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Today is May 19 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are my opinions on the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room, in my opinion. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1 – Biden in Michigan Ignores Record Allowing China to Buy Up American Electric Vehicle Industry
Breitbart reports: President Joe Biden, while touting his $174 billion electric vehicle (EV) plan, ignored his record of allowing Chinese investors with ties to the Chinese Communist Party to buy up key parts of the American EV industry.

During a speech at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, Biden touted his record as vice president to former President Barack Obama in relation to the nation’s battery-powered EVs.

Biden also said he would not allow “a single contract go to a single company that does not hire Americans, have all American parts, and has an American supply chain that is an American product supply chain.”

Unmentioned in the speech, though, was Biden’s record of allowing Chinese investors with Chinese Communist Party ties to acquire American companies with EV technology capabilities.

Detailed analysis by Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour showed extensively how the Obama-Biden administration had let China buy up this critical industry in the United States market from 2009 to 2016.

DML: “Buy American, hire American.” Really, Biden? Then why are you killing American businesses and importing foreign workers?

2 – Voting machines across Pennsylvania county not accepting Republican ballots in local races
The Washington Examiner reports: Some voting machines in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, were rejecting ballots as residents headed to the polls on Tuesday to vote on several local races, according to a new report.

The Fayette County Bureau of Elections told KDKA, a local CBS affiliate, that several precincts were having difficulty scanning bar codes on all ballots, and several voters told the outlet that their Republican ballots were not accepted. Chris Varney, an elections judge, told the outlet the issue was initially believed to be affecting all ballots, but officials then determined the problem only affected Republican ballots.

The KDKA report noted that the Fayette County solicitor said an emergency petition was granted by the courts and would effectively allow all ballots that were not scanned to be hand-counted by the judge of elections at each individual precinct.

Both Republicans and Democrats are vying for the positions of recorder of deeds, jury commissioner, magisterial district judge, City Council member, and several school board seats.

Although turnout for off-year elections is traditionally low, George Rattay, the chairman of the Fayette County Democratic Party, said he’s hoping for turnout of 20%-25% given the local interest in the school board races.

DML: In addition to the machines kicking out GOP votes, the worst part about this story is the appalling low voter turnout. Are we going to lose our country because we just don’t care?

3 – Conservative consumer group fighting back with new ads calling out ‘woke’ corporations
Breitbart reports: Consumers’ Research launched a new initiative to put consumers first, with the goal of stopping woke companies from playing political games using a seven-figure-plus ad buy to take aim at American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Nike.

The Consumers First Initiative is launched as a “name and shame” campaign against corporations trying to take attention away from their failures by playing woke politics. The seven-figure-plus ad campaign will air nationally on cable, in addition to the local markets where the companies are headquartered in either Texas, Georgia, or Oregon.

One ad specifically calls out the leadership at Coca-Cola, highlighting the company for the Georgia voter integrity laws they falsely attacked. The ad claims they did this to distract from the reality of the woke company benefiting from forced labor in China and their products poisoning American youth. The ad states, “Stop poising our children, start serving your customer, not woke politicians.”

Another ad features former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in a grand slam against Nike. “Congressional reports suspect Nike used forced labor in China. Religious minorities were ripped from their families, sterilized, sold to factories. Nike made shoes in those same areas,” the ad says.

Yet another ad rips into American Airlines, saying, “America requires passengers to show ID to fly, but attacks Texas’s popular voter ID law. Why is CEO Doug Parker trying to appease the radical Left? To distract.”

DML: They need to go after every single corporation who is pandering to the left!

4 – Warnock Says Graduates Need To Guide Country ‘Out Of COVID-1619’ In Speech
The Daily Caller reports: Democratic Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock told a group of college graduates they need to do their part to get the U.S. out of “COVID-1619” in a commencement speech Saturday.

During the speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Warnock mentioned systemic racism, saying it is built into America’s healthcare system. He compared COVID-19 to the 1619 project, which has been criticized by experts for repeated historical inaccuracies and teaches America’s “true founding” was when the first slaves were brought over and makes slavery the main focus of American history.

“May this be the class that’s going to set new standards for how we deliver care people and reach people who have been traditionally marginalized and forgotten about in our healthcare system making sure everyone has great access to health care no matter what they look like, where they live, or how much money they have,” Warnock said.

“May this be the class that is going to keep fighting to reverse and dismantle the disparities in our healthcare system born out of deeply rooted systemic racism. Go forth. Don’t just how to make our way out of COVID-19, teach us how to make our way out of COVID-1619.,” Warnock added.

DML: Our young people need inspiration and hope – not this garbage!

5 – More fentanyl seized by CBP so far in 2021 than in all of 2020
ABC News reports: Customs and Border Protection seized more fentanyl so far in 2021 than all of 2020.

As of April, 6,494 pounds of fentanyl were seized by authorities at the border, compared to 4,776 pounds in all of 2020. In fact, fentanyl seizures have been increasing since 2018.

Fentanyl is an incredibly potent opioid that is 50-100 times stronger than morphine, according to Dr. Darien Sutton, an emergency medicine physician based in Los Angeles and ABC News contributor.

As a physician, Sutton administers fentanyl in micrograms and said that the more than 6,000 pounds seized by the CBP is incomprehensible.

“When you talk about that amount, how many communities and people that will affect and how many deaths that will be associated with (more than 6,000 pounds of fentanyl) you can’t even comprehend it just because it’s not fathomable,” he said.

DML: Joe Biden, YOU own this.

6 – VIDEO OF THE DAY – Flight attendant sings and raps Disney songs to entertain customers on plane
Twitter user April Jones Cole posted the following video last week, that has just started to go viral. April explains that she “flew Spirit for the first time for a little anniversary trip to Orlando. We had the best flight crew ever! One of the flight attendants serenaded us with a song from Moana! It was magical!”

DML: It’s great to see someone spreading smiles around!

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  1. Only GOP ballots are not being accepted, but don’t worry, the votes will be hand-counted by the judge of elections, must as soon as all GOP observers leave the State Farm Arena!

  2. What a joke Biden puts America first. He never has and proved that his first day in office. Jill Biden said on TV he was a moderate that’s a joke to. His rVP and those he appointed says otherwise. Another joke no he will not raise taxes on the middle class. What he didn’t say is the tax raise on corporations etc will raise the cost of everything. Who does that hurt the poor and middle class.

  3. Good ol’Joe has sold out Americans from the start. And his demand to Israel pisses me off. This country is under attack, yet good ol’Joe tells them to back off? He is doing the same to Americans who have the audacity to say no to what his regime is doing to this country!

  4. You don’t create jobs for Americans by selling the electric car Industry to China. Are American Union workers really that stupid!

  5. Firstly you can tell Biden is lying about American jobs and parts when his lips ate flapping – remember oil, pipelines, fracking, etc.

    Secondly, Fayette County PA just proved the 2020 Dominion fix was in. They forgot to reset the voting machines and they only rejected Republican votes during school board elections.

    Come on man, voting machines can’t exclude on parties votes, unless its programmed to do so.
    Wake up sheeple 2020 WAS stolen. Bits time to audit every single Dominion machine.

  6. 👋Warning This comment is subject to be removed because the censor knows no history or the truth
    What sick pathetic mind believes what this demented communist mu:sl:: butte kisser in our house says. Obama gave a plane load of unmarked bills to Iran to create weapons to kill Americans and Israelis with. We are watching that deadly giveaway in action And the media is pushing hate of Israel for stopping the 3000 bombs a day from killing their people. America we are next ! They are not just being used on Israel They are flowing into our country over the border To be unleashed on America They think we are weak Because we put up with this stealing of our election and These Hitler wannabes power And Biden Just gave Iran more money

    • When supply exceeds demand the prices go way down. A “FIX” will be he same price as a milkshake and our kids will be hooked. Sellers will be on every street corner in America and there will be plenty of free samples passed out. This is another one of Joe Biden’s Make America Work plans. Are there no sane leaders in America, Republican or Democrat who can stop the insanity. There needs to be a mass march on Washington and drag the mad man out of the White house if only to save our kids. Where are parents?


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