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Today is September 6 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – ‘If one life is lost, the blood is on White House hands’: Fury at State Department for ‘delaying six flights out of Afghanistan carrying more than 100 US citizens’
The Daily Mail reports: The US State Department has been accused of blocking dozens of Americans from fleeing Afghanistan after failing to tell the Taliban it had green-lighted charter flights.

On Sunday, Reuters reported that the delay had been caused by Biden administration officials not telling Taliban leaders it had approved the departures of the chartered flights from an airport in the city of Mazar-i-Sharif, 260 miles north of Afghan capital Kabul.

An exasperated flight organizer hit out at the State Department over the fiasco, saying: ‘They need to be held accountable for putting these people’s lives in danger.’

Other groups trying to organize their own chartered flights have also hit out at the State Department, with Rick Clay from private rescue firm PlanB claiming the organization is the only thing stopping him fulfilling his brief.

Two other organizers have also torn into the Anthony Blinken-headed department, with one – who didn’t give their name – telling Fox: ‘This is zero place to be negotiating with American lives. Those are our people standing on the tarmac and all it takes is a f****ing phone call.

‘If one life is lost as a result of this, the blood is on the White House’s hands. The blood is on their hands. It is not the Taliban that is holding this up – as much as it sickens me to say that – it is the United States government.’

DML: Biden is a complete disaster.

2 – Taliban claims victory in Panjshir, last resistance point in Afghanistan
The Hill reports: The Taliban on Monday claimed victory after seizing Afghanistan’s Panjshir province, the last resistance point in the country.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Twitter that the province was “completely conquered,” CNN reported.

The province is around 90 miles north of Kabul and was the only one remaining in the nation that was not under the militant group’s control.

“The last nest of the enemy, Panjshir province, was completely conquered … We assure the honorable people of Panjshir that they will not face any discriminatory treatment,” Mujahid said, according to CNN.

But the National Resistance Front in Afghanistan (NRF) said on Twitter that the militant’s group still continued to fight across the valley.

A more recent statement by the resistance leader appears to concede the Taliban has won, but they are vowing to not stop fighting.

DML: And the Biden administration left the Taliban well-supplied with weapons.

3 – Biden Administration Sends Blinken and Austin to Meet with Gulf Allies
Breitbart reports: The Biden administration is sending Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to the Middle East to discuss the future and safety of the region following a butchered exit from Afghanistan.

Both Blinken and Lloyd are traveling to a number of Middle Eastern countries in order to discuss the future of the region now that the Taliban has seized Afghanistan. According to a State Department official, the trip “will underscore our enduring partnerships with these countries as well as our deep gratitude for their support for our ongoing effort in Afghanistan.”

The two officials will leave for Doha, Qatar, today in separate planes. Qatar played a critical role in aiding the United States in the disorganized evacuation efforts by allowing the U.S. to use al-Udeid airbase for the mission. The nation will assist the Taliban in reopening the Kabul airport. A tech team from Qatar has already opened the airport for flights that will provide aid and humanitarian efforts. The future of commercial flights is beginning to be discussed by Qatar, Turkey, and the Taliban

After visiting Qatar, Blinken will then travel to Ramstein airbase in Germany in order to meet with Afghan refugees. While in Germany, Blinken will participate in a virtual call with leaders from 20 other countries to discuss the future of Afghanistan.

DML: What could possibly go wrong?

4 – ‘It’s A Nightmare Number For The White House’: Politico Reporter Breaks Down Biden’s Falling Approval Ratings
The Daily Caller reports: Politico reporter Betsy Swan said Sunday President Joe Biden’s plummeting job approval ratings are the result of the “totality of everything that happened since April,” and the debacle in Afghanistan is only a part of the bigger picture.

NBC Host Chuck Todd presented a poll evaluating Biden’s approval rating among independent voters during a Sunday episode of “Meet the Press.”

“You can see his approval rating sitting at 36% now. In April, it was over 50,” Todd said of the poll’s results. “They [independents] react to what’s happening.”

“It’s a nightmare number for the White House,” Swan weighed in on the data. “I talked with a Republican strategist about this whole situation yesterday. And what that person said is that Afghanistan — that horror in a vacuum — probably would not have significantly damaged Biden’s poll numbers the way we’ve seen them change over the last few months.”

DML: Liberals seeing the writing on the wall…

5 – Christian Minister Denied Holding Prayer Vigil On Capitol Grounds On 9/11, Files Suit
The Daily Wire reports: An ordained Presbyterian minister who wanted to conduct a prayer vigil on the United States Capitol Grounds on September 11, the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, is suing the United States Capitol Police board after being denied permission to hold the vigil.

On July 9, Reverend Patrick Mahoney applied for a permit to hold his proposed prayer vigil on the Western Front Lawn on September 11. On August 19, 2021, he was informed that his permit application “could not be processed” because the Western Front Lawn was “closed,” the lawsuit states.

The Center for American Liberty, which represents Mahoney, stated, “What is abundantly clear is that the Capitol Grounds are not restricted to everyone. Representative Cori Bush and dozens of others protested for days—camping on the steps of the Capitol—demanding the renewal of an eviction moratorium. And that is not all. At least one other permit application was approved and that group held a large protest with a stage, sound equipment, and a significant media presence.”

Mahoney said, “In response to this outrageous violation of the First Amendment and free speech, we have filed a federal lawsuit which will be heard this week. Please join me in prayer: Father, we cry out to you as we realize our freedom and our rights do not come from government, but they come from You. We pray that we will prevail in this lawsuit and that every American, regardless of their beliefs or values, would have the right to freely express them in the public square without government interference or intimidation. Return the People’s House back to the people.”

DML: What would the response have been if a leftist group wanted to hold an event there?

DML’s PARTING WORDS: Don’t forget to keep your immune system healthy! Visit today!


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  1. Is there anything else in America that can be screwed up by this evil pretender in the White House? Are there words to describe the visceral anger rising up in the minds of the disappointed citizens?
    There is much anger against liberals who were once friends but voted for this traitor. Sad but a once tolerant country has been split down the middle. A divide to rival that once prominent division between North and South before and after the Civil War. With the foreign invasion prompted by Biden we now face eminent destruction from both the inside and outside of the Republic.

  2. NO PERSONS,GROUP OR GOVERNMENT ON EARTH CAN STOP THE MOVE OF GOD…We will prevail, and God will Return the People’s House back to the people.” in the Name of Jesus..


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