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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 30-minutes in length for April 21.

DML focuses solely on the verdict in the George Floyd case and how it sets a dangerous precedent going forward for all cops.

According to DML, all cops should resign today. “They don’t stand a chance,” says DML during his program.

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  1. Yes they absolutely should. I wouldn’t protect and serve Americans. I feel so sorry for Chauvin. Zero sympathy for the crack head . Our society is so twisted that Chauvin is the demon and justice was served my ass.

  2. The problem in the black community is still a problem, it was that way 30 years ago and it still is. Until those problems are seriously addressed nothing will change and everything else is mental masturbation.

    • This is being used by the to further divide this country for eventual communistic take over. Happening right before our eyes.

  3. It is time for a civil war! We the people have had enough of these people not obeying authority and the law. They are the ones who put the rest of in harms way. When will this nonsense stop? I will stand with the law, and so will a lot more people then they think. So let’s go people!

      • This is a low intensity civil war starting out as sporadic civil disturbances and pumping up with violent attacks against the police. The left is responsible for this and being propped up and emboldened by Biden, his admin, and the powerful news media.

        All the signs are there if u look at it. This attempt to ban certain guns will mutate to confiscation. The left know very well this is leading to civil war and they will do their demonic best to disarm us first.

        Secession would be a less bloodier and more palatable option I think.

  4. That is exactly what I said the moment they read the verdict. We need a fund to support them while they find other work.

  5. That is exactly what they want so they can put in their own (probably antifa) squad to police us. Or keep us under control. We need to fight for law and order and for current laws to be enforced! Criminals to be put and kept behind bars.

  6. I agree. Someone start a nonprofit for paying officers if they walk off the job. We all need to start wearing side arms like the Wild West. This cop was treated as tho he put on his uniform and badge that morning with the intent to go kill some black person. Such bullshit. I am hoping that they can appeal and get the conviction thrown out because Maxine W tainted the trial.

  7. I couldn’t agree more..Cops can’t even defend themselves. Why sacrifice your life for criminals? No money & No job is worth it. How about Maxine Waters wanting a “Police escort” to the rally? She entices but wants security. Everyone for themselves! Do the right things & you won’t do the time! Go on strike or find a new job..Let total chaos be what it is because we have many terrorists, rapists, murderers & child sex offenders .I say do what the Teachers did & STRIKE! This is America going down fast!

  8. Dennis, your podcast only proves one thing…Mob Rule will prevail gong forward unless a miracle happens. The root of this issue begins at home. It’s plain to see with any poor leadership spewing their dangerous narrative along with the disintegration of the family unit is clearly preventing the root to grow and function in a civil society. It’s sad, but true. Thank you Dennis for this thought provoking podcast.

  9. If I had of wrested with that big thug criminal like these officers did, I believe any normal human’s temper would have done just what the officers did. All the criminal had to do was comply. No way the officers can get a fair trial!! So damn time to get our America back. Does not make a difference what color you are obey the law!!!

  10. I feel sorry for the cop.if i was the police when them demacrats called for security escort i would tell them go f… Your self i cant stand none of them low life demacrats. But we need our Republican party to grow some balls and fight for the people.

    • Yes our republican party needs to grow a pair and fight for Americans. Instead of being a bunch of whipped pussys

  11. The media should be shut down not the police, they are the real problem in the US. Agree, the police force should all resign and force the government to send the military out to control the BLM and Antifa. Officers are risking their life and no one back them up. Time for the military to be send out to defend the US.

  12. Nailed it, Dennis. This is unbelievably 100% true. God in Heaven, please protect our Thin Blue Line and Our Country.


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