.”

DML: They’re coming to America – because Biden invited them. He’s creating the perfect storm.

4 – Parents Magazine Promotes Book for Children Based on Ibram X. Kendi’s Critical Race Theory
Breitbart reports: Parents, a magazine that purports to help people raise children, is promoting a book about critical race theory as its May pick for its new “Raising the Future Book Club.”

The book is a remix of Ibram X. Kendi’s young adult book on critical race theory titled Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You. Now, the second remix is aimed at even younger readers ages 7 to 10.

Parents describes the book club and its latest pick online:

Here at Parents, we believe change starts with us. Our children are always listening, always learning, and it’s our job to raise them to see the world as the wonderfully diverse place it is so they can make it even better. We also believe that educating ourselves and our children is best done together, which is why we’re excited to announce a new way for us to learn: Parents‘ new Raising the Future Book Club…..

Discussing racism in age-appropriate ways is top of mind for many parents. Authors Jason Reynolds (pictured) and Ibram X. Kendi wrote the best-seller Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You as a YA book. It’s now been adapted for younger kids by Sonja Cherry-Paul, Ed.D. Watch Reynolds read from Stamped (for Kids) and take questions on @Parents Instagram Live on May 22 at 3 p.m. (EST). Head to for details. Ages 7 to 10.

DML: Sick to my stomach.

5 – Powerful teachers union influenced CDC on school reopenings, emails show
The New York Post reports: The American Federation of Teachers lobbied the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on, and even suggested language for, the federal agency’s school-reopening guidance released in February.

The powerful teachers union’s full-court press preceded the federal agency putting the brakes on a full re-opening of in-person classrooms, emails between top CDC, AFT and White House officials show.

The emails were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the conservative watchdog group Americans for Public Trust and provided to The Post.

The documents show a flurry of activity between CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, her top advisors and union officials — with Biden brass being looped in at the White House — in the days before the highly-anticipated Feb. 12 announcement on school-reopening guidelines.

“Thank you again for Friday’s rich discussion about forthcoming CDC guidance and for your openness to the suggestions made by our president, Randi Weingarten, and the AFT,” wrote AFT senior director for health issues Kelly Trautner in a Feb 1 email — which described the union as the CDC’s “thought partner.”

DML: This is highly disturbing!

DML’s PARTING WORDS: We just announced a HUGE site-wide BOGO offer Sunday evening – it will be the last one for several months.  CLICK HERE for details!

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  1. Who is donating to the DNC I wonder. Maybe large contributions from social media and MSM and unions and left organizations financed by Soros.

  2. Soros must be emptying the Kitty. The mad dash by the left to pass as much propaganda as possible before the 2022 election is creating a main stream news overload and will cost the party a bundle. All eyes on Maricopa county vote recount.

  3. My question exactly, who has been funding the Dem Party? Is there a website that lists the donors and amount of their donations? The donors have too much power and control over our governing system!

  4. All that money being dumped into the Dem Party should be given back to the government for funding 60 million a day to house illegal immigrants wherever they can find room to put them. This is a slap in the face to my very good friend from Venezuela who came to America 12 years ago, took classes to earn his citizenship, learned English, worked hard as a barber on his feet for sometimes 10 to 14 hours a day for 10 years saving every dime he possibly could and finally saved enough to open his own salon in Florida. Nothing was given to him whatsoever, no grants, no unemployment, not one dime from this government. I have to honor his determination to be free, live his dreams, and have a personal legacy.

  5. Let the kids be kids, not shoving down their throats about the critical race theory. The schools are turning into Socialism. It must stop!!!

  6. I would like to support the RNC but they keep putting up RINOS or spineless people. I will donate only to the candidate that shows some spine.
    As for the book – oh my we are in deep yogurt – pushing all of this racism and re-writing our history so that our children feel bad about our country – this is so sad – pray for the country 2 Chronicles 7:14 and Isaiah 5:20

  7. Great beqt ! I wish to apprrntice while you amend your website, how can i subscribe for a bpog website?
    The account helped me a acceptable deal. I had
    been tiny bit acquainted of tthis your broadcast provided
    bright clear concept

  8. Mike Lindells site called “Frank” is keeping up with maricopa county audit as well as the county in Michigan where an atty has court order to audit machines. Both are very interesting. Dems are worrying because “someone” hired 70 lawyers (pretty sure I heard that correctly lol) to try and stop the AZ audit.
    State legislatures have the power to un certify election if fraud is proven, I don’t believe this will happen but it sure would be great to get the real president in office and save our country.
    Kemp should be screaming in the streets for a full audit including signatures etc. He knows there was fraud, he runs to the border trying to kiss and make up because he is running again. No one should accept less than a full GA audit and if the gov is scared of abrams he shouldn’t run again.


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