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Written by DML
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An email arrived in my inbox Thursday from a reader named Ryan who often contacts me.  He generally shares his opinions and concerns about the immigration issue.

Ryan is a former volunteer for the Trump campaign in California.  His emails make it clear, he’s fallen out of love with Trump because of the president’s lack of results at the border.  From what I can tell, he, like others who are very passionate about immigration, sees the country changing for the worse and thus, he feels empty on hope.

The email he sent to me Thursday, July 11, is titled: STUDENT DEBT.

Here is what Ryan wrote:
“I don’t think the GOP is taking this [student debt] seriously enough. It’ll be as big an issue as healthcare next year but it’s under the radar since older people are the most reliable voting bloc and they care more about health and SS and don’t have student loans.

I keep hearing 40+ year old conservatives I talk to say, “well they [millennials] shouldn’t have gotten a useless diploma”. Even if true, it’s a done deal and they’ll be voting next year.

I’ve been listening to Dave Ramsey lately and literally every 2 or 3 calls someone is trying to pay down tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. People I know too are still paying them off and it’s a huge deal.
If Dems promise to forgive those loans then millennials will come out to vote for it. Nobody cares how we’ll pay for it. Trump should deport the illegals and use that welfare money we would have spent to pay off student loans and then require universities to co-sign new loans.

Not sure if you’ve already covered this. I’ve been out of the loop and staying out of politics altogether since starting a new job.” —end of email—-

Ryan’s email triggered a response from me that needs to be read by all those voters who feel disenfranchised and growing tired of Trump’s hard hitting words on Twitter, but soft handed actions from the Oval Office.

When I refer to “soft handed”, I am referring to the president’s tweet that threatens to shut down the border if Mexico doesn’t stop the migrants, but nothing happens a week later because he pulls back the threat.

I am referring to the president threatening to place tariffs on Mexico, but then he doesn’t do it.

I am referring to the president vowing to change the structure of the US Census, but then stops when the courts play hardball.

I am referring to the president calling for mass deportation squads, but then calls them off last second.

Some of these pull backs are due to the liberal courts and radical Democrats, but others are due to Trump not wanting to upset the GOP elite and large donors who love cheap labor.  It also has much to do with Trump not wanting to screw with a good thing, meaning, the economy.

Love him or hate him, Trump and his tweets on immigration are all words no action no matter who is to blame.  The immigration crisis pisses me off as much as it does the next guy, but there is a much bigger story to be told when it comes to 2020.

My response to Ryan tells that story.  Even better, it paints a picture of what happens if Trump does not win 2020.

NOTE: Some portions of my original email response are either edited for better grammar and example giving, or include new points which I failed to include due to a lack of time. 

The boy who cried wolf.  We know the story.  There has been many times when Trump cried wolf, but the worst time was in May 2019 when he threatened tariffs on Mexico but then pulled back on the last day. I fear he may have shot a bullet into his own neck.  Meaning, conservatives who are passionate about immigration have told me they will not show up to vote for him in 2020.

Trump, by pulling back on the only thing that could and would have worked to secure the border at this point, set himself up for a harder election than people realize.   Wisconsin, PA, and Michigan don’t look good.  Without those states and the electoral votes that come with them, he loses 2020.

These three states are getting hammered by illegal immigration — they are now feeling what so many other states like California, NY, Florida, NJ and Illinois have felt in years past.  Ultimately, they may end up blaming Trump.

Illegal immigration ties to greed.  Thus, in the same way one fights fire with fire, when it comes to immigration one must fight greed with money.  But Trump doesn’t do that.  I repeat, in his first 36 months the only thing he’s tweeted that showed any real sign of promise to secure the border was the threat of tariffs.  Proof of this is the reaction of the Mexicans and the markets.  The Mexican gov’t sent its top officials to DC to negotiate, and the futures markets sank on fear of lost profits.

Trump had Mexico in the palm of his hand — no threat of a wall, not matter how big, has ever been so effective.  But he caved on the tariffs at the last moment.  And this proves everything I have said about DJT since the day he first flipped on DACA shortly after taking office.  Meaning, I believe Trump wants to secure the border to chalk up a victory with his base, but in the same hand he enjoys the economic upside of having huge flows of migrants.

If Trump puts on tariffs, or shuts down the border, or uses executive orders to put in mandatory e-verify, my insiders tell me the president has been warned by the US Chamber of Commerce, lobbyists and RINOs how the economy will go into hurt mode. Meaning, if he stops the flow of cheap labor he will lose the election because the economy will go bust.

Our economy does not, and should not, hinge on illegal labor.  But big donors do not agree with me, and so no president since Eisenhower has had the guts to deal with illegal aliens the right way.  If I was president, the tariffs would be set at 20% day one.  The mass deportations would go into speed mode, and the problem would stop immediately!

I know this sounds like I am trashing on Trump, but that’s not the case.  It’s just the opposite.  It sort of like telling your kids that watching TV instead of doing their homework is why they’re getting a D- instead of an A+ in math.

Here’s the picture I paint: If the Democrats win 2020, and I fear they will unless the Fed drops interest rates by massive counts, then the country is finished in terms of having any chance of avoiding a massive, long-term collapse like we saw in Greece.

You mention the student debt, and the inability for millennials to pay the loans down.  Factor in how this is a problem amid a booming economy with low unemployment.  Imagine what happens when the economy cools down?  Those debts go unpaid.  But it gets worse…

Tack on these financial nightmares:
1. Massive consumer credit card debt goes largely unpaid if the economy collapses.

2. Small businesses operated by mom and pop entrepreneurs will layoff workers as they try to find new ways of paying back the loans they took on during Trump’s presidency. These loans, which are often used to buy cars, boats, and other luxuries, are often secured with the entrepreneur using his or her home as collateral. This causes unemployment to rise, and a housing crisis to start.

3. The amount of commercial lines of credit that go into default is huge.  Imagine a number filled with lots of commas.

4. All of the above drives the stock market down big time. Consumer confidence drops, people stop investing while other people lose their investments, and banks call on investors to fund their margin accounts… the losses are mind blowing.

If the economy ramps down super fast, which it will if a Democrat is elected, then mark my email now because Democrats destroy everything good.

Look at the economics of Detroit.  Look at the crime in St. Louis and S. Chicago. Look at the homelessness in San Diego, San Francisco, and L.A.   Look at the filth that has returned to New York City.  Give the White House to the likes of a Biden, Bernie or Harris,  and the country’s economic strength goes from being rock strong to sitting on a huge house of cards waiting to fold.  We will find America in the greatest recession of our lifetime.

If Trump loses on Election Day, I promise you the economy sinks the following morning after the stock market plunges.  Thus, Trump has to win.  But he has pinned himself in the corner.

To fuel his economy, he is leaving the border open by letting the Mexicans avoid tariffs.  Again, I repeat, this sort of thing will keep the conservative voters home.  I am talking about those voters who see immigration as a huge issue.  Trump needs every vote!

I mentioned interest rates.  Interest rates will probably drop at the end of July and this will be a great thing for Trump in the months to come, but by next year it may not be enough.  His economy is also hinging on a trade deal with China, and then there is the possibility of war with Iran.  Healthcare continues to be a thorn.  The list is long.  He needs a victory at the border.

You want to see Trump voters get discouraged?  Go stand outside any public school next month when parents react to the huge demographics shift.  Thus, the only way to secure a win in the 2020 election is to show results at the border NOW.  And the only way to do that NOW is by cutting off the money TODAY.

There will be people who read this and say I am 100% wrong.  I invite them to study history.

Some people will say they are going to vote for Trump no matter what, and they back it up by stating the Democrats suck.  Thus, they confirm my remarks about doing the homework instead of watching TV.  Trump watches Fox and hears nothing but praise.  The average viewership on Fox is 1.2M people each day.  There are more than 300M people in the country.  I get emails from the people who don’t watch Fox religiously.  These are real people, real voters, and really pissed off.  Ignoring those voters is like ignoring your kid’s D- math grade.

Trump can fix this all with a pen and paper.   Tariffs on Mexico is the only way.

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