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Today is January 25. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – BREAKING: NY Judge rules that the state’s mask mandate is unconstitutional and can’t be enforced
The New York Times reports: A New York State judge ruled on Monday that the state’s mask mandate had been enacted unlawfully and is now void, according to court documents.

In December, amid a winter virus surge, Gov. Kathy Hochul renewed a mask mandate at all indoor public places throughout the state — including in schools and nursing homes and on public transit — to last a month. The state Health Department then extended the mandate an additional two weeks, to expire on Feb. 1.

In his decision, State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Rademacher wrote that Ms. Hochul and state health officials lacked the authority to enact the mask mandate without the approval of state lawmakers. Regardless of the “well aimed” intentions of state officials, such authority is “entrusted solely to the State Legislature,” Justice Rademacher wrote.

The state attorney general’s office plans to appeal the ruling. And Emily DeSantis, a spokeswoman for the state Education Department, said the state Health Department would appeal, which would automatically restore the mask rule until an appellate court issues a ruling.

Ms. Hochul said in a statement on Monday that her office strongly disagreed with the ruling and would be “pursuing every option to reverse this immediately.”

 DML: BOOM!  New Yorkers, you’d be smart to elect Lee Zeldin for your next governor!

2 – Joe Biden phones Peter Doocy to ‘clear the air’ after calling Fox reporter ‘stupid son of a b****’
The Washington Examiner reports: Fox News’s Peter Doocy got a call from President Joe Biden after the commander in chief called him “a stupid son of a bitch” Monday for asking a question about inflation.

The White House correspondent discussed the conversation during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s show, saying he got a call from Biden on his personal cellphone about an hour after the remark and that they “went back and forth.”

“It’s nothing personal, pal,” the president said, according to Doocy. Pressed by Hannity, Doocy declined to say whether it was an apology, as CNN reported, but noted that Biden sought to “clear the air” and said it was “a nice call.”

DML: Have you noticed, every time these Dems don’t have an answer, they just attack instead?  Magoo is a JOKE!

3 – Parent Group Alleges Facebook Censors Its Harmless Posts In Letter To Mark Zuckerberg
The Daily Caller reports: The co-founders of a national concerned parent organization told the Daily Caller that they noticed an uptick in “basic” Facebook posts being flagged for violating the platform’s community standards after the National Education Association (NEA) sent a letter to Facebook urging them to silence “radicalized parents.”

Moms 4 Liberty, a concerned parent organization that represents more than 70,000 parents nationwide, sent a letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Jan. 24 asking that the social media company “apply the same standards to [Moms 4 Liberty] as [they] apply to others.” Co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich told the Daily Caller that 22 chapter pages were taken down in “recent weeks.”

Moms 4 Liberty operates 167 chapters nationwide and noticed that right before Christmas their posts were being flagged and removed at a higher rate than previous weeks. Justice told the Daily Caller that the Moms 4 Liberty national page was suspended from posting for 29 days.

Justice and Descovich told the Daily Caller that they noticed an uptick in violations after the NEA sent a letter on Oct. 8 to social media companies, including Facebook, asking them to censor parents who don’t agree with critical race theory-inspired lesson plans being taught in public schools.

NEA President Becky Pringle asked Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter, to stop online “trends” that “have helped create a culture of fear and violence with educators as targets,” according to Fox News. The letter asked social media giants to silence “propaganda” about topics that come from “a small but violent group of radicalized parents.”

DML: The censorship against conservatives is only going to get worse.

4 – New Mexico Governor Calling in the National Guard as Substitute Teachers
Breitbart reports: New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) announced Wednesday she will be asking National Guard members and state employees to become certified to fill in as substitute teachers as teacher staffing shortages continue to skyrocket.

Along with “encouraging” National Guard members and state employees to become licensed substitute teachers, the governor’s “Supporting Teachers and Families” (STAF) initiative will allow state workers to use administrative leave to temporarily fill the vacancies.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, about 50 National Guard members will participate initially, with the plan to add another 50. Licensing fees will be waved for those who wish to participate. The teachers’ unions are also apparently on board with the new plan.

School staffing shortages have dramatically increased across the country due in part to the coronavirus pandemic. Low teacher pay is another factor contributing to the fact that the Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported that there are “575,000 fewer state and local education employees, and 65,000 employees left the industry between September and October.” New Mexico will be the first state in the country to address the teacher shortages with the National Guard.

New Mexico Public Education Secretary Kurt Steinhaus said in a press release announcing the STAF initiative that “lack of substitute teachers is among the most critical staffing issues right now” for public schools.

DML: Dems incentivize people NOT to work, then wonder why they have a problem.

5 – Man Can’t Get Heart Transplant Because He’s Not Vaccinated Against COVID
CBS Boston reports: David Ferguson is speaking out passionately on behalf of his son DJ. He says the 31-year-old is fighting for his life at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and in desperate need of a heart transplant. “My son has gone to the edge of death to stick to his guns and he’s been pushed to the limit,” Ferguson said.

The family says he was at the front of the line to receive a transplant but because he has not received the COVID-19 vaccination he is no longer eligible according to hospital policy. And Ferguson says his son refuses to get the shot.

“It’s kind of against his basic principles, he doesn’t believe in it. It’s a policy they are enforcing and so because he won’t get the shot, they took him off the list of a heart transplant,” Ferguson said.

Brigham and Women’s released a statement saying, “And like many other transplant programs in the United States – the COVID-19 vaccine is one of several vaccines and lifestyle behaviors required for transplant candidates in the Mass General Brigham system in order to create both the best chance for a successful operation and also the patient’s survival after transplantation.”

DML: This is an absolute OUTRAGE!

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  1. These doctors and corporate hospitals are beyond disgusting. Glad none of my kids have any desire to be part of this corrupt profession. It is no longer about helping people, it’s about greed!

  2. To the family of heart transplant taken off list: On World council of health. Org. Lawyers are available to help in human rights.

  3. That’s the first time I’ve seen Doocy without a mask. I thought he was a really young guy because he looked baby faced in what you could see of him. Still like that he’s not afraid to throw the questions out. Need more reporters like that then the butt kissers now.

  4. Let’s stop calling these shots vaccines and name them what they are. These shots don’t prevent and don’t treat any disease so why do we still call them vaccines? These shots are Experimental GeneTherapy Injections (EGTI) designed to make huge profit for BigPharma.

  5. New Mexico. Will the Guard personnel receive “duty credit”? Will they receive pay equal to teachers, or pay from the National Guard ?

  6. That hospital is affiliated with Harvard medical school. Time to stick to Harvard, too.
    Discrimination against Asians, the in-vaxxed, …. enough already.
    The vaccine that is not safe, that does not prevent infection, and by any definition is neither a vaccine nor fully approved by a corrupted institution called the FDA.

  7. I hope dad sues that hospital ( and I use the term hospital extremely lightly ) for every penny they have and put them out of business! You don’t force any drug or so-called ” vaccine ” on anyone, especially a heart patient! They are choking on their ” do no harm ” oath! Means nothing to that bunch of ” educated ” bastards!!!

  8. Disgusting hospital to do that to this father’s heart transplant son. The shot doesn’t work. How many medical doctors need to say that. And the shot contributes to heart issues. So basically this hospital is going to let him die? What happened to their oath??? Can he be moved I wonder? This infuriates me.


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