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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 90-minutes on this day, July 18.

DML and Alec Lace get into a very heated debate on Trump 2024 v. DeSantis 2024. The fiery nonstop exchange between the two is sparked by a collage of video clips about the upcoming January 6 Committee hearings and Steve Bannon’s trial. Lace and DML try to make sense of how and where the kangaroo court’s efforts will land and how it impacts the elections, and how the left will do everything to stop Trump from winning the nomination.

Also, Trump says he may announce 2024 plans prior to the midterms.  Is this a smart thing?  And will the GOP top heads like Sen Cruz blow the midterms by focusing on things like gay marriage before the election.

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  1. I agree with Alec 100%. Trump exposes the media and the corrupt politicians. DeSantis will have his turn in the future, he is still young. We know what we get with Trump. His policies worked and he didn’t put up with the evil corruption that is there in Washington. With the midterms overturning in the fall hopefully, and Trump back in office, he will get this country back in shape on day 1. We already know he can do it and I love that he fights for what is right. Way to go Alec” you are right” .
    Dennis you are wrong period. You are not realizing how bad this country is and people can’t afford food or gas. It is horrific. They will crucify DeSantis when and if he ever wins the presidency, Alec is right. He may not be a fighter like Trump but right now we need a fighter to be able to deal with this evil that is in our government and has been for years and years. It is not an easy task….

  2. Me too.. Trump will win for sure. DeSantis is young and Im sure he will run in the future but not this time.

  3. DML this is Trumps party are you going Demoncrat? Sure sounds like it,and stop stuffing your CBD crap down our throats.!!!

  4. DML, you’re just as wrong here as you were with the last election when you went to bed. And calling people names because they still support Trump, isn’t a proven winning solution.

    • What was I wrong about when I went to bed? I thought Trump won, are you admitting Biden legitimately won? And I have not called anyone a name for supporting Trump. I call them names when they call me names for supporting the idea of DeSantis. Get your act together, and try to make an intelligent comment if possible.

  5. I will tell you intelligently that anti Trumpers want Desantis. You can claim as much as you want that you are supporting Desantis for different reasons but you are in fact siding with anti Trumpers.

  6. Dennis keep in mind that the major cell carriers just switched to 5G from 4G and everyone is having to replace their phones. This easily explains the Secret Service having the replace phones.

  7. I agree with you DML, President Trump just does not have the Charisma that Ron De Santas has…
    Trump, Feeds into the Media’s Narrative, constantly giving them something to use against him..The Country needs someone who can put the Democrats in their place, from the very start…I see that in Ron De Santas, We have very serious issues that need taken care of in this country…
    We don’t need more Daily Drama from the News Media….We need solutions to our festering problems facing this country…

  8. I think we owe it to Trump. He WON the last election. He 100% loves this country and did what was best for us. We need him back to undo the mess Biden has put us in.

  9. The swamp was seething mad and conspired against Trump from day 1 . Yet he battled back, and kept his promises to the people, Trump 2024 .

  10. DML – I usually agree with you on most issues but Alec is spot on. Love how he can go toe to toe with you and not back down from his position. Love the conversations between you two and hope you do more of this. The media has become vicious in a way that is so different from even the Obama era. Also Bush 1&2 were nothing but RINO’s and part of the establishment so media did not go after them. Ignoring them will not work in todays world.

  11. I agree with Alec, Trump has run the Gantlet, he’s geared for round 2 and knows better then to trust the left at all, DeSantis is still a little green not knowing what they will and can throw at him ?
    My opinion I say
    Trump 2024
    DeSantis 2028 (later date)
    Just as Alec Said.

  12. Without the Media coming out with all truths ( they do not now, ergo Hunter etc)
    the people from both sides will never know what is going on truthfully .
    We are not getting the truth about Ukraine not by a long shot. WHY???
    The politicians along with the news media are running that war ..SUFFER THE PEOPLE.

  13. Until the truth is realized about 2020, we will never have America back. The election was stolen & it belongs back to #45! He is the only one with a plan in place. What do you think he has been doing? Wake up!

  14. I LOVE DeSantis, but I would have to endorse Trump. We NEED him to go fullbent postal on the demons in D.C. I don’t think DeSantis has that in him at this stage. The rot needs to be removed or absolutely nothing will change. I cant stand Trumps messaging, I think its horrendous. But he’s a bull in a China Shop and thats what we need.

  15. Great back and forth between Alec and DML. I found myself agreeing with DML, until he was rebutted by Alec, then I agreed with Alec…in short, it was like 2 heavyweights going toe to toe…

  16. I am loyal to Trump! I have been with him since day 1 and will always be. I may be one of few who did not find ANYTHING wrong with his tweets or his policies etc. He fights back and doesn’t take any bs like Milton Milktoast. I respect him for that and know he was unjustly denied the Presidency because the evil.. I mean evil.. Democrats snd others saw to it the fix was in. This was unforgivable and I want to see the wrong be righted and Trump win 2024 and destroy the left. I despise our government.

  17. I agree with both of you because they both are strong but they already are attacking Desantis so it will be another 4 years of the media calling him a racist Nazi. I am scared no matter which one runs because we can’t afford to lose another election to these socialist democrats. If Michelle Obama runs we are done.

  18. This was the best debate I’ve heard in forever! I’d be all on DML side until Alec has his rebuttal and then I agree with Alec haha. Yesterday I was 100% ready for DeSantis. Ugh I hate Trumps ego and mouth but I agree with Alec that he can take them on and get us back on track

  19. Oh! but yesterday’s Mid-Terms in maryland they keep Cheating again With Mail in Ballots they sent out 498K Ballots and said on ABC news to make sure they get their Ballots akk in by 8pm in the Designated DROP BOXES Here we go all over again CHEATING YET! Even after the Supreme Court Judge said they can no longer use mail in Ballots Only for the Handicapped that cannot get to the Polls, and no more Ballot BOXES are to be used.

  20. Dennis, unfortunately you have gone completely off the rails… I am a proud resident of the still Free State of Florida and I get how as a recent New York transplant you are completely smitten by our Governor DeSantis who is doing a great job. Yet, you are delusional to think that he is a better option to run as President in 2024 then President Trump. No matter how good Ron DeSantis is, he is no Donald J. Trump!… If DJT should not decide to run for 2024 then the DeSantis candidacy & possible Presidential ticket can be explored. You are trying to overthink this and completely missing the boat… Sorry, but you ain’t as bright as you think…

  21. This is my problem with Desantis… Florida has a huge population of illegal aliens I would like to hear your thoughts on that. ALECs too…I been to Florida and the father you go south the worse it gets.

  22. As a further follow up, I hate to break it you but you don’t want to debate this Alec Lace fellow again… what you tried to bring up with your current weak logic paled to what he presented. Again Governor Ron DeSantis did a heck of a job for Florida but you are completely delusional that the Left is going give him some sort of break and let him run the country unabated with no chaos should he be allowed to win the Presidency. It is truly a darn shame how you are going off the rails in this… The days are long gone from the Reagan & Bush years… We live in a different era altogether and there is no repairing what is broken nationwide… The USA is not where the State of Florida is currently at and no Ron DeSantis is no Ronald Reagan either… get real. The Left would love nothing better than to have a Boy Scout like Ron DeSantis and you are now parroting their desires. Alec Lace is spot on with countless of his points made… You may wish a difference world, a different USA, but unfortunately we are in a literal sad state of affairs. You are off the mark and are arguing for arguments sake… and you seem to wish to be an independent that leans to the Right but them days are honestly over…


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