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Today is January 28. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – A grieving sea of Blue lines 5th Avenue and says — enough!
The New York Post reports: Cop lives mattered outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral Friday.

Perhaps not since America welcomed its victorious legions home from Europe in 1945 have New York’s streets seen a uniformed presence quite like the blue wall that stood tall in Fifth Avenue Friday. They had come to honor the sacrifice of NYPD Officer Jason Rivera — murdered at 22 in service to a too-often-ungrateful city.

On Wednesday, Officer Wilbert Mora — mortally wounded alongside Rivera in a Harlem apartment last week — will himself be laid to rest from the cathedral. His sacrifice was no less profound, but it will be hard to replicate Friday’s extraordinary scene.

Officers in the thousands packed the boulevard, from curb to curb for blocks — respectfully silent, or as silent as such numbers can be, but eloquently making it clear that for this one day, on this one occasion, they had had enough of being scapegoats for a society lately lacking the self-respect to resist both its criminals and those politicians who protect them.

Rivera’s widow got a standing ovation when she tore into Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg:

DML: NOW is a good time to END the war on cops.

2 – North Carolina residents demand 100-foot cross be removed from state land
The Washington Examiner reports: A massive cross in North Carolina is the center of controversy after allegations have come forward that the Christian symbol is lit and maintained through taxpayer money.

The cross in Yancey County stands over 100 feet tall, and it sits on a fire tower on a mountain overlooking the town of Burnsville, according to a report.

The cross has looked over the town for close to 60 years, but it was recently relit, which was the catalyst for the controversy, the report noted. A significant number of residents are demanding the religious symbol be removed from state land, according to the report.

DML: Cancel culture comes for the cross.

3 – Gas stoves in kitchens pose a risk to public health and the planet, research finds
The Washington Post reports: Gas-burning stoves in kitchens across America may pose a greater risk to the planet and public health than previously thought, new research suggests.

The appliances release far more of the potent planet-warming gas methane than the Environmental Protection Agency estimates, Stanford University scientists found in a study published Thursday in the journal Environmental Science and Technology. The appliances also emit significant amounts of nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant that can trigger asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Scientists and climate activists have increasingly urged homeowners to switch to all-electric stoves, water boilers and other appliances, even as the natural gas industry fights in New York and across the country to keep the signature blue flames of gas-burning stoves as a staple in American homes.

“If you have the financial ability to swap out a gas stovetop for an electric induction cooktop, I do think it’s a good idea,” said Rob Jackson, a Stanford earth science professor and co-author of the study. “It’s a good idea for the planet and for air quality.”

Nationally, more than one-third of households — about 40 million homes — cook with natural gas. In California, 60 percent of households favor the popular fuel.

DML: And now, cancel culture comes for the gas stoves.  What next?


REPORT: Apple riles online critics with progressive emojis

NEWS ALERT: State court strikes down no-excuse mail-in voting law

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  1. I don’t believe any “scientists “ from Stanford.The left will make up any bs to advance their agenda.Where do they think we will get all of this electricity?ALL of their so called green energy uses more fossil fuels to manufacture and is worse on the environment than any energy it can produce in its short lifespan.Watch Planet of the Humans on YouTube or another streaming service and you will see what a fraud green energy is

  2. Loved seeing all police officers in New York attending the funeral. I pray this sends a message. I cried listening to officer Rivera’s family members and especially his wife. Hopefully change will come!

  3. There needs to be statues of police officers all over these crime city’s especially ny . painted letters in the streets Blue lives Matter. memorials for the brave police officers that perished and there History . God bless our police . Electric chair should come back and it needs to be done quick . I never thought i would see this day .


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