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Dennis Michael Lynch took issue with the Democrats on his August 18 DML LIVE podcast.

DML covered the speeches from the first night of the DNC, pointing some hard hitting comments at Gov. Cuomo and former first lady, Michelle Obama.

DML also played a disturbing video from a black man in MN who recently won a primary election for the state congress. In the video, John Thompson screams at little kids — calling them a racist.

DML finished the podcast with an interview with Dr. Badia. He’s written a new book about improving the healthcare system.

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  1. understand that every comments to DML you Deleted it…but i will not Stop to let all over the World understand …democrat doesn’t likes the Strategy of Trump is Suck..all voted to Trump using moral Value with dignity respect the Rule of law , working hard 8 hours to feed their families…democrat Strategy using their sink hole to make their dreams comes true this what Michael Obama talking about..alienating our daughter you can used one of your hole to succeed they tearing down the Value of ladies especially 12 years little girl to use for a material things in this world


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