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As I’ve told TeamDML members and DML Podcast listeners for months, the DML NEWS APP was undergoing some changes over the summer. Nothing major in terms of design, but the technology upgrade was long overdue.  I explain some of the changes you will notice below.

As of today, the new version of the DML NEWS APP is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play. DML NEWS APP is one of the best out there, and we are currently ranked #34 on the news list published by Apple. That says a lot considering our growth is word of mouth.

The old version on the DML NEWS APP offered a white icon with the letters DML. The new version offers my ugly mug with DML written below my chin. If the icon on your phone shows my face, then your phone has auto updated and you need not do a thing. If you still see the old icon, then you need to upgrade.

Tab #1 on the app remains as it was. The best news aggregation service offers you nonstop articles, videos, and information throughout the day — seven days per week. One new feature is a banner alert that we can use on the news feed if we have something very important to share. For example, if I am conducting a Facebook LIVE, or if a huge news event unfolds, the bottom banner will remain in view when using the app.

Tab #2 is now the home for The DML Podcast and The Wine & Talk. The DML Podcast, as you may have noticed, is trying hard to become the top podcast online and the one show you cannot miss each day. The Wine & Talk, which is a seasonal podcast, resumes on Saturday, September 11. One of the app’s improvements allows for uninterrupted play of our podcasts. The podcasts used to stop every time a user’s phone screen went dark, or when checking a text message. The podcast nows plays uninterrupted unless the user stops the play by choice.

Tab #3 now offers all of the DML Films. The new upcoming films I have in the pipeline will appear on the DML NEWS APP 10-days after they premier on With the new DML NEWS APP, you can now watch They Come to America I, II, III, and IV, We Ride to DC, A Day at Bundy’s, The United States of Tents, and the opening ceremony from the TeamDML Meet & Greet 2019. They Come to America V will premier on, and then on the DML NEWS APP before it goes to Amazon Prime in December. We will also be adding season 1 of the America The Beautiful series in the days to come.  So keep checking the DML NEWS APP (Films) for new postings.

Tab #4. Every day on the DML NEWS APP there is a special deal offered. Typically, the deal is for a DML CBD product, but there are some days when the deals will be for other DML merchandise, give-aways, and more.

Tab #5. For members, this is your gateway to the members only section. It also serves as the tab to contact with customer service, report news, and link to DML’s social media accounts.

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