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Today is November 21 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is soliciting donations from supporters to cover the expenses of the transition process as Republicans continue to dispute the 2020 White House contest.

Biden, who has been declared president-elect by multiple media outlets, has begun running targeted fundraising ads on social media, soliciting contributions to help pay for the transition.

“Because President Trump refuses to concede and is delaying the transition, we have to fund it ourselves and need your help,” one ad reads. “If you’re able, chip in to help fund the Biden-Harris transition.”

DML: He would have asked Hunter to get the money from China, but apparently Hunter no longer has a laptop to send emails. Go figure.

2.California Sheriffs Tell Newsom They Won’t Enforce COVID Curfew

Several California sheriffs are telling Gov. Gavin Newsom (D.) that they are planning not to enforce the state’s new curfew rules.

“We’re not going to make criminals of normally law-abiding citizens,” Fresno County sheriff Margaret Mims said. Officials in four other law-enforcement agencies in the state also said they do not plan to treat gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic as criminal, according to Fox 26.

Mims argued that the police have higher priorities, including “taking guns away from gang members, stopping narcotic trafficking, and saving children from internet predators.” She also said there is little data showing that activities between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. play a significant role in spreading the virus.

DML: Newsom was unavailable for comment, he was busy socializing at parties without wearing a mask.   What a moron.

3-Judge tosses last election lawsuit in Arizona
An Arizona judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit from two voters alleging mishandled ballots, the final election-related case pending in the state that voted for a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in more than 20 years.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Margaret Mahoney ruled that the case, involving only two ballots, would not have altered the outcome of the election.

Mahoney did not provide any further details on the ruling, but said she would eventually issue an order in writing, according to The Arizona Republic.

DML: It’s time for Trump to dig in deep and start campaigning for senate candidates in Georgia.

4-Gov. Andrew Cuomo to receive Emmy award for his ‘leadership’ during the pandemic
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has already been touting his leadership during the coronavirus pandemic amid his book tour, but now he’ll also be an Emmy winner in the process.

The International Emmy Awards announced on Friday that the Democrat will receive its Founder’s Award “in recognition of his leadership during the Covid19 pandemic & his masterful use of TV to inform & calm people around the world.”

“The Governor’s 111 daily briefings worked so well because he effectively created television shows, with characters, plot lines, and stories of success and failure,” International Academy President & CEO, Bruce Paisner said in a press release. “People around the world tuned in to find out what was going on, and New York tough became a symbol of the determination to fight back.”

DML: There is no better example of how screwed this country is, the media, Hollywierd and social media are supporting this sort of demented activity.

5-Trump celebrates coronavirus vaccine progress
President Trump said Friday that the U.S. was “way ahead on vaccines” days after Pfizer and partner BioNTech SE announced clinical trial data showed their coronavirus vaccine was 95% effective with no serious side effects for any of the trial patients.

You wouldn’t have a vaccine if it weren’t for me for another four years,” Trump said at a news conference, referring to Operation Warp Speed — through which the administration coordinated and invested in the accelerated development of a vaccine.

Moderna announced earlier this week that its vaccine candidate was just shy of 95% effective, and the company was expected to apply for emergency use authorization soon. Pfizer and BioNTech SE announced they applied for emergency authorization use Friday.

DML: I don’t know about you but I won’t be touching any vaccine.  I wear my mask everyday, but my mask is different.  My mask is my immune system and I haven’t been sick in two years.  I attribute my strong immune system and my run of not being sick in two year (NOT EVEN A HEAD COLD) because of my amazing DML CBD products which I use every day.

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  1. WTF, I’m not sure what an Emmy is, but the only award Cuomo should recieve is a prison sentence for the slaughter of elderly patients in nursing homes with deliberate Covid infusion into a susceptible population!!

  2. Totally agree with Ben Rowe. It just goes to show you how weird the entertainment industry is in awarding our useless governor an Emmy award. How about charging him with all the deaths he caused?

  3. Thanks got my package of CBD and miracle me . I have been taking it for close to a year. I wish my pain would go away, I am diligent about taking it! Maybe I dont take enough?? I have not got covid and I am and have been around people who had it! Miracle me is truly a miracle. Thanks so much. DML

  4. DML been listening to you since 2015 and buying your CBD. Always respect your views. On this trump campaigning for the senate thing however I’m not so sure. If he loses now THEY win period. The corruption is and will be just too damn deep to overcome. Trump did not win this election by a few thousand votes he won by millions and the Democrats were able to compensate for that. If they can overtake the presidential election of the United States there is absolutely nothing they can’t do. They are untouchable and we will never win again sir. I don’t care what we have to do we can not give up this election fight, under no circumstances.

  5. We have to fight… Biden can’t be our President… this worse thing can not happen to our country… it’s enough BS…
    We have to fight … we must be solidarity….

  6. Well said Ben why the communist dictator hasn’t been convicted and brought to charges is beyond my realm of thinking. This is a dirty rotten shame ! The blood of these souls are on your hands Cuomo you can’t wash it away and those families will never forgive you Cuomo. It was out right murder !


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