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Today is April 29. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – DeSantis Declares War Against Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ At DHS
The Daily Caller reports: Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vowed to fight the Biden administration’s proposed Disinformation Governance Board Friday, which he said was an attempt to censor ordinary people and impose narrative control.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the formation of the board Wednesday, which will be run by Nina Jankowicz, a self-described “disinformation expert” who previously attempted to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story. DeSantis promised to fight the board in a Friday press conference.

“You cannot have a Ministry of Truth in this country. And so let’s get real here,” DeSantis said. “We’re not gonna let Biden get away with this one, so we will be fighting back.”

Critics including DeSantis have compared the board to the “Ministry of Truth” in the novel “1984,” an agency that produces government propaganda and decides what citizens are allowed to say and believe.

DML: Go, DeSantis, go!!   There’s HEAPS of disinformation being pushed out there, all right – and it’s all coming from Biden and the DEMOCRATS!

2 – Dow plunges 900 points and Nasdaq dives 4% to finish its worst month since the Great Recession as Amazon leads tech sector in brutal selloff
The Daily Mail reports: Losses for technology stocks accelerated on Wall Street Friday, pushing the Nasdaq composite to its biggest monthly loss since the 2008 financial crisis.

In a day of brutal selling, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 939 points, or 2.8 percent, ending April down nearly 5 percent for the month.

The S&P 500 notched its worst month since the beginning of the pandemic, losing 3.6 percent on Friday and nearly 9 percent since March.

But it was the tech-heavy Nasdaq that saw the most punishing losses, led by a 14 percent plunge in Amazon shares, marking the online retail giant’s steepest one-day drop since 2006.

The Nasdaq ended the session down 4.2 percent on the day and 13 percent in April, its worst monthly performance since the Great Recession.

DML: I’ve been telling you this was going to happen!  Speaking of disinformation, Biden keeps spreading it:

3 – Biden’s DHS chief fails to name single domestic terror, White supremacy case referred to DOJ
Fox News reports: Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas on Thursday failed to name a case of domestic terrorism that his department has referred to the Department of Justice.

Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., pressed Mayorkas for data on any referrals he has made to the DOJ on the grounds of domestic terrorism. Mayorkas did not offer the data, saying he would provide it after the hearing.

“Congressman, I will provide you with that information subsequent to this hearing,” Mayorkas replied to Steube. “I do not have that statistic. I will provide the data to you.”

The pair continued to clash on the subject, with Steube interrupting Mayorkas to demand he name one such case off the top of his head. Mayorkas continued to decline to answer.

DML: Mark my words, Biden’s open borders policies is going to lead to another terror attack in this country.

Speaking of terrorism, here’s a podcast you NEED TO HEAR:

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  1. We all know what Biden is trying to do: Squash the First Amendment!
    The United States citizens see right through him! And we won’t stand for his shenanigans!!!!

  2. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country !! I remember that sentence as a typing exercise in high school, and here we are almost 60 years later typing it and meaning it !

  3. Well suck it up biden and take it like a man. President Trump had 4yrs of disinformation pumped out like sewer and it was all lies. So biden deal with it and in 4yrs if its a lie you can say the samething Trump said” It was all lies” but I believe the information against you and your son is true so you need to prove me wrong.

  4. The Republicans that we put in office are not doing their jobs for us,the American People.Their are some that are trying to,like Jim Jordan,Kennedy,and a few more.I wish Jim Jordan would have ran for SOTH,and told him so.I just don’t trust Kevin McCarthy after what he said about Trump over Jan.6th.
    I know he has apologized to Trump but once he gets in office,we may find another Pelosi.
    Why aren’t Our People in Congress(ALL REPUBLICANS)standing up,like DeSantis,to get rid of this Ministry of Disinformation singing quack?

    • Because they r in the minority, so even if they put something on the floor to vote on, the demonrats and the Rinos vote it down! I’m thinking it is very frustrating for them! It’s really up to the Republican states to try something! Until we take over the House and Senate, we have to be patient and VOTE RED!!!!


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