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Today is April 14. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Elon Musk makes an offer to buy the rest of Twitter
The Wall Street Journal reports: Elon Musk has offered to buy the rest of Twitter Inc. in a deal valuing the social-media company at more than $43 billion, calling the bid his “best and final offer.”

“If it is not accepted, I would need to reconsider my position as a shareholder,” said Mr. Musk, who earlier this year built a more than 9% position in the stock, making him the company’s largest shareholder.

“I am not playing the back-and-forth game,” Mr. Musk said. “I have moved straight to the end.”

Mr. Musk said he would pay $54.20 a share in cash, representing what he said was a 54% premium over the day before he began investing in Twitter and a 38% premium over the day before his investment was publicly announced.

“It’s a high price, and your shareholders will love it,” Mr. Musk said. “Twitter has extraordinary potential. I will unlock it.”

Twitter confirmed it had received Mr. Musk’s offer and said its board would carefully review the proposal to determine the course of action that it believes is in the best interest of the company and its shareholders.

DML: Who else is praying this goes through?

2 – Biden admin sets off alarms over possibility medical staff for vets could be pulled to treat illegal migrants
Fox News reports: More than 50 House Republicans Wednesday are pressing Customs and Border Protection (CBP) over the possibility it may use Veterans Affairs (VA) medical personnel to stem an expected migrant border surge.

The letter comes a little over a month before the May 23 end date for the Title 42 policy — a Trump-era public health order that allows for the expulsion of most migrants entering the U.S. because of COVID-19.

After President Biden announced earlier this month he would end the order, fears grew over a potential surge of migrants to the southern border as a result. Fox News reported shortly before Biden’s announcement that CBP was considering the idea to have VA personnel assist in taking care of the migrants.

“On March 29, 2022, a CBP report indicated a surge of border crossings was imminent due to the rescinding of this authority. The report presents a dire situation that may result in as many as 18,000 possible encounters per day. If this number proves accurate, this could result in over 540,000 encounters in a single month,” the GOP letter, led by Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., said. “Currently, CBP does not have the facilities or manpower to handle the anticipated massive surge.”

The letter, addressed to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, stated that any consideration of moving VA medical personnel to the border would be “deeply troubling.”

“Moving VA medical staff away from our veteran’s healthcare needs to examine illegal immigrants is a recipe for disaster,” the letter said. “Wait times for a veteran to see their doctor can average 22 days and reach as high as 42 days. This is unacceptable mismanagement of federal government resources by the Biden administration.”

DML: Now you know without a DOUBT where Biden’s priorities lie… and it’s NOT with the American people.

3 – Socialists slam ‘bloated’ NYPD presence in subways as ineffective against crime
The New York Post reports: The Democratic Socialists of America slammed Mayor Eric Adams Wednesday for deploying a “bloated” police presence in the subway system that has failed to curb runaway crime.

The left-wing group’s NYC chapter released a withering statement shortly after Adams announced the arrest of Frank James, the accused madman who opened fire on a Brooklyn subway, shooting 10 and leaving another 19 injured.

“Since Mayor Adams assumed office, police have maintained a bloated presence in our subways —including at the 36th Street Station where yesterday’s shooting took place: and now, he is cynically doubling down on this policy,” NYC-DSA said in a statement.

“That police presence neither prevented nor deterred the attack, and failed to prevent the perpetrator from fleeing the scene. The solution to a violent society is a peaceful society, and peace requires material security.”

DML: It was the progressive, socialist policies that got us into this mess and let crime run rampant!

4 – Veep in Free Fall: Even California Voters Souring on Kamala Harris
The Free Beacon reports: Vice President Kamala Harris’s popularity in her home state of California has fallen to a new low, according to a poll conducted this month.

The Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll, which surveyed nearly 9,000 registered voters in California from March 29 to April 5, found that Harris’s approval has sunk even as President Joe Biden’s has seen a slight bump in the Golden State.

Just 35 percent of voters approve of Harris’s performance, while 45 percent disapprove. That’s down from the last Berkeley poll two months ago, which showed 38 percent approval of the vice president. Her disapproval rating fell by 1 point during that time period.

Even in the deep-blue Bay Area, where Harris grew up and served as the district attorney of San Francisco, just 38 percent of voters rate her favorably.

DML: And to think, this woman is hoping she can be president next.

5 – The Head Of A Christian School Told Kids The Church Is ‘Normalizing Same-Sex Relationships’
The Daily Caller reports: The head of an Episcopal church school in Texas told students that the church is embracing LGBTQ ideology and “normalizing same-sex relationships,” according to an audio recording obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

David Baad, the Head of School at the Episcopal School of Dallas (ESD), encouraged students to “affirm” the identities of the “LGBTQ” ideology in the name of the Episcopal Church, according to the audio recording. Baad evoked a quote from the Episcopal church’s Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who appears on CNN’s “Don Lemon Tonight.”

“[Homosexuality] is an issue about which the Episcopal church has taken a very clear position,” Baad said. “Mike Curry … has a quote that sums it up … ‘LGBTQ siblings, we stand with you in this moment. And we continue to affirm that you are, and always have been, a blessing to our church. But, above all, you are children of God.’”

“This includes normalizing same-sex relationships, so that gay couples are comfortable being out among us in the same appropriate ways that heterosexual couples are,” Baad continued.

DML: This is a CHURCH? God help us.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT.… Biden is plummeting too.

UPDATE: Biden approval rating tumbles to lowest point of his presidency

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  1. We need the National guard on the border. This will be an invasion. If things get much worse on the border it may end up in a shooting war anyway. What would happen if the border patrol all developed Coved on the same day the protection was scrapped?

    As for the episcopal Church. They went off the rails a long time ago.


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