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Below is my latest Op-Ed. Please read and share on your social media accounts.

Written by DML

According to a new poll conducted in partnership by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News, with just 6 weeks to go before the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats hold a 12-point lead in congressional preference among registered voters.

The poll goes on to state that nearly six-in-ten voters say they’d like to see significant change in the direction President Donald Trump has been leading the country.

NBC News writes: “The results suggest a political environment where Democrats have the clear advantage in their pursuit to win back control of Congress in November.”

“Americans are hitting the brake in a midterm, and trying to send the signal that they’re not satisfied,” said Republican pollster Bill McInturff, who conducted the survey with Democratic pollsters at Hart Research Associates. “The public is clearly saying, once again, they want to shake up the status quo,” added Democratic pollster Fred Yang.

Lets be clear about one thing before I list questions you need to ask your liberal friends and family.  As seen in 2016, polls are no longer a trusted tool in measuring the outcomes for elections.  One would think both the WSJ and NBC News would pick up on this fact.

Although Trump hasn’t come through yet on the huge promises he made connected to immigration and Obamacare, he has done much to improve the country since Obama handed over the keys.

So, for the sake of you not taking the ridiculous poll results to heart, I pose ten questions you should all ask our friends and family members who make up the alleged “6-in-10” people who want a change of direction.

1) Q: The U.S. unemployment rate is at an all time low, would you prefer the rate go back up? If so, why?  And as a follow up, do you even want a job?

2) Q: ISIS is near decapitated.  Would you prefer they rise again so they can decapitate the innocent?

3) Q: The IRAN deal is dead, would you prefer IRAN have access to nukes?

4) Q: The nations that make up NATO are starting to pay their fair share, would you prefer America pick up the entire bill again?

5) Q: The military is getting back on its feet in terms of size and power, would you prefer to have it weakened again?

6) Q: Taxes have been slashed for most Americans, businesses are doing better, and the stock market is higher. Would you prefer higher taxes, businesses failing, and a stock market crash?

7) Q: Recent hurricanes in Houston and Florida were handled much faster than the acts of God that took place during the Obama years, would you prefer this not be the case?

8) Q: The celebration of Christmas is no longer a bad thing, why would you want that changed?

9) Q: Although not perfect, the travel ban has worked in terms of measuring the number of terror attacks on US soil, would you prefer another 9/11?

10) Q: Cable TV news ratings are off the charts, would you prefer to go back to watching daytime soaps?

Let me know who answers, and how they answer.  Email me at [email protected], and don’t forget to download the DML NEWS APP for free at the IOS Store or the Google Play Store.  Tell your friends to do the same, especially your liberal buddies.  Who knows, maybe they’ll fall into line with the 4-in-10 who recognize reality when it slaps them in the face.


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  1. I have asked questions like that to my liberal friends they can’t answer the questions they just continuously say they can’t stand a wonderful president but I keep asking them over and over and I tell them I # walked away and I’m proud of it

  2. I do not believe the polls either. My husband was pulled the other day in Florida regarding the governor’s race. The pollster harassed him and tried to co vi ce him to vote Democrat. My husband stood firm and told them he would ne er vote Democrat we do not believe in their ideaology

  3. I have a niece that was a big Bernie fan and switched to Hillary after she defeated him. Well we would go back and forth since I liked Trump. She even took her teenage daughter to the Pussy Hat protest. She didn’t care to much for me after the election. But I blew her mind when I replied nicely to some of her comments. She said I thought you hated me for voting Hillary and I told her “You’re family I love you, I don’t agree with what you say, but that is your right” She lives in SanFran so now you know why she voted the way she did.But she couldn’t understand that I loved her no matter what. That’s what makes me crazy about all this, why can’t we have different opinions and still get along???

  4. Dear DML,
    I appreciate what you have to say.
    I closed out my account at facebook.
    I went to one called

    I do not know all about it, but it is not a dirtbag site like facebook.

    Please check it out. If you think it is good, please let others know.


  5. Those polls aren’t accurate. They still don’t get it. Most Trump supporters are out working, not sitting around taking polls. Many don’t even have a social media account and those of us who do try to get the word out to others. We don’t trust democrats at all anymore and that speaks volumes to why their exit polls were so very off. We keep our heads down and go about our business. As for asking democrats those questions, I’ve done it. Nearly every single one of them. There is never a logical fact-based answer. They just deny that the question has any level of truth to it. If they don’t deny it, they get mad at me and throw a fit. Not only have democrats become violent, but they’ve also lost their ability to have any kind of intellectual or logical conversation without at least calling you (or Trump) dumb or any name/phrase that happens to be the latest “cool” insult. I had two democrats left on my friend list on Facebook after the election. One of them recently got mad at one of my Trump posts from a conservative news site, and she finally threw a fit, said a few choice words and then deleted and blocked me. There is no rationalizing with democrats.


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