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Today is January 14. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Senator publishes Fauci’s unredacted financial disclosures
Fox News reports: Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Ks., published White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci’s unredacted financial records and accused him of being misleading when he told the Senate his financial disclosure forms were publicly available.

While Fauci’s financial disclosure documents can be requested from the National Institute of Health, they aren’t listed in the same searchable database as many other federal officials.

Fauci is “more concerned with being a media star and posing for the cover of magazines than he is being honest with the American people and holding China accountable for the COVID pandemic that has taken the lives of almost 850 thousand Americans,” Marshall told Fox News Digital in a statement.

“Just like he has misled the American people about sending taxpayers dollars to Wuhan, China to fund gain-of-function research, about masks, testing, and more, Dr. Fauci was completely dishonest about his financial disclosures being open to the public — it’s no wonder he is the least trusted bureaucrat in America,” Marshall continued.

Marshall’s office obtained the doctor’s most recent disclosure after filing an Office of Government Ethics request with the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

While Fauci’s financial disclosures are technically open to any member of the public who requests them, the records are not listed in an easily-accessible public database, and it can take months for a request to be fulfilled.

You may click HERE to view the previously unpublished documents.

DML: Fire Fauci!

2 – Why Spanish-language voting ballots are critical for democracy, advocates say
ABC News reports: As the midterm elections approach later this year, some states and jurisdictions have required voting ballots to be made available in other languages besides English.

The Latino population continues to grow in the United States and some counties have mandated that ballots in Spanish are available at polling sites.

However, Spanish and non-English ballots are not required across the nation, though some advocates say that multilingual ballots are critical for democracy.

“We need to have bilingual ballots, bilingual material across the country, it should be a national requirement and a national norm,” said Domingo Garcia, the national president for the League of United Latin American Citizens.

In the 2020 U.S. Census data, the Latino population accounted for over 60 million people. Yet, according to a study conducted by the City University of New York, only 10.6% of Latinos voted in the 2020 elections. Some advocates believe that one of the reasons behind this lagging voting number is a language barrier.

“When we look at the language barrier, it is voter suppression, right? It is discriminatory against eligible citizens who … have the right to access ballots,” said League of United Latin American Citizens Chief Executive Director Sindy Benavides.

DML: But… isn’t knowing how to speak ENGLISH one of the requirements for citizenship… and shouldn’t ONLY American citizens be voting? Oh wait, Biden’s in the Oval Office now, and all the rules have been tossed out the window.

3 – School District Openly Promotes Implementation Of CRT, High School Presentation Discusses ‘Pyramid Of White Supremacy’
The Daily Caller reports: A high school in Oregon gave a presentation featuring a “Pyramid of White Supremacy” that discussed concepts like “white fragility” and “white saviorism,” according to documents obtained by Parents Defending Education.

Grant High School in Portland, Oregon, taught students about equity and racial justice as part of its “Race Forward” project from December of 2021, according to documents obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE).

The presentation defined “whiteness” in connection with “the belief that white people are the standard in society” and said “white fragility” is demonstrated by white people showing discomfort and defensiveness “when confronted by information about racism,” such as “bringing up having family members or friends who are Black.”

“A white savior seeks praise while alienating the people they claim to help through performative or self-serving actions,” the presentation said. “This causes harm, intentional or not, by implying that white people are superior and must ‘save’ the inferior people of color.”

The presentation included a “Privilege for Sale” game along with a privilege sheet, where participants purchased privileges with fake money so they could get “used to thinking about your [their] identity in this way.”

One video on the “Race Forward” page called “Racism,” explains that racism is found in “history,” “whiteness,” “building a wall” and “Donald Trump.”

DML: Who is is totally FED UP with all this racist division?!


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  1. I had the shots but your not getting g my medical history and I am not putting g that information on my phone for you to read

  2. The school officials in the Portland school as well as everyone involved in creating the materials should be arrested for sedition. That is who a real DOD should be targeting. They are, and have been for years, actively undermining a dully elected government by brainwashing students. I don’t know how we will ever undue the damage that has been done to the minds of people, but we have to start deprogramming them now!

  3. One of the requirements for citizenship is learning the English language. It’s also a requirement to vote! If they can’t speak or read it, they shouldn’t be voting, period!!!

  4. I just read Robert F Kennedy Jr’s book about Fauci. He runs a racket. He’s responsible for the deaths of so many infants, children and adults around the world he should be in prison. Poor souls.Bill Gates is bad but Fauci is the worst.

  5. It’s ridiculous! Cuyahoga County has a 2% Hispanic population and we have to vote on confusing ridiculous English Spanish ballots. Makes it a damn chore

  6. I would like the link to Dr. Fauci’s financials. I bet he is hiding all the vaccine money he is making. What about the CDC and NIH and all the money they make from created viruses they patent?


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