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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 1 hour for April 26, 2021.

DML covers an array of topics today, but he begins by ripping to shreds the Hollywood losers and their anti-cop messaging at the Oscars.

DML also takes on recent reports indicating that terrorists in the Middle East are calling for lone wolf attacks in the US.Β  The concept is scary: Lone wolf terrorists will be paid $60,000 in Bitcoin if they kill a cop amid the riots taking shape in our country.

Also, the state of GA is on the cusp of possibly giving illegal aliens the right to pursue the ability to work licensed jobs in the state.

And to close out, DML crushes Anthony Fauci and the mask mandates that are causing havoc in the US, including the near-death experience of a high school student who collapsed during a sports event.


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  1. How much more before the patriots actually act .. I say they are all wimpy whiny bitches and they will never ever have the back bone that the minute men had

  2. We the people still have the brains over the useless Democrats and the majority of the people believe this stuff happening in our country is a bunch of bullshit! We will never give in to this craziness and we will fight as the true Americans we are, and what and who made this country. Not some ignorant people who wine and carry on like the children they are when they don’t get there way! 😒😒😒😑😑😑


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