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Today is February 9. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – North Korea says it can ‘shake the world’ with missiles able to hit US
The Hill reports: North Korea gloated on Tuesday about the country’s possession of missiles that would be able to hit the U.S.

“In today’s world where many countries waste time dealing with the United States with submission and blind obedience, there’s only our country on this planet that can shake the world by firing a missile with the U.S. mainland in its range,” North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said, Reuters reported.

“There are more than 200 countries in the world, but only a few have hydrogen bombs, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and hypersonic missiles,” the ministry added.

The statement from North Korea comes after the United Nations recently discovered the country has increased its missile capabilities and earned millions of dollars from cyberattacks.

DML: Evil!

2 – Canadian lawmakers starting to sweat as ‘Freedom Convoy’ holds its ground
Fox Business reports: Canadian lawmakers are growing increasingly concerned with the economic impact of the truckers protesting the government’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The protests, labeled as the “Freedom Convoy,” first began in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Jan. 23. Hundreds of big rig trucks traveled to Ottawa where they were joined by thousands of Canadians on Saturday in protest against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s coronavirus policies.

But the protests have since spread to other locations on or near the Canadian border, including the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, where a protest caused long backups and at one point stopped traffic in both directions.

The bridge, which carries 25% of all trade between Canada and the United States, remains blocked on the road to Canada.

Protesters have also closed another important U.S.-Canada border crossing in Coutts, Alberta. They have said they will not leave until all vaccine mandates and COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Some have also called for the removal of Trudeau’s government.

Trudeau: “I can understand frustrations with mandates, but mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions”

DML: Stay strong, truckers!

3 – Kellogg Foundation Bankrolls $500 Monthly Income for Illegal Aliens
Breitbart reports: The left-wing W.K. Kellogg Foundation, which effectively controls the Kellogg Company, is bankrolling a pilot program that will provide hundreds of illegal aliens living in the United States with a guaranteed basic income.

A coalition of activist organizations has teamed up to institute the pilot program across 13 counties in New Mexico where 330 illegal alien households will receive monthly payments of $500 for the next year.

ERWG said 330 families from 13 New Mexico counties, including Doña Ana County, will receive monthly payments of $500 for 12 months beginning in March. The payments will be delivered through direct deposit or prepaid cards, and there are no conditions on what the money can be used for. Funding is coming from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and UpTogether, a news release states. 

Kellogg’s, effectively controlled by the left-wing W.K. Kellogg Foundation, has been financially involved in leftist advocacy efforts for years — including John Podesta‘s Center for American Progress, Black Lives Matter, racially divisive open borders organizations, billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, the far-left Tides Foundation, and GLAAD, among others.

DML: Total insanity!

4 – Supreme Court Frontrunner Was a Zealous Advocate for Gitmo Terror Suspects
The Washington Free Beacon reports: Supreme Court frontrunner Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was an active and dedicated advocate for terror suspects housed at Guantanamo Bay, contrary to press accounts and her own representations.

Jackson has portrayed her work for the detainees as that of a disinterested professional fulfilling an assignment. But a Washington Free Beacon review of court filings dating back to 2005 indicates that Jackson was deeply committed to equal treatment for accused terrorists. Her advocacy was zealous and often resembled ideological cause lawyering, even in her capacity as a public defender. At times, she flirted with unsubstantiated left-wing theories that were debunked by government investigators. On other occasions, she accused Justice Department lawyers of egregious misconduct with little evidence.

As a federal public defender, Jackson represented a Guantanamo detainee accused of attacking a U.S. military base in Afghanistan. She continued to advocate on behalf of detainees and attack Bush-era detention policies in the Supreme Court after she left public service for private practice.

DML: Biden sure picks some doozies.

5 – NOW HE SAYS IT: Fauci hints at when all COVID restrictions may finally disappear in US
Fox News reports: Dr. Anthony Fauci, the chief medical adviser for President Biden, said in an interview published Tuesday that the U.S. is almost past the “full-blown” pandemic phase of the coronavirus and said he hopes that all virus-related restrictions could wind down in a few months.

Fauci discussed his idea of the virus’s trajectory with the Financial Times. He told the paper that the government response to the disease will eventually be handled on a local level and not federal.

He did not mention a specific month or season but told the paper that these restrictions — including mask mandates — could end “soon.”

DML: Meanwhile, Fauci is fully responsible for people going totally off the rails… here’s one example:

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  1. Kelloggs bye bye. Also Ebay seller you dont ever need a mask to pack items. There are some real nutters coming out of the woodwork because of this covid crap. lol

  2. I have to be picky about cereal because of my kiddo that has GI issues so I’ll be by passing the Kellog cereal and check other brands or maybe she’ll have to give up her 2 times a week cereal.
    I hope the truckers can stay strong. I bet we’re going to see and hear how this protest is violent as the Canadian government begins to send agitators into the different groups especially the one in Ottawa so they can say they have proof to arrest on “terrorism” charges or even use the page from our congress and say it’s an “insurrection”.
    As far as North Korea goes Biden will placate that regime in some fashion because he’s a wimp and doesn’t give a shit about America or us. Only an actual attack would get this administration off its ass.

  3. Everyone knows why they are coming up with ending the mandates, don’t you. It’s all about the 2022 election so they can say they ended the Pandemic. Don’t believe them for one moment! If they get the people in that they want, believe me it won’t be over. A new strain will come about and if they have the majority they will pass legislation to have the control over everything that goes on in our lives and put all the restrictions they want on the American people. We have to protest the fraud in our elections. They are trying to take over our Country to be One World Global with Elites and Corrupt people running us. It is time to stand up against Fraud and it’s not going to be easy as these people are Ruthless. Give me Liberty or give me death.

  4. If you need to eat that garbage breakfast cereal out of a box, there are so many other options available other than Kellogg’s….Kellogg’s is a BIG corporate monster. Research all its other brands and holdings.

  5. Well, I see it’s now time to boycott all Kellogg’s products! Absolutely disgusting rewarding illegals with $500. a month for breaking the law by entering USA! Shame on them they should be helping homeless American Veterans!! Kellogg’s won’t get another dime of my money!


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