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Today is March 11. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – BREAKING: Judge temporarily suspends Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott’s ‘unconstitutional’ bill that criminalizes parents for seeking medical procedures for trans children because it oversteps his authority as Google, Apple, Meta and Microsoft go to war on the legislation
The Daily Mail reports: A Texas judge on Friday temporarily blocked the state from investigating parents of transgender children who provide them with gender-transitioning medical treatments that Governor Greg Abbott calls ‘child abuse.’

District Court Judge Amy Clark Meachum imposed a statewide temporary injunction on investigations by the Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS), saying it would remain in place until the case is fully litigated and settled by a judgment or other means. She scheduled a trial in the case to start July 11.

The ruling came the same day as 60 companies – including Google, Apple, Microsoft and Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram – criticized the governor’s directive in a full-page ad in the Dallas Morning News and called on state leaders to ‘abandon efforts to write discrimination into law.’

‘The recent attempt to criminalize a parent for helping their transgender child access medically necessary, age-appropriate healthcare in the state of Texas goes against the values of our companies,’ read the ad, which used the headline ‘DISCRIMINATION IS BAD FOR BUSINESS.’

‘This policy creates fear for employees and their families, especially those with transgender children, who might now be faced with choosing to provide the best possible medical care for their children but risk having those children removed by child protective services for doing so. It’s not just wrong, it has an impact on our employees, our customers, their families, and our work.’

DML: These social media gods think they rule the world. Stand strong, Texas!

2 – Donald Trump Leads Joe Biden in Head-to-Head Matchup
Breitbart reports: Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in a head-to-head matchup as Americans continue to face rampant inflation and record-breaking gas prices in the second year of the Democrat’s presidency, a Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey released Thursday found.

The survey found Biden’s approval in the net negatives — 47 percent disapproving and 37 percent approving. That reflects a drastic souring over the last month, as 41 percent disapproved of Biden’s job performance and 39 percent approved in February. 

The poll also pitched respondents with a November 5, 2024 election scenario, pitting Trump against Biden. Respondents gave Trump a two-point edge over Biden, 42 percent to 40 percent.

The survey was taken March 8 among 1,500 eligible U.S. voters and comes as Americans experience high levels of anxiety and stress over prices of goods and gasoline, both of which have soared over the course of Biden’s presidency.

DML: Joe Biden has dug himself into a hole, and it’s getting deeper all the time.  81 million people really voted for this mess?

3 – Kansas Teacher Sues After Being Suspended, Refusing To Comply With Preferred Pronoun Guidance
The Daily Caller reports: A Kansas math teacher is suing her public school district after being temporarily suspended for refusing to call a biologically female student by the preferred pronouns “he/him,” according to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court.

Teacher Pamela Ricard is employed at Fort Riley Middle School in the USD 475 Geary County School District, according to the complaint. Her issues with the district began in early 2021 when she received a “diversity and equity” training that directed teachers to use students’ “preferred names” in place of the names listed in the District’s enrollment records.

Ricard was suspended for three days and issued a formal reprimand in April 2021 for addressing a biologically female student by the suffix “Ms.” and the student’s legal last name, according to the Herzog Foundation. Ricard alleges that she received an email from the school’s counselor informing her that she must use the pronouns “he/him” to describe the biological female, though the student had never made a direct request.

At the time of Ricard’s three-day suspension, the complaint alleges that neither the district nor the middle school had a formal policy regarding student preferred name and pronoun usage and that Ricard was suspended under the “Bullying by Staff” policy.

DML: I hope she wins!

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT… Biden went totally off the rails today:

WATCH: Biden RAGES: ‘I’m Sick’ of Americans Blaming Me for Inflation

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  1. The poll percentages should scare the white off rice. This is a pretty good indicator of howbmany illegal aliens, anchor milennials, immigrants and clueless Americans would love $20 a gallon gasoline and permanent Covid lockdowns.

    I am worried foe Amerixa. With those dismal percentages and democrats using election fraud, we will not win.

  2. Biden, If you’re sick of being blamed for inflation, then do something about it! Change your Green Deal agenda mindset, close the border, and step down from the President’s position that you are failing in so many ways.

  3. The current resident in the WH ought to realize that not only does his poop stink, but he is utter incompetent. With his theft of the election, he should not be surprised the boots are just too big for his bridges.
    Americans blame Biden, cause he caused the inflation, soaring gas prices, rising crime, erosion of our border, Ukraine invasion and defeat, lack of trust and respect in America’s leadership…. just go home already, LGB & FJB!!!

  4. We are exactly where “creepy joe” wanted us to be. He and the whole loonie left wing green crowd belong on MENTAL WARDS!!! SELF SERVING FOOLS!!!!

  5. Biden you one of a son of bitch bad and you are the one who has ruined our country, gas, food etc and you started when you closed the pipelines and left hundred of people without a job and here you are blaming Putin. Yes Putin is a criminal killer which started the war with Ukraine fifteen weeks ago and you closed the pipelines the day after you were elected. So Biden don’t blame anybody for your huge mistakes ruining our country. I wish you, Harris and Pelosie get impeached and remove.

  6. You all do realize they will break us and then enslave us. It’s the great reset. Biden is a nobody, a puppet! This is all part of the plan.

  7. What happened to “the buck stops here”? He hasn’t taken responsibility for one thing that’s gone wrong for our country. And now HE is sick of this? Give US a break!


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