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Today is June 24 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Massive Search and Rescue Effort Underway After Partial Collapse of Miami Condo Building
NBC Miami reports: At least one person was killed and a massive search and rescue effort was underway following the partial collapse of a 12-story condominium building in Surfside early Thursday.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue officials said more than 80 units responded to the beachfront condo near 88th Street and Collins Avenue just north of Miami Beach around 2 a.m.

The collapse sent a cloud of debris through the neighborhood, coating cars up to two blocks away with a light layer of dust. Footage from the scene showed a large section of the sea-view side of the building collapsed into a pile of rubble.

It was unknown exactly how many people were injured or were inside the building at the time of the collapse but Burkett said at least 10 people were treated at the scene. Officials at nearby Aventura Hospital said they had received three patients from the scene. Two were in critical condition.

“The building has literally pancaked, it has gone down, and I mean there’s just feet in between stories where there were 10 feet,” Burkett said. “That is heartbreaking because it doesn’t mean to me that we’re gonna be as successful as we would want to be to find people alive.”

DML: This is horrific. Unspeakable.

2 – Joe Biden Threatens Gun Brokers’ Licenses Who Willfully Sell Guns that ‘Commit Violent Crimes’
Breitbart reports: President Joe Biden delivered Wednesday’s remarks on the administration’s strategy to prevent gun crimes across the country when he issued a stark warning for gun brokers who have willfully sold guns to people who are not authorized to own one and are used to commit violent crimes.

He continued to say the Justice Department also announced a “major crackdown to stem the flow of guns used to commit violent crimes.”

The Biden administration under Biden will have a “zero tolerance for gun dealers who willfully violate key existing laws and regulations.”

He continued if a gun broker is going to willfully sell a gun to someone that is prohibited from owning a gun, in addition to “willfully fail to run a background check” or “willfully falsify a record or fail to cooperate,” the Biden administration will come after the broker.

DML: The gun grab begins.

3- Biden wants to slash National Guard force size despite busiest year since WWII
Fox News reports: The National Guard deployed more troops during 2020 than any time since World War II a top general said Wednesday, but White House budget cuts would mean a decrease in troops for the fiscal year 2022.

“Some states had a significant increase in the amount of [operational tempo] that they had previously had, and so they’ve asked for additional force structure,” General Daniel Hokanson told reporters during a Wednesday press event. “Those decisions are made at the Secretary of the Army and Secretary of the Air Force level.”

The White House’s defense budget proposal, released late last month, called for a slight increase in the $715 billion budget, but it would also cut military forces by about 5,400 personnel – 500 of whom come from the National Guard.

DML: More of the weakening of American military.

4 – Iowa Teacher Goes On Wild Rant About Not Being Able To Teach CRT
The Daily Caller reports: Several TikToks from an Iowa teacher went viral on Wednesday in which she ranted about not being able to teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) and being forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance before school.

Megan Geha, a special education teacher at Des Moines East High School who goes by the name “Ms. Magoo” on TikTok, voiced her displeasure at the law Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signed on June 8 prohibiting the teaching of CRT in schools.

“My governor has put into place some ridiculous legislation that many governors have put into place such as I can’t teach anything divisive, I can’t teach Critical Race Theory, and I can’t teach about racial equity,” Geha said.

DML: This is the very reason conservatives need to start running for school board.

5 – Pelosi: Republicans ‘Can’t Win’ Unless They ‘Suppress the Vote’
Breitbart reports: During a portion of an interview with theGrio released on Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that Republicans are blocking federal election legislation “Because they can’t win any other way. They can’t win any other way. So, they have to suppress the vote.” And compared the situation to the Battle of Trenton during the Revolutionary War.

TheGrio D.C Bureau Chief April Ryan said, “The reality, you just brought up the Republicans, Mitch McConnell is leading the effort saying, no, no, no to voting rights.”

Pelosi responded, “Yeah. Because they can’t win any other way. They can’t win any other way. So, they have to suppress the vote. This is a fight for our democracy. Our democracy is at stake now.”

Pelosi repeated the claim in a Twitter post:

DML: Pay careful attention to the narrative they’re pushing here:  “Republicans can’t win any other way… so they have to suppress the vote.”

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  1. She is crazy! They are the ones afraid they can’t win an election! Let everyone vote without an ID!🤬only American citizens should be able to vote with ID! If you can get a drivers license you can also vote! Duh!

  2. I don’t know about this evil Democratic Queen , I saw a post on her last night although it may not be true ( always some truth to these things turns out in the long run ) she’s the one responsible for January 6th . She set it up, it was her commands they followed, her and Chuckie and Schiff. Heard Fauci was arrested by the military and sang like a bird Re the virus and vaccine , told them it was Pelosi . But like I said …. Will we ever know the whole truth ? Even though most of us know in our hearts and guts who’s behind this will it ever be admitted to ?

  3. We must understand the communist narrative that the Dem globalists are pushing and how they must do certain things to complete the coup they did on Nov 3rd! Our military generals were gutted and replaced with obama followers so they stand still doing nothing to save America. It is the patiriots with our guns that will be defending America so they:
    1.must take our guns from patriots not criminals. they must know where all the guns are so the next step is to forcibly take our guns.
    2. they must create the illusion to the followers, to the GenZ and Millennials, and the liberals that is is the Trump followers and conservatives and Christians who are the threat to America. The FEMA camps have been readied to lock us up. Gitmo is ready and many have been taken there already and we don’t know who is there. We see flights going in and out of there daily.
    3. The shots will be made mandatory to enslave us, though these elites did NOT take the shots. Our money supply and our economy must be compromised, high unemployment and any other way to make average Americans need gov’t subsidies. Only those dems, those vaccinated, those non Trump will get help.
    4. The IRS is already being weaponized like under Obama. If the cowards in Congress has put Lerner and other traitors in jail and obama for traitorous acts, we wouldn’t now have Biden as the Act 2!
    5. Removing God and Christian organizations and the emphasis be put on the Gov’t as god, just like ALL the coummunist, totalitarian regimes.
    6. Defunding police to refund the police who will not defend the Constitution, but wil lfollow orders. NOW is the time for police to decide who they will serve and defend. I don’t feel sorry for Portland and SEattle and others in those blatanly traitorous cities who obeyed unConstitutional commands by the Gov/Mayor and have arrested innocent citizens who demanded our laws be inforced.
    7.The FBI is the SS of Biden now. They have been corrupt all the way back to Tim McVey where they orchestrated that bombing. The FBI, the Capitol and the Capital police were all involved in setting up the Antifa dressed as Patriots and now have arrested 500 Patriots, refusing them trials, or bail, and keeping them in 3rd world prisons. We think they are at Gitmo as well.
    8. Why did Trump leave without helping us, without ordering the Military to do its job, and now we have NO leaders while Biden and his gang/Obama/Rice, etc, and Deep State is taking over every single gov’t agency to come after us. They want to take out the militia, the Proud Boys, etc so we have NO way to defend ourselves when they come. Big Media, Big Social Media, Big Health, Big gov'[t agencies…all corrupt and all trying to enslave us, using race and economic as the divider to divide us.

    • Carla,

      Great Points!!

      So infuriating that this is even happening in our country!!

      Why couldn’t Trump initiate the military??

      Also, may I copy and share your post?

      Thank you.

  4. I remember thinking (before Jan 6th) that the Democrats were so quiet about so many conservatives/republicans coming to D.C. I believe they set it up, to make the Republicans look violent and aggressive. How do you explain the magnetic doors opening, and the Capitol police beckoning so many to enter the Capitol?

  5. Day by day it is being exposed. Listen to our President Trump, with his statements. Lots going on that that people don’t understand. Keep the faith!


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