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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 53-minutes long for April 15.

The discussion today covers the Biden administrations new move to consider packing the Supreme Court.

Also discussed are two stories on math being labeled as racism in the classroom and how Democrats are proposing reparations for 40 million blacks in America.

At the end DML speaks about how Democrats and the media are trying to diminish the white people in America, and how we are being pushed into isolationism.


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  1. The country is being stacked against us. We can’t keep running and backing down. Sooner or later we will have to make a stand because they will eventually come to take it all. Wake up

  2. I agree, we can’t sit back, under this Pandemic lock down bs while they change.. Demographics, pack Supreme Courts, Bring in Illegals at 15000 a head or 15000000 a week. Keep giving foreigner money we are borrowing from China, to which will own US shortly by calling in LL debt. Republicans get some common sense.. it is a takedown.

  3. It’s amazing that so many people have no clue to what is happening in this country.
    The Elitists want to crush the middle class. And so far it seems that they are succeeding.

  4. We will demand these Democrats obey what was written and enforced by our constitution. Nothing else should be allowed to take place with these losers the Democratic Party😡😡😡😡

  5. Hitler’s Willing Executioners is what we become when we live in fear and isolate.
    Great book and should scare the bejesus out of every American.
    My Mother grew up in Germany and sees the resemblance in democrats destabilizing our government.

  6. The writing on the wall is that just over half this nation wants a Biden/socialist tyranny. The other half need to secede or develop nation states to defy and separate from a growing evil taking over our nation. DML mentions isolationism and I think this may mean something bigger.

  7. TIME FOR US TO TAKE A STAND AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!! Biden and what he is trying to do to our country SUCKS! 🤬💩🤬


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