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Dennis Michael Lynch could not offer his TeamDML members a video podcast today, but he took the time to record an important audio podcast on this Thursday, Oct. 22.  He says it is an important podcast because tonight is a big debate for President Trump.  It’s the final chance for Americans to hear from the Commander in Chief, and the opportunity to expose the Biden family for the criminals they are!

In this audio podcast lasting one hour, DML outlines what Trump should say in his opening statement.  DML wants Trump to promise to send Biden to jail for his wrongdoings, and lay out the facts about his own presidency. He also calls for Trump to be humble about some of his tweets that would be better off deleted.

DML also offers a suggestion on how Trump should address the issue of race when it pops up tonight.

Closing out the podcast, DML shines light on two immigration stories that have been overlooked amid all the chaos surrounding this election.  It’s a must-listen.

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  1. David, thank you as always for fighting the good fight. I truly believe that God is on our side and that he will see us through this madness. Trying to filter truth from fiction from our pathetic main stream media has just become to stressful and confusing, (perhaps intended) so it is refreshing to have you on our side.

  2. Dennis, the problem is you say “who forgets their laptop.” You are not considering that this was done by a drug addict. He was probably so hyped up with all the drugs and money he couldn’t remember where he lives at any given time. An addict would forget!!

  3. TY for putting important information out for We who support President Trump and also info for what is really going on We don’t want a socialist government Keep on keeping on Prayets for u and your family


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