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Below is my latest Op-Ed. Please read and share on your social media accounts.

Written by DML

Act One of the circus surrounding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is about to come to an end as the FBI report is delivered to all 100 US Senators on Thursday. A final vote could come as early as Saturday.

So what happens if the vote is YES? Meaning, he is appointed to the SCOTUS.

Kavanaugh’s testimony during the sexual assault hearing caused Democrats to cry foul when the judge ripped into them for spearheading the last minute witch hunt that looked back to his alleged wild behavior during high school years.

He accused Democrats of an “orchestrated political hit”, and so there will be questions over whether he would have to recuse himself from a vast number of cases that appear before the court if he is appointed.

In addition, a YES vote could trigger a backlash among female voters, who may punish Republican candidates in the upcoming midterm elections. I believe this has been the plan of the Democrats all along.

What happens it the vote is NO? Meaning he is not appointed to the SCOTUS.

Trump can either nominate someone new, or he can renominate Kavanaugh a second time.

Senator Lindsey Graham has suggested Trump should renominate the judge if his nomination fails flat the first time around. Graham believes such a move would rally conservative voters to the ballot box in the midterms.  Without holding onto the Republican majority Senate, Trump will not get Kavanaugh or any other conservative judge through during his term.

In my opinion, Kavanaugh cannot walk away from this debacle, and so the president must stand behind him thick and thin.  And so, if the vote is NO and there is an Act Two, the conservatives have to control the narrative this time around. I agree with Graham.

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  1. I’ve heard from a few of my Lib friends that they are so ashamed of what their party is doing. They don’t believe her. I agree with you that Trump needs to keep him in the running and back him. And please stop trying to be funny Mr. Trump!!!

  2. The FBI report should be released to the public. Voters need to know to what extent the Democrats stooped to deny this Judge a seat on the court. We have never seen a nominee treated with such disgraceful treatment, only to have the end result be completely uncorroborated accusations that put this man and his family through a made up story that humiliated the nominee and punished his family for something that never happened.

  3. Excellent points made. I am learning so much how this system works…to recuse himself over and over due to his defense statement about the Democrats would be almost useless for him to serve in order to make an honest judgement. I did hear Graham’s statement and thought it was hopeful if worse comes to worse.

  4. This game to prevent not only confirmation of Kavanaugh, but also confirmation of state department nominees is the tantrum behavior of the left whose only position is to resist the Trump effectiveness.

  5. The Democrats are expecting a Blue Wave if Kavanaugh is confirmed but I’m not sure if his confirmation will actually work in their favor as much as they would hope for. I say this because of all the comments my husband and I have read on our Facebook pages. We have a lot of friends and people that we know of from those friends and so many were either Democrats or left leaning Liberals. Now because of what they saw during the testimonies and the way that the Democrats behaved while attacking/asking him questions they have decided that they can not vote for any left leaning Liberal or Democrat. The Liberals have said that they will vote only for the politicians that lean right and seem more balanced, the Democrats said that they would not be voting Democrat at all, they will either vote Republican or won’t vote at all. These people were so disgusted with the entire process.


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