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Below is my latest Op-Ed. Please read and share on your social media accounts.

Written by DML

Politicians are all the same when it comes to 9/11 and the vow to never forget.

Today, every politician from the top down will take part in tear-dropping ceremonies as America remembers those who were lost on this day in 2001.  But let’s be honest, aside from those families who truly express the heartache of 9/11,  the politicians will go through the motions this morning and then move on to the next event on the calendar.  Fact is, aside from the names and faces, nothing has changed in DC or the way in which our leaders protect American lives.

The smarter side of the me — the side that doesn’t cry today, but instead rages with frustration — cringes when the politicians bow their heads, and then look up to take that same slow calculated walk towards the memorials, and then step back and express the sorrow painted face as they look into the camera.  It’s all a show.

These politicians have no real feeling of loss.  If they did, they’d cancel the meaningless events on the calendar this week and demand a special meeting to be held!  If they truly remembered 9/11, they would demand something be done with the power they’ve been given.

My hard-hitting words bear no partisanship.  For me, 9/11 anniversaries are not about the Left or the Right, there is only the side of truth.  There is only that which is correct, and that which is incorrect.  And our politicians all fall on the wrong side of the isle when it comes to keeping terror out of our country, and from stopping horror from striking again.

The immigration debate shouldn’t be a debate at all.  What’s not to understand?  Terrorists want us dead, bottom line, case closed.  These are a group of evil people who we as Americans, do not truly understand.

To be fair, we cannot understand these irrational radicals because we are rational people.

Rational Americans, be they Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Christians, Mormons or Whatever, don’t dream of killing people with hope that it leads us to sleeping with a lineup of virgins in heaven.  We don’t blueprint ways of cutting off heads of other humans. We don’t get our kicks from dropping innocent people into vats of acid, or making simple people scream in fear.  Rational people don’t scream “allahu akbar” just before killing ourselves in celebration of the dead who fall at our feet.

Instead of conjuring new concepts to carry out hateful acts of death, we fiddle with Twitter on our phones, we post Facebook updates and look at pictures of babies born. We send silly texts, we watch America’s Got Talent, we go to our sons’ soccer games, we attend our daughters’ dance recitals, we sit in traffic and bitch about it, we go to the beach and forget to apply sunscreen, we get goose bumps from watching our American flags wave to patriotic songs, and our greatest point of frustration on a daily basis centers on why the internet runs so slow.

We don’t understand what it means to be the “infidel.”  Our lack of understanding is not due to being stupid, it stems to the fact that we are a simple, loving people who want to live our lives safely, enjoy fun, have sex, make money, hug our kids, drink our wine, and sing in the shower.

We are Americans. And although we live our lives in different towns and states, most of us all share the common belief that politicians suck.  But as much as they suck, we still place our safety in their hands because we bank on the fact that deep down inside, our politicians are like us — they want the same things.  Sadly, we are wrong.  In the same way a once normal person is swept into a world of radicalism, our politicians become total idiots once they enter DC.

Seriously. Think about it for more than a second.

Truth is, we frown at the sound of our bickering elected officials, but we stomach their inability to see eye to eye with the assumption that if nothing else, they will all agree that it is paramount to keep America safe from the lunatics who want us dead.

Sadly, proof shows we are mistaken in our assumption.

The politicians in DC are doing little to nothing to keep us safe.  Those who disagree with me will point out that in 17-years there has been no terror attack like 9/11.  Although true, on September 10, 2001, the same argument could have been made that there had been no attack on US soil like that of Pearl Harbor.

There is no person in America who will convince me that a terror attack does not loom. I have seen too much over the past decade to know how this “terror-stuff” works.

For the past year, I have been filming and editing a documentary on immigration.  It will be my forth film on the topic.  It is called, They Come to America 4.

This film pisses me off more than the first three films because it reflects how nothing is changing for the better.  We are no smarter, safer or determined than we were on 9/12/2001.  In short, our politicians have forgotten that they promised to never forget.

The film is shot mostly in San Diego, along a porous border that collides with the wide open Pacific Ocean.  In the film, a retiring Border Patrol agent takes me on a 90-minute journey covering a span of just 4 miles.  This area, like all 2,000 miles of the southern border, provides open access to those criminals who smuggle drugs, laborers, and terrorists into America.

Whether they jump the fence (aka the wall), or crawl through a water drain, or make way through a tunnel, or walk through a gaping hole, or take a boat via the ocean, they make their way into the US every single day by the thousands.

Instead of truly doing something about this, our politicians, both past and present, including Obama and Trump, allow it to happen each and every day.

Maybe it’s because I lived 9/11 that I am so passionate about the topic, but either way it doesn’t matter.  Truth is, if I was the president, I would NOT refer to Mexico as “our best” friend like Obama and Bush did.  I would not negotiate with Mexico like Trump is about trade and NAFTA.  I would pick up the phone and declare I am ripping up every agreement, including NAFTA, and then explain in short, easy-to-understand terms that we (USA) are not renegotiating a single agreement until Mexico stops the people from crossing over the border into our country.  I would then hang up and keep to my word.

If this president, or any president, did such a thing, the illegal flow of people into the US would stop in its tracks.  Mexico would have a wall of soldiers and cops at every crossing.

But it will not happen with Trump, just like it didn’t happen with the others before him.  Why?  Because it’s all about the money.

Mexico makes more money from illegal smuggling, and from payment remittances from illegal day laborers than it does any other industry.  So make no mistake, this is not a problem of immigration, this is a problem of greed.

When I concluded my tour with the Border Patrol agent, I asked him what bothers him most about leaving the job he loves.  He said, “The fact that I know there will be another 9/11 and that despite the information we have there is nothing being done in DC to stop it from happening.”  Meaning, DC is a bunch of idiots from top to bottom, left to right.

A few years ago there was a news story about a power plant in Nevada.  The transformers at the plant were shot at by men with high powered guns.  Authorities pushed a story that it was locals who went out shooting for the night — probably a bunch of drunks.  The media bought into this nonsense.  But according to my sources, including the border agent, the real story is far different.

It was not the work of locals who got gun happy after sucking down too many shots of Jack Daniels, but rather members of Hezbollah.

The border agent would not tell me how he knew this, but assured me it was the truth.  He also told me how the cartels smuggle in the most dangerous people through the Pacific Ocean without any resistance from the U.S. due to a lack of manpower on our end.

For 90-minutes, the agent showers my camera with his frustration.  One story after the next, one gaping entry point and the next, it all screams of how vulnerable we remain 17 years after 9/11.

And for those of you who think THE WALL is the answer, it is not.  The border agent said, “All this emphasis about the wall is silly, no wall will stop a terrorist coming in through the PACIFIC.”  Meanwhile, the U.S. Navy is planted right there in San Diego.  As you will see in the film, one can stand at the border and nearly reach out and touch the Navy ships.  But they do NOTHING to stop the illegal traffic entering our shores.  Why? Because they are told to stand back.

All of DC is made up of fat cats who ignore the open borders.  They may talk tough and make promises, but they all fail to take action, especially the easiest of tasks like making the phone call to Mexico.  I am so tired of hearing how “We need comprehensive immigration reform.”  How asinine!  What we need is comprehensive common sense.

Until we hold Mexico in contempt of EVERYTHING, until we crack down on the banking industry that uses all of its political power to keep the illegal drugs, people and money flowing back and forth across the border, until we hold American companies accountable for hiring cheap labor, and until we start telling the American people the truth about who shoots up power plants and who we catch at the border on a daily basis, we are leaving ourselves open to another major attack.

I conclude on this…

An attack does not mean another set of planes have to be hijacked, although if you’ve been to an airport lately you know that wouldn’t be all to difficult.  Instead, an attack can come from a dirty bomb, or a chemical weapon.  To get these items through the border is easier than ordering the needed materials on Amazon.

And to take things down to feel a bit simpler and closer to home, who says “terror” has to be in the form of a building blowing up?  Does the mother who loses her son or daughter to an illegal alien not experience terror?  Does it hurt more if you lose your loved one in a building explosion versus the death that comes from a DWI, or a rape, or gun wound delivered by an illegal alien.  Perhaps these everyday killings don’t match Webster’s definition of terrorism, but make no mistake, these acts terrorize the families who live through them.

So, today, when you see all the politicians bow their heads in a moment of silence, odds are they are reflecting upon nothing.  Most of them are mind calculating, “How soon is too soon to lift my head?”

As for me, I close my eyes today and cannot escape what I see even when my eyes go open.  What I saw on this morning 17-years ago is never forgotten.  It is burned into the memory like the alphabet.  I can see it in my sleep, I can see it in daylight.  What I see are innocent men and women, moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, jumping from windows 80-stories high.  I close my eyes and then open them again.  This time I see a porous border and an immigration system that is wide open, corrupt, inept and begging for hate to enter.

May God bless those families who lost a love one on 9/11.  And may the thousands of people who lost their lives on that horrible day rest in peace knowing that many of us have not forgotten you.

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  1. Dml your message today is so heartbreaking because nothing is being done by politicians to help America and her citizens. What else can be done to motivate people to get the dead weight out of government? Say vote vote vote, but how many really do? Some days i don’t want to even hear or read news. Very seldom anything truly good for our country – just more lies – hate – divisiveness- quarreling- babies having tantrums over words – killings – etc. You could probably come up with much more. Anyways enough from me. Thanks for your hard work along with your family and friends and your team.

  2. Every time PRES TRUMP trys to get anything done the dems do every thing they can to block it for example the wall/trying to screen the muslin coming in/sanch cites/trying to elim ICE.

  3. DML. Thank you for showing us , in you words, what this day 9/11 really is about and how we as Americans need to step up the efforts to get our politicians to act upon their negligence of our security. Thank you again

  4. Our good friend Fr Mike Judge lost his
    Life that day, ministering to those who lay on the ground at WTC. He was also a Fire Chaplain.

  5. I still breaks my heart for our country, our people and our future how this cowardly attack created an atmosphere of hate and divistivity among the American people. We should be stronger and more committed than ever to protect our country and it’s people than ever before!

  6. Dennis, your message is spot on. It’s frightening to know not how, but when another “major” terror attack will occur and I honestly believe it will be one of such devastation that we may never recover…remember, patience lies with this enemy. I agree that the everyday attacks we hear about that are deliberately misinterpreted and swept under the rug, all add up to another way of terror tactics.

    As you said, it is truly disgusting to see these politicians attending special 9-11 events who, on the other hand, agree with those who won’t allow remembrance of 9-11 to be memorialized because it may offend Muslims, is beyond hypocritical!!!
    These lost lives, responders, military personnel, and the American citizens deserve more from the so-called leaders of this nation like making a conscious effort to acknowledge the dangers at the borders and doing their job to end it.

  7. Every word DML said is the Truth, I was talking to my daughter this morning and we were saying how depressing it is at what is happening to this country and not seeing any changes for the better in immigration.
    We are seeing more illegals and they are Blaten in showing that they can get away with leeching off us the Taxpayers, seeing more Muslims that are not refugees and they look at you with hatred, they don’t assimilate and they are offended at everything, well they offend me.
    There will be another Terrorist attack as DML said they are here and are coming in every single day, their goal is to destroy us and if people don’t think it will happen they are complete idiots, they are patient and they plan, this country isn’t any safer and has become very unsafe because of the Government who doesn’t care.
    I don’t see any solutions, we should of never allowed Muslims to come into this country and infiltrate the government and yet they did, as Europe is paying,we will pay for allowing the immigration policy to allow them in and being stupid, they want to take over and it’s getting closer all the time, illegals being allowed to vote, defying our laws, Muslims wanting to change our laws and customs because it doesn’t fit their ways.
    If we don’t start standing up to these corrupt politicians and demand changes we will see this country lose everything that the founding Fathers Set Up.

  8. I will never understand how such horrific events never resulted in any real change. The borders are still open, the visa program is still unchecked, identity theft continues, no effective worker program has ever been implemented, we still allow Muslim refugees to enter in droves, drugs still pour into our country. There is no will to change anything to protect US citizens. I’ve been waiting 17 years and still nothing to prevent another attack. That day was the most terrifying day of my life. Never forget (and yet so many do).

  9. Very sad, very tragic, and very true. Seems like most politicians want to leech off the system and have an escape plan with a golden parachute. If we don’t get a Convention of States soon to amend the Constitution and force those we elect to abide by it, all hope is lost.


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