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Today is October 8 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Psaki pins blame for Biden’s ‘really terrible polls’ on unvaccinated Americans, Delta variant
Fox News reports: White House press secretary Jen Psaki was grilled Friday about President Biden’s poor polling numbers.

Psaki placed at least some of the blame on Americans “who’ve decided not to get vaccinated.”

“I would say that this is a really tough time in our country,” Psaki responded. “We’re still battling COVID, and a lot of people thought we’d be through it, including us.”

“And because of the rise of the Delta variant, because of the fact that, even though it was a vaccine that was approved under a Republican administration, even though we now have full FDA approval, and even though it’s widely available across the country, we still have … 20% of the country who’ve decided not to get vaccinated,” she added.

DML:Quinnipiac University survey released on Wednesday revealed that Biden’s approval rating stands at just 38%, with disapproval at 53%. And Psaki wants to blame it on those of us who have refused the Covid vaccine…. just can’t make this stuff up!

2 – Parents rip de Blasio for ‘abominable’ plan to end Gifted and Talented program
New York Post reports: New York City parents ripped Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “extremely disappointing” and “abominable“ plan to ax the public school system’s Gifted and Talented program in his final months in office.

Public school parents in the five boroughs told The Post that the lame-duck mayor’s proposal, announced Friday, to phase out the coveted exclusive education model by next fall — after he leaves Gracie Mansion at the end of 2021– is the wrong call for students in the Department of Education system.

The current Gifted and Talented program for New York City’s elementary schools was instituted under former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. It offers accelerated classes and specialized advanced curriculum for students who qualify.

The program controversially required that children be tested at 4-years-old for admission….  Under de Blasio’s plan, released Friday morning, current students in the G & T accelerated-learning classes will be able to remain in them until completion. But new cohorts will be completely eliminated by fall 2022, putting an end to the current system wherein 4-year-old city kids are tested.

Below are just a few of the responses pouring in:

DML: Matthew hit it right on the head… The Democrats’ and socialists’ idea of “equity” is to bring gifted people down, instead of helping others to rise up!

3 – Biden Issues First-ever Presidential Proclamation for ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’
Breitbart reports: President Joe Biden issued the first-ever presidential proclamation for Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Friday, adopting a practice long pushed by the left as a replacement for Columbus Day, which is said to be offensive to Native American communities.

Biden’s proclamation recognized Monday — the day the federal government will observe Columbus Day — as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and declared, in part:

For generations, Federal policies systematically sought to assimilate and displace Native people and eradicate Native cultures. Today, we recognize Indigenous peoples’ resilience and strength as well as the immeasurable positive impact that they have made on every aspect of American society. We also recommit to supporting a new, brighter future of promise and equity for Tribal Nations — a future grounded in Tribal sovereignty and respect for the human rights of Indigenous people in the Americas and around the world.

He also issued a separate proclamation for Columbus Day, casting it as a holiday of importance to “Italian Americans,” but adding that it marked “the painful history of wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities.”

DML: Just more of the “fundamental transformation” of America.


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  1. The above is very likely Arthur Roberts, an imposter, but they need to make him the real one. Biden suffered a major stroke in Feb and has been comatose at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital since that time.
    Clever , clever, they need Biden to finish their total destruction of our USA.
    ( this is what we have heard, sounds right)

  2. This whole administration and ilk (I have to add the ilk) are a bunch of Debbie Downers…DML is right. Always negativity towards those that are successful. I can’t help it if I managed to succeed and improve myself on my own while in the meantime, helping the economy! The left need to focus on fixing the real issues, not destroying the real backbone of this country.

  3. 20% of Americans eligible but unvaccinated. 100 million ( per Rand Paul ) have natural immunity. But let’s go by the CDC number 44 million. Add to it the 25 million that declined because of religious beliefs ( even though they were lied to by Pfsiser about the use of fetal tissue for the vaccine). Add the 48 million kids. That’s 117 million Americans that haven’t gotten the jab let’s take out the kids from the equation and we are left with 92. Still well over 20% of the population that doesn’t need or has religious exemption. So who is the 20% she is referring to??


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