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Today is October 7 and I am Dennis Michael Lynch. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Biden indicates he pressured emergency room to fast-track a ‘good friend’
Fox News reports: President Joe Biden said Thursday he personally reached out to a hospital the night before to ensure the wife of his “good friend” received immediate care because the “waiting room was so crowded.”

“Last night, I was on the telephone with a person at an emergency hospital ward in Pennsylvania because a good friend had called, and he had rushed his significant other to the emergency room because this woman was having trouble breathing, had a high fever, and could not catch her breath,” Biden said during a speech in Illinois promoting COVID-19 vaccine mandates for businesses. “They got her into the hospital. The waiting room was so crowded, things were so backed up they couldn’t even get her to be seen initially. So, because I knew this person, I called. I called the desk receiving nurse and asked what the situation was.”

“To make long story short, it took a while because all of the – not all – the vast majority of the emergency rooms and docs were occupied taking care of COVID patients,” Biden added. “I bet every one of you can name somebody who got sent to the hospital with something other than COVID and couldn’t get it taken care of.”

(In telling the story, Biden first stammered that he was on the “television,” then corrected himself to say he was on the “telephone” with the emergency room.)

More bumbles from Biden’s speech on Thursday:

He forgot the name of the state where he was giving the speech:

Biden referred to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot as “Mr. Mayor.”

Biden defended the mass firings over the vaccine mandates:

He touts the vaccine mandates now implemented, and claims vaccinated people can’t spread covid.

DML: Magoo is a bumbling fool!

2 – Arrests of Deported Sex Offenders, Criminal Aliens Up 300 Percent Along Border
Breitbart reports: The number of arrests of deported sex offenders, felons, and gang members continues to spike in multiple sectors along the U.S.-Mexico Border. Recent cases include Mexican cartel members.

Arrests of criminal migrants who illegally re-enter the U.S. jumped from 2,438 in FY 2020 to 9,728 through the end of August 2021. This represents an increase of nearly 300 percent with the September numbers still unreported. Of those arrested, 448 had convictions for sexual offenses — up from 156 for all of FY 2020. Additionally, agents apprehended 1,769 migrants with outstanding warrants for their arrest.

Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Chris T. Clem tweeted a photo of another criminal alien taken into custody on October 6 after illegally re-entering the U.S. The sector identified the man as Edward Antonio Gutierrez-Martinez and said he has felony convictions for first-degree child rape and incest.

DML: Biden is allowing DANGEROUS CRIMINALS to waltz right across the border into America… and he calls you and I DOMESTIC TERRORISTS????

3 – Los Angeles sheriff says he will not enforce vaccine mandate
The Hill reports: Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he will not force his employees to get vaccinated as required by a mandate the city council passed on Wednesday.

“The issue has become so politicized,” Villanueva said on Thursday. “There are entire groups of employees that are willing to be fired and laid off rather than get vaccinated, so I don’t want to be in a position to lose 5 percent, 10 percent of my workforce overnight on a vaccine mandate”

The sheriff also cited the “defunding effort” and referred to it coupled with the vaccine mandate as “the worst of two worlds.”

DML: Can we clone this sheriff?


NEWS ALERT: Judge temporarily blocks school’s mask mandate after parents file lawsuit



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  1. Oh and what If there were more serious patients that now have to wait becasue bumbling sleepy dementiaded Joe wants his friends wife to go first……..must venice to be so privileged you piece of shit.

    • Kudos to the Sheriff for exercising his authority. 🇺🇸💯🐘🥰😎🙏🙏🙏Other Sheriff’s take note. Show your B – – – S💯

  2. Only the beginning of them getting preferential treatment and the rest of us being used as fodder! May none of them sleep at night!!!

  3. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. And if the story is true then we should have a bunch of pissed off people. How dare he get preferential treatment for a friend. Disgusting! This is why this story doesn’t ring true. He thinks we are the idiots not himself. May God intervene soon. His insane remark about those laid off/fired employees shows how dangerously incompetent he has become. This entire country should be very afraid.

    • Ron DeSantis is a person whose soul focus right now is Casey’s health as it should. He would make a great Vice President, but with a new baby and 2 other toddlers, Casey needs him. This political time will come later. God Bless the DeSantis family with your almighty HEALING power. 🇺🇸🐘🙏💯🤗🇺🇸🐘🥰🙏🇺🇸🤗🤔💯

  4. I remember during the Obaama years when there were a lot f illegals here I had to take my sister in law to the emergency room at about 7 pm. she had cut her hand opening a tin of tuna and it needed stitches. The room was crowded and no one spoke english. We waited till 11:30 pm. I understand the same thing happens now. No service for the taxpayer even in an emergency.

  5. Trump must run in 2024…NO ONE ELSE!!!! Desantis would be great as a viable VP candidate….Desantis is still young and his time will come, just not in 2024. DML start supporting TRUMP!

  6. Thanks for the bumbling idiot videos that make no sense I needed that tonight and you had it package up nice for me to laugh my ass off.. it’s a joke he’s not running shit. Maybe you can put a montage of Joe the whisperer together cuz that is another good comedian act!!!


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