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Today is January 11. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Biden snaps at reporter for asking about Stacey Abrams snubbing big ‘voting rights’ speech
Fox News reports: President Biden said he was “insulted” by a reporter’s question Tuesday wondering if he felt that way about Stacey Abrams skipping his speech on voting rights on her Georgia turf.

“Any thoughts on Stacey Abrams skipping your speech today, sir? Are you insulted she’s skipping your speech?” a reporter asked at the White House ahead of Biden traveling to Atlanta.

“I’m insulted you asked the question,” Biden said before smiling. “I spoke to Stacey this morning. We have a great relationship. We got our scheduling mixed up. I talked to her at length this morning. We’re all on the same page, and everything’s fine.”

Abrams, who is running again for the Georgia governorship in 2022, has made voting issues a cornerstone of her political platform, so her decision to not attend the address due to a “scheduling conflict” raised some eyebrows.

Former President Donald Trump mocked Biden over Abrams’ absence at his big speech. In a statement, Trump wrote, ““Stacey Abrams helped Biden steal the 2020 Election in Georgia but now she won’t even share a stage with Joe. Stacey knows that Biden actually lost BIG in Georgia, and in the 2020 Presidential Election as a whole, and he’s been so terrible she now wants nothing to do with him. Even the woke, radical left realizes that Joe Biden’s Administration is an embarrassment!”

Biden also ONCE AGAIN appeared to forget who the president is.

DML: Magoo doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. Trump got it right – Biden is an embarrassment!

2 – New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Vows to Sign Bill Expanding Right to Abortion Until Moment of Birth
Breitbart reports: New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) has vowed to sign a bill passed by the state legislature that will expand a right to abortion at any time during pregnancy, even until the moment of birth.

“A bill to codify a woman’s right to choose into state law and expand access to reproductive health care for all just passed both houses of the Legislature,” Murphy tweeted Monday. “I will sign this bill into law this week. With Roe v. Wade under attack, the need for this bill is more urgent than ever.”

The New Jersey Right to Life said in an analysis of the bill, “Because of the broad wording in this bill and the fact that there are no gestational limits anywhere in the bill, this new statute will allow abortions at any point in pregnancy, even if the baby is viable or full term. This will apply to any individual who is present in the state, including non-residents, as well as those who are incarcerated and minor girls in custody or other government programs controlled by the state.”

DML: How do these people even sleep at night?  This is appalling beyond words.

3 – 20 Louisiana middle school students face expulsion for making finger guns on TikTok
Fox News reports: More than 20 Louisiana middle school students were suspended and are facing expulsion after participating in a TikTok challenge where they made hand gestures imitating guns.

“I haven’t seen the video, so I myself have not been able to identify my own child. I understand that it was something done on school grounds, I understand all of that. I think there should be some sort of discipline. But I just think this is really harsh,” one unidentified mother told KATC.

More than 20 L.J. Alleman Middle School students were suspended after participating in two videos in December, according to the attorney representing some of the families, Pat Magee.

The videos show the kids making finger guns and using their cellphones to imitate guns in a TikTok challenge for Nardo Wick’s song “Who Want Smoke,” local media reported.

School administrators called parents on Dec. 16 and informed them the students would be cited under discipline code 70, which addresses the crime of violent assault and battery.

DML: Just can’t make this stuff up, folks!


REPORT: Same judge who sent Kim Potter to jail releases criminal for funeral – here’s how that turned out

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  1. I’m beginning to realize there’s a connection between abortion, especially late term, and gain of function research. All these “vaccines” are made using aborted fetal tissues and a lot of research needs fetal body parts, some harvested from live specimens. This is pure evil.

  2. What else is new
    Every Democrat is for the killing of Americans
    That’s why they created the KKK and Planned Parenthood to kill all blacks
    Then abortions on demand to kill all Americans.
    Everyone of you will stand before God And judgement will be placed on you Killing his babies And his elderly Now his unvaccinated are the Targets of every satanic democrat

  3. “A womans right to choose” UNLESS its the FAKE vaxx then……. SORRY lady you have to OBEY ie face the consequences

    FK this ” gov”

  4. Are u serious already???????…violent assault and battery for a finger gun???????…these people have lost their ever lovin minds…u just can’t make this stuff up…maybe we should do the sensible thing and starting when they are young…teach them proper gun safety and handling…oh wait I tried to include sensible and politician in the same sentence…what the hack was I thinking…***smacking myself upside the head***

  5. People need to realize in order for this movement to go into hyper drive you need to start pinning down the real culprits of the abortion industry. First of all the words “abortion” is NOT the word to use discussing this crime, it is INFANTICIDE. Abortion is what God has given as a body process that the female has to get rid of a fetus that is damaged, it is a “Godly” process that is built into ALL woman. These laws being politically planned are from organizations that are murdering babies, that is INFANTICIDE. Don’t use their words, call it for what it is….INFANTICIDE

  6. No finger guns??!! Well let’s shut down Hollywood! Alec Baldwin can shoot and kill someone with a prop gun…no problem, but a finger gun…outrage! SMDH! Our world is so upside down. How any doctor can KILL a full term baby, and be ok with it is disgusting. It makes them a MURDERER. The oath of a doctor is to do no harm and yet the state of NJ is literally making murder legal. The state of NJ is a socialist state. Might as well be NJ owned and operated by the CCP. Didn’t China use to KILL female children or children who were mentally disabled? This makes NJ just like China. We need GOD more then ever. I feel for the sane people in NJ.


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