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Today is October 11 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Damien Ferguson charged with murder of Georgia police officer working first shift
Fox News reports: A suspect in the shooting death of a Georgia police officer was arrested Sunday as investigators uncovered a potential motive for the killing.

Damien Ferguson, 43, was captured at his Alamo home and later charged with murdering Dylan Harrison, 26, early Saturday morning as the officer was working his first shift for the Alamo Police Department.

Harrison was gunned down outside of the station house in what investigators described as an “ambush-style attack.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation revealed Sunday that Harrison was likely murdered in retaliation for arresting a “known associate” of Ferguson’s across the street from the precinct on Friday night.

DML: If the situation were reversed, there would be riots nationwide.

2 – Megachurch With Ferrari-Driving Pastor Gives Back $4.4M Pandemic Loan
The Daily Beast reports: A Houston megachurch, whose celebrity pastor is reportedly worth $50 million, has repaid the federal government $4.4 million in pandemic loans after going viral for the outrageous handout.

Lakewood Church, which is tax-exempt like most religious institutions, took $4.4 million in taxpayer-funded Paycheck Protection Program loans at the height of the COVID pandemic last year—all while senior pastor Joel Osteen flaunted his insane wealth. It caused “Osteen” and “Ferrari” to trend on social media as observers questioned the institution’s need for such a huge payout.

Lakewood, believed to be the biggest church in the U.S. with an average weekly attendance of 45,000, shut down in-person services last year and told the Houston Business Journal they had to go months without the “ability to collect substantial donations.”

On Friday, a Lakewood spokesperson provided bank statements to the Houston Chronicle showing that the church had fully repaid the loan.

DML: We report, you decide! Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

3 – Facebook exec says algorithms protect users from ‘more hate speech’
The New York Post reports: Facebook’s controversial algorithms protect its users from being exposed to extreme content, hate speech and misinformation, the beleaguered company’s vice president for policy and global affairs claimed in interviews on Sunday.

Nick Clegg defended Facebook against allegations from whistleblower Frances Haugen that its algorithms push clickbait and extreme content — but insisted the company would never be able to entirely eliminate misinformation and hate speech from its platforms.

“If you remove the algorithms… the first thing that would happen is that people would see more, not less, hate speech — more, not less misinformation,” Clegg told Dana Bash on CNN’s State of the Union. “These algorithms are designed precisely to work almost like giant spam filters to identify and deprecate bad content.”

On NBC’s “Meet The Press,” he told Chuck Todd that the company rolled back “blunt tools” — such as reducing the circulation of videos, civic engagement opportunities and political ads — that had been inadvertently “scooping up a lot of entirely innocent legitimate legal playful enjoyable content.”

DML: Freedom of speech is GONE.

4 – Docs: Nebraska Agency Secretly Tapped Planned Parenthood Ally To Shape Radical Sex Ed Curriculum
The Washington Free Beacon reports: The Nebraska Department of Education (NDE) lied to parents when it claimed no outside activist groups helped draft controversial sex education guidelines, according to internal documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

A Nebraska Board of Education official successfully lobbied to appoint Friends of Planned Parenthood board member Lisa Schulze to work on the 28-member advisory team that assisted in shaping the curriculum. Schulze is deeply connected to advocacy groups that stood to benefit from the agency’s initial statewide sex-ed curriculum, which included lesson plans on transgender hormone therapy for kids as young as 10 years old. Schulze’s job at the Women’s Fund of Omaha, which has doled out more than $8 million to Planned Parenthood and local transgender clinics, was seen as a qualification, rather than a conflict of interest, to draft education policies for the state’s nearly 360,000 students.

“I want to make sure that Lisa Schulze is selected to help write the NDE Health Standards,” Deborah Neary, a state board of education member, wrote in an email to an agency employee. The agency rejected Schulze’s bid for the writing team but attached her to a 28-member advisory board. In March, the agency released standards that would have mandated that students would be taught about gender identity in 1st grade, transgender hormone therapy in 5th grade, transgenderism and sexual orientation in 6th grade, oral and anal sex in 7th grade, and “reproductive care”—a common euphemism for abortion—in 8th grade.

Officials rejected that draft following public outcry and criticism from Gov. Pete Ricketts (R., Neb.), but NDE pushed back against the notion the standards were shaped by outsiders. In a May fact sheet, titled “Points of Clarification,” NDE insisted the curriculum “was not written by activists” and that “Planned Parenthood is not funding or helping to write the Nebraska Health Education Standards.” Internal communications, obtained by the Free Beacon from a concerned parent, paint a very different picture. Emails and text messages from elected board of education representatives, NDE employees, and advisory board members show that activists were not only closely involved but disparaged parents and froze out teachers who were supposed to write the curriculum.

DML: Do YOU know who’s responsible for writing the curriculum in YOUR schools?

5 – Merck requests FDA authorization for COVID-19 antiviral pill
The Hill reports: Merck said on Monday that it has requested authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its antiviral COVID-19 pill.

Merck said in a statement that emergency use authorization was requested “for the treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID-19 in adults who are at risk for progressing to severe COVID-19 and/or hospitalization.”

The pharmaceutical company said earlier this month that testing showed that molnupiravir, which is administered as a five-day treatment and was developed with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics, reduced the risk of hospitalization by 50 percent.

“The extraordinary impact of this pandemic demands that we move with unprecedented urgency, and that is what our teams have done by submitting this application for molnupiravir to the FDA within 10 days of receiving the data,” Robert M. Davis, chief executive officer and president of Merck, said in a statement on Monday.

DML: If this works, then why do they need the vaccine?

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    • India, a country with a population far larger than America but not nearly as much money for vaccines turned to Ivermectin. They have less deaths per month than the United states and are on their way to beating this pandemic. The information has been published The politicization of this virus has been the biggest planned political power grab in our history and if we don’t stop this tragedy now we will lose the Republic.

  1. Pastor Joel Osteen has a special place in hell reserved for him and other frauds that use the Lord’s name in vain for self enrichment.

    Amazing how many gullible people are out there.

  2. Facebook lies this I can personally attest to I have been banned11 times in a little over 11 months 30 days each time. The last one they deemed hate speech because I said that today’s society are acting stupid and lazy and need to wake up. That’s hate speech . BS

  3. Yes the cost for this new drug per person will be jacked up to $700, but in reality only costs $17 and I have read it really doesn’t work. It’s all about the money. I’ll stick with ivermectin, I know that works. And yes, no vaccine needed if there is treatment

  4. The article implies that The Lakewood Church in Houston returned the money. Good for them. Has any one investigated others for taking the money and not returning it? Has any one asked Al Sharpton to pay his taxes? Has The Biden Crime Family paid theirs?…….IDK?….but pile on a church!

  5. The problem is defining what hate speech entails…The personal beliefs of the Facebook Factchecker seems to be the one that makes that decision as to being banned. I seem to have got a lot to be proud off, 19 times for 30 day suspensions..What people most people don’t understand is ones political aspirations to confront their own cities and towns Facebook pages dealing with boards, Select persons, City Councils and school board meetings to air ones Constitutionally protected right to air “grievances” and to have an opinion are totally at risk when one gets censored and banned on Facebook….This can ruin a persons political run for any city or town position when Facebook decides as it always does to come at one for silly matters in their postings…My happy day will come when Facebook implodes and hits the dust….

    As to the Covid pill, that must be some pill to fix the hundreds of ways people are getting sick…It must fix the lungs, liver, spleen, heart, muscles, brain, blood vessels and the whole body from catching this unseen invisible COVID-19, just a miracle pill wouldn’t you say?

  6. I’m all for tax free churches but think that a large percentage of the money taken in should be given to charity or spent on poor people and for other charitable reasons (e.g., clothing, medical, food, etc.). It should not be for church leaders to get wealthy like Olsteen or the Bakkers for example. These churches should use the money they are given to promote a spirit of charity, and to prevent the occurrence of destitution among the people. This is a Christian duty of all churches that should naturally foster a benevolent spirit. The spirit of this Christian duty is set forth in 1 John 3:17 and the Lord and his attendants showed an example also in John 13:29.

  7. FB is a joke. I posted day before yesterday a post that said God is always with you and if others don’t stand with you to proclaim this stand alone. They cited that it had violent and graphic content. Then they sent me a message and told me if I violated the community standards like this one more time they would restrict my account. It’s ok to support BLM or Antifa but oh you better not say anything about God… what’s wrong with this picture??? Oh and for Joel Olsteen he isn’t a preacher he is an inspirational speaker who is only out to make a buck. I listened to him a couple of times years ago and never once heard him quote a verse from the Bible or teach a Bible passage. The Bible says that sheppards will be judged harsher by God at judgement and He claims to be a minister so he is sealing his fate daily. May God have mercy on his soul for all the people he has deceived and misled.

  8. Grace, I agree with you but I also believe you his is about population control. I truly believe that the powers to be in government want to get rid of the weak, elderly and babies. They are evil demon possessed crazies and are doing Satans bidding. Why else would they limit or ban a treatment known to work???


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