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On Saturday, DMLNewsApp founder Dennis Michael Lynch posted the following message on Facebook on the current state of our nation and the importance of real leadership.

Read his important message below:

A plane needs two wings to fly but our political system ignores this fact. The divisive behavior is toxic. The result is a broken country where the side owning the media dominates the message and so the other side struggles to find a message that works better.

Let’s get the record straight: Violence is bad no matter who carries it out. Lies hurt no matter who spreads them. Today, average Americans feel like they can’t trust anyone. Billy Joel sings that honesty is such a lonely word, and everyone is so untrue. Well, I grew up down the street from Billy and love his music but I beg to differ. Not everyone is untrue.

I pride myself on being honest even when the information I provide is going to ruffle the feathers of my supporters and followers. This nation needs honesty and tough love from its leadership. And although I will pray for his success because I love my country, I do not think Mr. Biden is capable of leading.

So strap in; it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Being honest, smart, and open to listen to all sides is the only way out of this mess, I will help lead the way if you allow me.

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In another post on Friday, DML wrote:

The number of people who told me they deleted the Fox News app after the network hired former CNN liberal Donna Brazile as a paid contributor is countless. That number was outdone recently by the number of people who told me they deleted the Newsmax app after learning the network is listed as a million dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation. Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy once said Hillary would make a fine president.

My news team is filled with honest people, and we’d never hire someone like Brazile let along interview her. She and her ilk will get no platform with us. And although Ruddy may tout his donation as a way of giving back, I donate money too but never to the Clintons. When my website and app make money I use a portion of it to help honest Americans. I help veterans, the homeless, and down on their luck moms and dads. I give money to school safety programs and children with hardships and or illnesses. Example, we gave many thousands of dollars to the family of the 5-year old Cannon, who was shot dead a few months ago by a man in the middle of the street.

Every time someone downloads the DML NEWS APP from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store it ultimately helps me help others, even if that help is simply telling the truth about what is happening in our country. It’s time for real change, it’s time for you to have a person in the media who you can trust.

Join me. Help me get the word out about TeamDML and DML NEWS APP. Together we can lead this country into a better place for all people, of all colors, and from all backgrounds. TeamDML is growing, and it’s not going to stop. Download the DML NEWS APP from Google Play or Apple App, and then share this post.

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast for January 15 is embedded below. DML covers the news of President Trump getting ready to declassify documents related to the Russia collusion hoax. He also spoke about Biden’s amnesty plans, and the crazy $1.9T relief package he vows to sign into law. Lastly, DML discussed some of the RADICAL LEFT stories in this week’s news. Please listen and share, and be sure to download the DML NEWS APP so you never miss a podcast.

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  1. DML, there is a man doing podcasts who says the president has conceded, says we are headed to biden admin but he claims the fence at capital and all the troops are not there for that reason. Pompeo said yesterday that China is here and ready to start war, he reports the Chinese have systems here that will be activated. So we will have war here with China. I had heard an interview today with Pompeo and he says china is here, I was thinking he meant bidens corruption was the china here.
    Also bill gates is buying farmland up because he predicts an “engineered famine” is about to happen. You can guess who engineered it…
    Also said EBS blasted thru the streets in DC today.
    What the hell is going on… saying a lot of CIA involved

    • Our country has been handed over to the communist, our politicians excepted millions of dollars to allow this, we the people , are now we the property, of China . Thank you all corrupt politicians, reps and dems Traitors

  2. DML, with all due respect, you should not be rooting for Biden’s success. His success will only mean more DACA, Iran Deal, illegal immigration, funding America’s enemies including state sponsors of terrorism, an increase of censorship on conservatives, packing the SCOTUS, more autonomous zones, more defunding the police, our 1st AND 2nd amendment rights infringed, higher taxes, more lockdowns, more masks, more discrimination especially against Whites in the workplace, reparations for Blacks, more fraudulent activity, more autonomous zones, more ppl including veterans dead from non-covid issues because hospitals are full of covid patients. China takeover, mandatory vaccines and more. I’m sorry but I cannot wish for this biden Harris administration to be successful.

  3. I get it DML!!! Nicely said. Aly, he is saying while he HOPES Biden will be a success by making good decisions, he is pretty certain he won’t be a success. Anyway, oversimplified, but you are the man Dennis!!!


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