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Today is January 18. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Watchdog declares Fauci ‘profited handsomely’ from pandemic, vows to expose records US trying to bury
Fox News reports: A government watchdog group has been demanding key data on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s financial and professional history, but the public may only get Fauci’s disclosures spread out over more than a year, the group’s head says.

Adam Andrzejewski, the CEO of, talked to Fox News Digital about his ongoing legal battles attempting to open Fauci’s financial and professional records to the public.

“During the pandemic, Dr. Fauci has handsomely profited from his federal employment, royalties, travel perks, and investment gains,” Andrzejewski asserted. filed their first Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request on Jan. 28, 2021. The National Institute for Health acknowledged the request, but remained largely silent for months. They finally heard back in May, and received a meager 51 pages of information with redactions.

“Not included was Dr. Fauci’s current employment agreement including all addendums and modifications; current job description; and confidentiality and conflict of interest documents,” said.

DML: Fauci raking in the money, while Americans nationwide are losing their jobs. Who else thinks this should be criminal?

2 – O’Rourke raises 7.2 million for TX governor bid
Breitbart reports: Failed Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke (D), who announced his bid for Texas governor in November, has raised $7.2 million since launching his campaign, he announced this week.

According to O’Rourke’s team, “the 46-day fundraising haul is a record for a Democratic candidate in Texas,” the Hill reported, noting his haul stems from 115,600 contributions.

“I’m grateful to everyone who helped us raise more than $7.2 million in the first weeks of our campaign,” the Democrat said in a statement.

“While Abbott is taking million-dollar checks from the CEOs who profited off of the grid collapse, we’re receiving support from people all over Texas who want to ensure that our state finally leads in great jobs, world class schools and the ability to see a doctor,” he added.

However, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) has a massive war chest of over $65 million on hand and he garnered $19 million from July to December.

DML: Beto must like losing elections.

3 – Health Official Pushes Vaccinating 5-Year-Olds As Reason For Vaccine Passport
The Daily Caller reports: A health official in Montgomery County, Maryland, stated during Tuesday’s county council meeting that one of the motives for implementing a vaccine passport is to increase the vaccination rate among kids aged 5 to 11 years old.

Dr. Earl Stoddard, the director of the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security, spoke during Tuesday’s county council meeting regarding a proposal to implement a vaccine passport in the county. Stoddard argued that a vaccine passport is the “least harmful” outcome for business because passports are relatively less “draconian” than mitigation measures that were taken in 2020.

Stoddard also stated that mandated vaccine passports would help increase vaccination rates among children over 5 years old.

“That’s why we chose to include the 5- to 11-year-olds because that is an area where we need to see increased uptake of the vaccine,” Stoddard said. “That was a choice that was made to try and encourage vaccinations in that population specifically.”

The vaccine passport proposal in Montgomery County would “require restaurants, bars, fitness centers, and other ‘covered establishments and facilities’ — in a phased-in approach — to require patrons to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 before entering indoor areas,” according to the county council’s resolution.

DLM: Just when you think the insanity can’t get any worse, it does.  Speaking of insanity, check out the two videos below:

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NEWS ALERT: Mueller witness pleads guilty in shocking scheme to funnel foreign money to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign



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  1. Again WHY do they keep pushing a vaccine that has no effect on omicron??? And kids don’t get sick from the virus like adults do! And the vaccine is null and void – why put poison into a child?

  2. 🤬  GITMO should have a reservation in Fauci’s name mainly for crimes against global humanity, but I’m sure his status provides him with immunity as it does for other Democratic and Rino politicians.  So why do they persist in revealing his vile acts?  It’s a joke and a waste of time!  It’s the same stupidity seen when a Republican makes a really great sounding bill yet that bill won’t become law because the Democrats (2 Independents are siding with Democrats and the VP will naturally vote Democratic) control the senate as well as the White House.  So what is the point of creating false hope?  GOP should focus on what they CAN change💥👊🤨, voters are tired of hearing “lies.”  GOP ‘playing games’ only makes them appear more and more like Democrats.  It will be a miracle if there is a Red Wave when this nation is swamped with illegals dropped by this administration within intentionally selected states held hostage by Democratic control whereas some of those states have municipalities that provide illegals the right to vote within our elections; New York, Maryland, Vermont, California while Washington, Oregon and Maine are contemplating the idea.  😡 Whatever happened to the law (Election Security Act of 2019) that references foreign interference?  Look up the definition of foreign election interference provided by Homeland Security.  Isn’t providing illegals the right to vote opening our doors for foreign countries to sabotage our elections by getting a candidate of THEIR choice into office, not who Americans want elected?  YES, IT DOES! Illegals are not exclusively compromised of Mexicans, as the news likes to convince us illegals coming into our country are. So why aren’t there class action lawsuits by state citizens? Citizens should be jumping for fair elections!  Soros puts a lot of his money into promoting his chosen candidates which is an infiltration of our local and federal government… including judges… who support his NWO agenda; his globalist comrades contribute as well.   And speaking of elections, referencing Gov Abbott’s tweet in this post, why can’t Texas GOP find a better candidate than Abbott?  This guy solicits funds to re-enforce the border wall yet allows Biden to air drop or bus illegals “legitimately” into the state.  Because of the hypocrisy of Gov Abbott’s actions, it begs one to think… what’s he REALLY doing with the funds for the wall?  Is every penny spent for the wall?  Texas needs an audit before I vote for Abbott whom I perceive is a Rino.  And Dennis, when I see videos like the last 2 you linked within this post, it really scares me to know, this could very well be a mainstay of our society. God help us.  😱

  3. WHEN IS DML NEWS GOING TO STOP USING THE TERM “BASELESS ALLEGATIONS OF ELECTION FRAUD” IN THEIR NEWS STORIES?? Just because they are recapping a story from another publication, doesn’t mean they have to use the exact same wording. Or they could add in the expression “ALLEGEDLY BASELESS.”
    We all know there was election fraud— in the audit results that are trickling out suggest that it was actually enough to possibly tip the election results.
    DML claims that he never reads the comments. I don’t know if any employees do or not, but it’s very frustrating to not be able to contact the news wing of DML‘s organization.


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