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Today is January 25. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – Biden says US-based troops may embark for Europe soon
Fox News reports: President Biden made clear Tuesday that there would not “be any American forces moving into Ukraine,” though U.S. troops could be moved to Europe in the “near term.” The troops may head to NATO front-line countries if Russian begins a large military operation against Ukraine.

Biden’s comments to reporters in Washington come as the White House has urged Americans to leave Ukraine, saying that the security situation in the region “can deteriorate with little notice.”

“There are reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine. The security conditions, particularly along Ukraine’s borders, in Russia-occupied Crimea, and in Russia-controlled eastern Ukraine, are unpredictable and can deteriorate with little notice,” said a State Department travel advisory Sunday.

“There will be enormous consequences if he were to go and invade … for Russia,” Biden said when asked to assess the risk that Russian President Vladimir Putin would opt to invade Ukraine. “Not only in terms of economic consequences and political consequences, but there would be enormous consequences worldwide.”

Meanwhile, Biden took a break from his Oval Office duties to go get ice cream and gift-shopping on Tuesday:

DML: If Joe Biden is going to put our sons and daughters in harms way by sending them off to defend Ukraine, then the media best start demanding that he send in his son. Hunter Biden needs to put on a uniform. He needs to go to war too seeing he’s so passionate about that country. That’s why we are defending Ukraine, right? Isn’t this all about protecting the Biden’s interest?

2 – Former AOC Ally Paul Jean Swearengin Says Rep Betrayed Small Donors Who ‘Gave Up Their Lunch Money’
The Daily Caller reports: Paula Jean Swearengin, a former West Virginia Senate candidate, blasted Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Monday for a series of donations to “corporate candidates.”

Swearengin lost to incumbent Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito by more than 40 points in 2020 and to Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin by nearly 40 in a 2018 primary. She appeared in the 2019 Netflix documentary “Knock Down The House” alongside Ocasio-Cortez and now-Democratic Missouri Rep. Cori Bush. All three were endorsed by the left-wing group Justice Democrats, although only Ocasio-Cortez won during the cycle.

“People sacrificed, millions of Americans, for so-called grassroots campaigns, and I think that the progressive label has been co-opted by a lot of these corporate candidates. A lot of people gave up a lot of their time, millions of Americans did, they gave up their money, they gave up their lunch, their bill money, to fight for candidates that now some of them are elected and they’re not fighting for us,” Swearengin told podcast host and former Bernie Sanders press secretary Briahna Joy Gray.

“AOC, you know, she took grassroots money with her grassroots PAC and gave it to corporate candidates. People that did give up their lunch money, people that did work hard for her, people that did take their bill money and give it to her. And you know she turned around and gave it to people that she’s supposed to fight against,” Swearengin continued.

DML: The Left are now starting to turn on each other. Grab your popcorn.

3 – County ordered to pay $66k to former employee denied coverage for gender-affirming care
The Hill reports: A county in Montana has been ordered to pay more than $66,000 to a former employee after the individual was denied payment for gender-affirming care under the county’s health insurance plan.

Damages were awarded Monday to Eleanor Anderson Maloney, a transgender woman and former prosecutor in the county attorney’s office, the American Civil Liberties Union of Montana, which represented Maloney, said Tuesday in a news release.

Maloney filed a complaint against Yellowstone County, Mont. in 2018 when she was denied “all gender-affirming healthcare” under the county’s health benefit plan, according to the ACLU.

At the time, the county’s health insurance plan outright denied coverage for “services or supplies related to sexual reassignment and reversal of such procedures,” according to an investigative report by the Montana Human Rights Bureau.

DML: Our country is falling off the cliff!


NEWS ALERT: OSHA hits Biden’s vaccine mandate with final blow

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  1. Biden is a madman. Sending woke American soldiers to go against the Russian military on their home turd is utter stupidity.

    The only side benefit from this is maybe we can save American sons and daughters and round up illegal alines living here and send them off to fight.

    • They won’t fight for their own countries, why would they fight for ours. Besides biden needs them here in case there is a civil war he will need someone on his side

  2. It’s mind Control propaganda continuously redirecting your thoughts away from the important issues that they want buried !!!

  3. Just what we need now… another war!! Biden is asking for trouble! Yes agree with DML that Biden’s son should suit up too! Everything is upside down in this country! So sad what is going on.

  4. Hey ACLU,

    You idiots have lost your minds and the courts are following you fools right off the cliff!

    “Trans Woman” means a man with a mental illness has chosen to have surgery to mutilate his body and dangerous levels estrogen injected into his body to cause a more feminine look.

    This is physically dangerous and irresponsible surgery that is unnecessary and causes long term harm!

    Furthermore, this nonsense is being mainstreamed in society and encouraged by irresponsible liberals on vulnerable teens and preteens with the same damaging effects including sterilization!

    And after all that, he’s still a man! Not a woman!

    Stop the madness! You cannot change your gender!

    • Also,

      As an older man, if I chose to have testosterone treatments to make me feel like I’m 18 again, my doctor would say no – it’s not safe or healthy! My insurance company would not cover it either! And I’m already a man!

      Maybe I need to “identify” as a woman wanting to “trans” to a man. Then I can get pumped up with testosterone and make my insurance pay? Hey ACLU, am I on to something? Idiots!

  5. Excellent idea to put hunter on the FRONT lines leading the way, HIS boots on the ground thats all that would be left of that deviant swine


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