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Today is June 1 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Biden Spends Memorial Day Attacking Voting Integrity Laws, says US democracy is flawed
Breitbart reports: President Joe Biden warned Americans on Memorial Day Monday that democracy in their country was “in peril,” citing concerns about the current political climate and restrictive voting laws.

“Democracy itself is in peril. Here at home and around the world,” Biden said, before specifically citing the right to vote “conveniently” as part of the “infrastructure” required to keep democracy intact.

“Folks, you all know it, democracy thrives when the infrastructure of democracy is strong,” he said. “When people have the right to vote freely, and fairly, and conveniently. When a free and independent press pursues the truth founded on facts, not propaganda.”

Biden repeatedly tied the themes of democracy into his presidential campaign theme about preserving the “soul of America.”  He argued American democracy was flawed. “To state the obvious, our democracy is imperfect,” Biden said. “It always has been.”

During his address, Biden took a card out of his pocket and declared that 7,036 military members have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but did not mention the thousands lost in other conflicts, including WWI and WWII.

DML:  I really miss President Trump.

2 – Nevada lawmakers pass bill that would make it first presidential primary state
The Hill reports: The Nevada state Senate passed a bill on Monday that calls for making the state the first to hold a presidential primary in the 2024 election.

The Nevada Senate passed the bill in a 15-6 vote, after the state House cleared the legislation five days earlier, 30 to 11. It now heads to Gov. Steve Sisolak‘s (D) desk.

If signed into law, it would switch Nevada’s contest from a caucus to a primary and move the state up in the nation’s election calendar, passing the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary for the first slot.

Proponents of the bill are arguing that Nevada would be a better state to cast ballots first because of its diversity and population that reflects the demographics of the nation, instead of Iowa and New Hampshire, which are overwhelmingly white.

DML: Now even elections have to be all about “diversity” and race.

3 – Google employees admit in lawsuit that the company made it nearly impossible for users to keep their location private
Business Insider reports: Newly unredacted documents in a lawsuit against Google reveal that the company’s own executives and engineers knew just how difficult the company had made it for smartphone users to keep their location data private.

Google continued collecting location data even when users turned off various location-sharing settings, made popular privacy settings harder to find, and even pressured LG and other phone makers into hiding settings precisely because users liked them, according to the documents.

Jack Menzel, a former vice president overseeing Google Maps, admitted during a deposition that the only way Google wouldn’t be able to figure out a user’s home and work locations is if that person intentionally threw Google off the trail by setting their home and work addresses as some other random locations.

Jen Chai, a Google senior product manager in charge of location services, didn’t know how the company’s complex web of privacy settings interacted with each other.

DML: Big Tech has entirely too much power over everything we do!

4 – NYC woman brutally hit in the face, knocked unconscious in Chinatown
Fox News reports: In what has been dubbed yet another possible hate crime attack committed against the Asian-American community, a video shared by a New York congresswoman shows a Black man brutally slugging a 55-year-old Asian woman in the face.

The video shows the woman wearing a pink shirt and white hat while carrying a bag as she walks down a sidewalk outside 65 Bayard St.

The man in a hoody appears in the frame, walks up to the poor woman, and hits her hard in the face. The woman’s hat flies off and the impact sends her reeling backward. She then slumps down against the column of an outdoor dining structure.

An NYPD spokesman told Fox News that officers arrived on scene and took the perpetrator into custody. He was later transferred to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

DML: “Psychiatric evaluation?”  Seriously?  Maybe deBlasio should stop turning criminals loose and support law enforcement!

5 – Knicks to Refuse Admission to Unvaccinated Fans if They Advance in Playoffs
Breitbart reports: The New York Knicks recently announced that if they advance to the second round of the playoffs, they won’t sell tickets to those not vaccinated for the coronavirus.

The team made its announcement on Friday, telling fans that no one who is unvaccinated will be allowed to attend games at the Big Apple’s Madison Square Garden.

According to a team press release: “The New York Knicks today announced that Game 5 of their 2021 NBA playoffs series against the Atlanta Hawks, scheduled for June 5, has sold out. This follows Game 1, when the Knicks welcomed more than 15,000 fans and Game 2, when they expanded their seating for fully-vaccinated fans and increased capacity to more than 16,000. The two games mark the largest indoor crowds to gather in New York since the start of the pandemic. Given the enthusiastic response to vaccination requirements, the team also announced that, should they advance past round one, tickets will be sold exclusively to fully-vaccinated individuals.”

DML: I wouldn’t go if you PAID me!

DML’s PARTING WORDS: Due to unexpected changes in my schedule, there will be no DML podcast this week. The DML podcast will resume next week. We’re going to keep fighting for America together!

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  1. I hope no one buys tickets for the knicks!
    The thug that hit that woman will probably be released like all the other criminals deblasio is releasing! NYC has become a cesspool! What a crying shame!

  2. The animal that attacked that poor woman, if convicted, should be executed for attempted murder ! We as a society cannot tolerate and excuse this type of behavior if we are going to live in a decent, law abiding society ! If we don’t take decisive action against this type of behavior, we are through as a law abiding society and anarchy will engulf us all !!

  3. The Knicks story…is that legal?

    So eventually the unvaccinated will have to wear the ‘scarlet letter U ‘ on their shirt and banned from living a normal life?
    Well, if it has to be, that will be me!

  4. 🙏🙏🙏for the woman that was attacked hope she’s ok

    🙏🙏🙏for our country that it recovers

    🙏🙏🙏the knicks lose big time


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