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Today is January 12. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this evening. I hope you share this evening briefing, as doing so will help others learn about the BEST SOURCE for political news you can TRUST! And don’t forget to download the free DML News App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day, every day!

1 – What Biden admin is using YOUR money on instead of keeping Americans safe
Fox News reports: The Department of Homeland Security has announced a “climate change professionals program” while the historic number of illegal border crossings continues to increase.

Officials expect illegal crossings at the southern border to hit 2 million in 2021 for the first time in history, but DHS officials announced a program to tackle the “growing focus on adapting to climate change and resilience.”

“The Climate Change Professionals Program will be instrumental in helping the Department adapt to our changing climate by providing hands-on experience and guidance to young professionals interested in climate adaptation and resilience,” said Secretary Mayorkas.

“This program will develop the next generation of climate experts, improve climate literacy throughout the Department, and help us execute our Climate Action Plan to remain mission-resilient while reducing our own impacts on the environment.”

U.S. authorities detained over 1.7 million migrants in the 2021 fiscal year that ended in September – and arrests hit their highest levels ever.

DML: Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more furious over Biden’s disastrous administration, I read this report!

2 – CDC guidance to become optional for cruise lines as COVID continues to spread
USA Today reports: Cruise lines will no longer be obliged to follow COVID guidance on ships as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The CDC’s Framework for Conditional Sailing Order, which was extended and modified in October, will expire Saturday at which point the health agency’s COVID guidance for cruise ships will become voluntary, the CDC confirmed to USA TODAY Wednesday. This means cruise lines can choose whether to follow the health agency’s guidance or not.

The health agency “is transitioning to a voluntary COVID-19 risk mitigation program” the CDC said in a statement shared by spokesperson David Daigle.

The program includes guidance and recommendations for cruise ships to keep operating in a way that fosters a safer and healthier environment for passengers, crew and impacted communities, according to the CDC.

“Cruise ships operating in U.S. waters choosing to participate in the program on a voluntary basis agree to follow all recommendations and guidance issued by CDC as part of this program,” the CDC continued, noting the recommendations are aimed at reducing the spread of COVID.

DML: Wait a minute… cruise ships get a break, but American corporations and businesses don’t?  You’ve got to be KIDDING!!

3 – Knife-wielding suspect has felony charge reduced under Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s policies
The New York Post reports: A wanted ex-con allegedly stole more than $2,000 worth of merchandise by threatening a drug store worker with a knife — yet had his armed robbery charges downgraded under the controversial, progressive policies of Manhattan’s new district attorney, The Post has learned.

In the latest case, career criminal William Rolon, 43, is accused of filling a plastic trash bag with cold medicine and other items inside a Duane Reade store on the Lower East Side around 12:20 a.m. Saturday.

When Rolon left the store at 100 Delancey St. without paying, a female manager confronted him and saw he was brandishing a pocket knife, according to court papers. “F–k you, I’m taking everything,” he allegedly said.

Rolon and an unidentified accomplice then headed west with the loot, which was worth $2,209, law enforcement sources familiar with the matter said. Rolon returned to the store around 5:30 p.m. the same day and allegedly stole more cold medicine, some paper towels and other items, according to court papers.

Another manager recognized Rolon from the earlier incident — which was caught on surveillance video — and called the cops, leading to his arrest, sources said.

While in custody at the nearby 7th Precinct headquarters, a small package of heroin allegedly fell out of Rolon’s sock, according to court papers. Cops charged Rolon with first-degree robbery and criminal possession of a weapon in the first incident, sources said.

But when he was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court early Sunday morning, the robbery charge was dropped by the Manhattan DA’s Office and he was instead charged with two counts of petit larceny and related low-level offenses, including second-degree menacing, court papers show.

DML: New York, you’re getting what you voted for!  And am I ever glad I’m OUT of there!


WATCH: Pelosi declares ‘Some of these people have to go’

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  1. I just have no more words to all this BS that Biden and this administration has handed every single one of us. 2 million illegals, criminals being criminals with no consequences etc etc etc…….

    Sick sick sick. We the people are doomed and the good old USA is no more.


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