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The DML Podcast is 57-minutes for this day June 27, 2022

Woke Companies will cover travel expenses for employees to have abortions out of state. Nancy Pelosi elbows daughter of newly elected Congresswoman. The Boy Scouts March in Seattle’s pride parade. Millions of registered voters jump off the democratic plantation.

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  1. Why don’t these women take birth control pills or the day after pill if you think you made a mistake my God why are you getting pregnant if all you do or want to do is murder a baby.

  2. We parents do not have to pay for our Grown Childrens College I never went to College none of us did, and none of my 5 Children went to College No-one can afford it Yes us White so called Supremacy people they put labels on we are poor. Everyone has the same work opportunities we white people do not owe anything to anyone else I’m bairly surving

  3. Woke companies will pay by raising their prices to their consumers. More importantly they’ll pay by having half their clients boycott them

  4. When a woman stands up and brags she’s had 21 abortions, you wish people like her could be arrested for premeditated murder.

  5. Hi DML
    I think honestly that all of the conservatives and right leaning independents should stop worrying about what they’re doing and stick together to create a better life for us. I 100% feel that that’s how things are going to get better. I believe all of the strange people with their uncertain sexes and their not understanding what a penis in vagina is, those are the people that get way too much attention. That’s what they want. The government wants that as well. It takes the focus off of what they’re doing. We should focus on what they’re doing in the government rather than focus on the weirdos. I personally am raising my granddaughter and I’m at the point where I want to pull her from public school because of what she learned last year and I live in Florida. And we live in a tiny town, you wouldn’t believe that that was happening here in seminal County. for the summer she’s visiting her father who is a Democrat who believes all the kids should have vaccine and wear a mask if needed. Of course I am glad that I have the power to step in on that. It’s really comforting knowing that there are other people that are like minded. It’s been one year my daughter committed suicide last year on July 2. She overdosed on her monthly prescription and OTC sleeping pills .
    It truly is a very very bad time we all need to stick together. She was a conservative, a very good person, she was a huge Trump supporter and even had a piece of (Trump money.). We are still reeling from the constant pain of the loss of our daughter. Her father and I miss her so very much. I have friends who’s adult child has overdosed from fentanyl. She was 30. 🙏.
    In 2021 suicide was increased by 200%.

  6. One thought:

    For every person out there who believes abortion is wrong, BOYCOTT, every company participating in travel or time off, paying for abortions etc…

    Every American who participates in the boycott, will be less $ to those companies.

    Let’s see how long companies remain pro-abortion. Get them where it counts- the pocket book.

    Do you really think Dicks Sporting Goods will survive a boycott by WE THE PEOPLE
    against companies who sponsor death to the unborn human?


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