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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 41-minutes for this day, Jan 20.

DML open the program with a brutal review of Joe Biden’s press conference Wednesday.

He is then joined by Alec Lace, host of The Crazy Left Podcast, to talk about a recent poll that shows the crazy mindset of Democrats and how they want people without the jab to be punished.

It’s a great program covering a very dangerous topic.

Listen to the program on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or The DML News App.

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  1. It’s what will kick off the deadliest war in this country When they begin to take those of you who supported their efforts if their hostile takeover. Then you will wake up . Yes and the camps are already here and they have ads hiring people to run them To keep you in camp that is
    The police in New York City are already arresting unvaccinated people They are now working for the Kremlin and are the American Gestapo.
    For those of you who were indoctrinated thinking Hitler was a great guy
    Wait until they release their satanic evil people to do experiments on you like Hitler has done.
    Keep standing up for this evil regime and you too may be wearing a penis where your nose once was
    Those experiments were well documented And were done where he invaded . They found caves full bodies where those were done And there are people still living with what they did to them.

  2. How can there be any talk of quarantine camps that are totally UNCONSTITUTIONAL when Supreme Court Says NO VACCINE MANDATES , CDC has reduced quarantine time way down, masks & other restrictions being REMOVED not increased ??? More INSANITY!


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